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  1. KenanBalamir

    WPI 7.0 Language and Manual files

    Turkish locale is updated for v7.1.0 lang_tr.js
  2. KenanBalamir

    6.4 and above lang translations!

    Hi again, Turkish lang file is updated for WPI 6.5.1! lang_tr.js
  3. (; Turkish locale is ready. Turkish.rar
  4. KenanBalamir

    Add-On Maker for Nlite 1.2.4 Update: 06/17/2006

    17.08.2007 - Turkish locale is updated! Turkish.rar
  5. KenanBalamir


    That's great! (; Where is the multilanguage support? I will be happy to help you with the Turkish translation of VistaTweaker. with regards, Kenan Balamir
  6. KenanBalamir

    WPI Guide

    Turkish guide is ready. You can see is below : http://www.turkceyazilim.net/dle/index.php?newsid=14 with regards, Kenan Balamir
  7. KenanBalamir

    XPize Guide Translations

    I'll probably start it during next holidays for Turkish.
  8. http://www.freewebtown.com/kenedy/kTool/kTool.doc Is not enough ?
  9. KenanBalamir

    vLite 0.7 beta - The Void

    Thanks for update nuhi..
  10. KenanBalamir

    [beta] User Creation Tool

    cancerface, thanks for fix..
  11. KenanBalamir

    [beta] User Creation Tool

    Are you sick ? I hope you'll get better soon. That's great! Thanks for care.. Kenan
  12. KenanBalamir

    [beta] User Creation Tool

    I think so, this project discontinued.
  13. KenanBalamir

    vLite 0.5 alpha - Vista Lite

    I agree.. Thanks nuhi.. Is support multilanguage ?
  14. Thanks jcarle.. Great job..
  15. KenanBalamir

    [beta] User Creation Tool

    Oups! Yes, that behaviour should not be there... In fact the same happened if only the Security Section is enabled. Tracked the error down and fixed it!Updated to v1.6: v.1.6 Changelog Rewrote the function that checks for admin privileges Fixed an error that would hide fields although the Parse[]Section flag was on Added support for Turkish (thanks KenanBalamir!) & Greek languages (Interface + message boxes) Updated first post and uploaded the new version Thanks man! But, Cancel button caption is wrong. Vazgeç is not correct. Vazgeç is correct. Thanks again. ~Kenan