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  1. Yes there is a option in winbom ini for that. look in the winpe.chm for the exact value
  2. Make two separate disk builds or network shares if you want to be 100% sure. It should work without problems but computerws are computers
  3. try to put your oem files directory ($oem$) besidess i386 not under it. Winpe acts as a cd instalaltion and looks there for $oem$
  4. If i get your basic problem right. It is that you need to know where your original c: drive went? I can think of a few ways to handle this. The simplest one is to use a %targetdrive% in your scripts or whatever. In your startup script you will have to check if ofr example c:\boot.ini exists. If it does targetdrive should be set to c: if it doesn't check for x:\boot.ini if that exists. If that exists set targetdrive to X.
  5. this is one way Const HARD_DISK = 3 strComputer = "." Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _ & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") Set colDisks = objWMIService.ExecQuery _ ("Select * from Win32_LogicalDisk Where DriveType = " & HARD_DISK & "") For Each objDisk in colDisks msgbox "DeviceID: " & objDisk.DeviceID msgbox "Disk Size: " & objDisk.size/1024/1024 Next
  6. Well acctually you can't it's hardcoded in the code according to MS
  7. Ramdisks are suportet from pe1.1 at least. The ramdisk-image bootoption is new with pe2005 and requires files from 2003SP1 source media .
  8. If you want it in plain cmd .\i386\winnt32 /unattend:.\i386\unattend.txt /syspart:c:
  9. A quick start is to search for progman and pe. progman is included on a XP cd and can be run under pe very easy. Look in the chm file for winpeshl.ini make a new post if you need more details
  10. Actualy it's behaing exactly as it should. MS Pe doesn't contain any Explorer replacement. IT is intended for runing automated installations only. It can be made to look and behave like BartPE but it isn't standard
  11. Do you erase all partion info or do you just erase and recreate a partion? It could be that the mbr still talks about the old 2000 installation. I think we had something similar a few years ago but I ain't at the Office so I cant check my scripts. Give me a reminder next week if you havent solved it by then..
  12. Have you tried to ramboot the image from you ris server?
  13. Have you tried to redo the entire thing? I hade the same problem and I think it was a coppy error then copying the source cd to disk that caused thet hang.
  14. just to clarify setupldr will read the first file with a .sif extension it finds. Not just txtsetup.sif
  15. mats

    UK settings.

    Hyppy swede here but i don't need anything else but Swedish keyboard, and if i get my new code to work it will be completly handsoff
  16. Buildoptionalcomponents will add the support for HTA, ADO and scripting host. It will not add support for native vb6 programs. For that you need the vb6runtime files. If you place the runtime files and your app in the same folder you want have to register the dll:s on server2003sp1 and xpsp2 based pe
  17. That is correct. Winpe2005 has a tool called drvinst that can inject pnp drivers into a PE image. Pe 1.2 had the problem you found on RIS and as you found it has the same problem on native boot too. If you can, take a look at 2005. The ramboot support and the wmi support are really nice to have
  18. Have you tried to correct your winbom.ini? It probobly only reads the first winpe.net tag
  19. Stoned: wich version of pe are you using nad are you doing this for a ris server? Ris on 2003 had this bug but it was supposed to be fixed with 2003SP1 and probobly in pe 2005
  20. Did you even try the search button? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=46845 is a rather intresting thread regarding ramdrives
  21. Internal ide with a 2003 image works. I deployed a few yesterday. Now got a script that will install pe on the remote machine. Add pe to boot ini. When i want to reinstall that system i just run a script that changes boot.ini and reboots the system into pe. my Pe image will then reinstall the system
  22. Ehh? did you read that in the docs or do you get it as an error message? I'm using drvinst to install nicdrivers so for me it works fine
  23. first yoy cant use drvinst to install mass storage drivers that you need to boot. Drvinst only installs the driver as a pnp driver that pe will install during pnp detection and that happends way after the primary disk controller has been loaded. usually I edit txtsetup.sif directly to add massstorage adapters. Metzen has a good post on how to do this on http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=534&st=40
  24. It seems like you haven't added the driver for the intel card correctly. you should place the *.inf in \imagename\i386 and imagename\i386\inf the sys file should be in \imagename\i386 and \i386\imagename\system32\drivers The rest should be in \imagename\i386 and imagename\i386\system32 make sure to use late intel driver like 10.X
  25. what kind of drivers do you want to integrate. The easist ones are nicdrivers. For theese thre is a tool called drvinst.

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