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  1. Hello, can I ask you some Questions please. How does you created this form? Can I use visual Studio express and what do you have to put on the CD to run self builded programs? Or is there an other way to create a gui? I have created some vbscripts which then I have to port to visual Studio VB ... Thanks for your help...
  2. Hello, I write a script for autodeploying images from a dvd. But I need to get the driveletter from the dvd-drive in PE. Is there a way like a systemvariable to get this letter or a way to detect via vbscript. I have tried this but without success: function suche_profilordner(nutze_konf) Set objFso = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") for i = a to z wscript.echo " Suche DVD-Laufwerk bei Buchstaben " & i & "." If objFso.FolderExists(i & ":\imagex\" & nutze_konf) = true Then letter = i end if next if i <> "" then suche_profilordn
  3. Hello, i'm searching for a webbrowser for my WinPE2 so I can search some information out of our online-phonebook I need for deployment... Does anyone know how to install some webbrowser for a livePE? Thank you for your hinds
  4. Hello, for my deployscript I search a way to discover the dns-name of the current pc. For deployment I use vbscript. So does anyone know a way to get the dns-hostname via vbscript. Thanks alot for your help...
  5. Hello, we are experimenting with the sysprep for Windows XP. Our problem is, that when we change the hardware (use another pc) after the deploy of the image we become a bluescreen before the sysprep begins. So now we think about some driverproblems. Now we want to build some image were all drivers are integrated. But when you generate a folder with all drivers you have to write down all folders in the sysprep.inf. That are a lot of drivers.... So I want to ask, are there driverpacks which brings the settings for the sysprep.inf with it or is there a tool which helps to generate the text? And d
  6. Hello, is there a freeware where I can see the optional parameters of a msi-package so I can use them for unattended install...
  7. Thanks for ypur hind. Sounds good. Is it possible to use this tool without installing it? From an usb-stick for example?
  8. Hello, we have experimentet with the new imagex-technology from Microsoft. So we thought about a way to transfer most of user-specified settings and files from one system to another. We often has the problem, that some of our employees become new notebooks or pc. They want to take their own settings from the old system to the new. Now we search a way how we can easily and almost automatic can collect and transfer all userdata from one host to another. Unfortunatly we don't have an active directory or so. the most work in some novell-supportet peer-to-peer-network. Does anyone have an idea how
  9. I had tested some more. I now tried to backup the single folders. It seems that he have some problems imaging the folder c:\dokumente und einstellungen\administrator\lokale einstellungen\temp the same in english: c:\documents and settings\administrator\local settings\temp Unforutnatly I couldn't see all the hidden folders so I couldn't check those. Edit: It is defintiltly this folder. I have created a seperate exclusion-file and now it works... I couldn't realy say that that is a critical error...
  10. There was no code at the last try... I have installed an standard windows XP + some Software to an Notebook. Then I had created a winpe2-CD how descriped in the Tutorial here on the page. Then I booted from this disk an on prompt I insertet: net use z: \\server\target imagex /capture C:\ Z:\test.wim "Drive C" after a short while he ends and give me only the error Error imaging drive [C:\] - the system couldn't find the path So I have tried to make an image from drive c: to the second partition: imagex /capture c:\ d:\test.wim "Drive C" The same error occures...
  11. But I have the problem at the creation of a wim-file. Is there some quite-mode or such where I can see what he does at this time?
  12. I have checked the permission... I have just write some echo Hello >> test.txt and it works.... What schoul I say. I map the drive with a vbscript as z: and then I start the imagex-process. Is it possible to look which file or which process makes this error?
  13. Thanks for your hints. Your script looks very interesting. For now we search a way to bring out the images without any interaction. But after that I will search some kind of graphical interface for us. And it looks great at your script... But now I have another problem. When I want the make an .wim file with imagex /capture c:\ z:\test.wim "Drive C" after 1% he brings me an error like "file not found"... Z: is an mapped network drive. Unfortunatly I couldn't see which file is missing. I have tried to make a .wim from a machine which is not syspreped yet. Could this be the error? Thanks alot
  14. Thanks for your help. It works now... Now I began to script the whole thing. The Networkmapping works. But how I can make output to the shell. With wscript.echo he opens me a messagebox with the text...
  15. Hello, we want to use imagex with winpe2.0 for deployment of our Windows XP. So I search a solution for the following steps: 1. Ask the dns for the own pc-name (nslookup ip-adress) 2. connect to \\server\folder\pc-name as z: 3. start the deploymentscript in this folder deploymentscript: 1. partedit using z:\part.cfg 2. running batchfile z:\use_imagex.bat (imagex.exe /apply ...) 3. make c: bootable 4. write in c:\sysprep\sysprep.inf the pc-name (nslookup or maybe input by user) 5. append the runonce-scripts from z:\runaftersetup.cfg to sysprep.inf 6. reboot I think this hard to script with batc
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