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  1. Hi again, Turkish lang file is updated for WPI 6.5.1! lang_tr.js
  2. That's great! (; Where is the multilanguage support? I will be happy to help you with the Turkish translation of VistaTweaker. with regards, Kenan Balamir
  3. Turkish guide is ready. You can see is below : http://www.turkceyazilim.net/dle/index.php?newsid=14 with regards, Kenan Balamir
  4. I'll probably start it during next holidays for Turkish.
  5. http://www.freewebtown.com/kenedy/kTool/kTool.doc Is not enough ?
  6. Are you sick ? I hope you'll get better soon. That's great! Thanks for care.. Kenan
  7. I agree.. Thanks nuhi.. Is support multilanguage ?
  8. Oups! Yes, that behaviour should not be there... In fact the same happened if only the Security Section is enabled. Tracked the error down and fixed it!Updated to v1.6: v.1.6 Changelog Rewrote the function that checks for admin privileges Fixed an error that would hide fields although the Parse[]Section flag was on Added support for Turkish (thanks KenanBalamir!) & Greek languages (Interface + message boxes) Updated first post and uploaded the new version Thanks man! But, Cancel button caption is wrong. Vazgeç is not correct. Vazgeç is correct. Thanks again. ~Kenan
  9. Turkish language strings is attachment (: Thanks cancerface for this feature.. Turkish_Strings.zip
  10. Hi cancerface! Firstly, congratulations! This tool very usefully. But, will you do we [non-english user] a favor? We want localize this tool.. What you think ? I will wait for this or we will for this. (; Thanks again for this small tool.. See you soon. - Kenan
  11. Here is the Turkish translation for WPI v6.2 Updated [17.09.2007] lang_tr.rar

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