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  1. Universal restore

    Acronis have just released add-on for Home True Image named Plus Pack which includes enterprise features - well, yes, it costs money, but as for me - the universal restore worth it! What is in Plus Pack: -Universal restore - allows to restore your data regardless of hardware -Dynamic Disk Support - backup ad restore dynamic volumes -WinPE Support - integrates latest MS drivers, apps & plugins on your bootable media Here is the link to the addon - Plus Pack And its data sheet
  2. Backup tutorials for Acronis True Image

    no problem! Thanks!
  3. Here is selection of good tutorials on backup and restore management found it useful for myself..
  4. monitoring tool

    thanks, tain! Hope it will be enough. Let's try!
  5. monitoring tool

    are there any good tools for reference tracking? I mean... I want to know if someone on the web mentioned my name, or anything else... just to be alerted about it.
  6. What Are You Listening To?

    only my mouse click-sound
  7. as they say, the new version of True Image "provides continuous data protection, a new flexible scheduler and online storage service. It also supports virtual hard disks and it is compatible with Microsoft® Windows 7!" here http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Back-U...mage-Home.shtml ....or anywhere else will try
  8. Happy Easter offer

    i found a continuation of this action. may be someone will be interested in it
  9. Happy Easter offer

    Hey guys! I wanna tell you about what i've found. Acronis give us a chance to decrease the price for the backup software to as low as $30 . All we have to do is to register. one registration=one cent out Let's do it as much as it possible!
  10. Disk Imaging Software

    And few words more about Acronis. Today i was on their site, checking for smth new...and i found christmas discounts, it was not so easy but interesting. To see this offers you should put the cursor on snowflake, but it is not on each snowflake. You will need to find the right one))) very funny idea. I've found 5% and 10% discounts
  11. A duck or True Image for $10?

    However, if you clear your cookies/cache and then go directly to the link in the thread, it pops up the $9.99 price.
  12. A duck or True Image for $10?

    It is a safe site!
  13. Just a great offer: True Image is a really high-quality software and the price is just nothing! I would definitely take that - if I didn't have one alreadyJ If you don’t have it, you should, I’ve never seen an offer like this from them before Original url: http://www.acronis.net/ati4free
  14. looking for specific scanner

    not sure,but check this: http://www.itc.virginia.edu/achs/documents/ACHS-203.pdf
  15. ISO image from Backup Partition

    Use Acronis True Image. It's very good and reliable product. How to recover the system? 1)you can back up your files to other CD or DVD and restore the system from them OR 2)you can create Acronis Secure Zone for storing backups on the computer ,from where you will restore your system then.