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  1. DriverPM - program for fast driver matching and installation. I know, i know, there is "DriverForge" and "Drivers Pack Unpacker & Installer" now. Searching for such program about half a year ago produced no results so i decided to create one. Checking MSFN more often could save me some time Anyway - here it is. Screenshot: How to use: 1. Copy all drivers into "Drivers" folder. Folder structure is not important. Only archive format that is supported at the moment is zip. Unlike most other types its very fast when extracting individual files from large archives. Adding support for other archive types is relatively easy, might be added in future releases. Again, folder structure is not important, you can put zip files anywhere inside "Drivers" folder. 2. Select "Create new database" from main menu. This process will take 3-10 minutes, depending on the amount of drivers you provided. During that time all INF files are scanned and driver information is added to database. 3. Ready to go. Copy DriverPM folder to USB flash drive (intended use ) and you can start installing drivers with a single button click. Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher. Limited support for older versions might be added in future releases. 32bit only at the moment (unless you copy drivers and install them manually), 64bit coming soon. Command line options: DriverPM.exe [copy|install] [unsigned=0|unsigned=1] copy - copies all apropriate drivers to Desktop\Drivepack folder install - attempts to install all apropriate drivers unsigned=x - allow (1) or disable (0) installation of unsigned drivers ToDo: -Add ways to update database without full rescan. -Full 64-bit support. -Automatic installation of bus drivers if bus is present (like HDAudio). -Replace DPInst with custom app using DIFxAPI. DPInst is great for installing single device drivers but lacks progress indicators when installing in bulk. Seeing device list, currently installed one and result for each device would be better. -Options (enabling unsigned drivers etc.). -Nice GUI. Programmed in AutoIT (http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3) Includes code: unzip.exe (http://www.info-zip.org/) sqlite.dll (http://www.sqlite.org/) DPInst.exe - redistributable taken from DDK (Driver Development Kit). For license information see http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/archive/DIFxtls20.mspx In short - do not modify, dissassemble or hold Microsoft responsible for any damage it may cause. All the usuall stuff. Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/115438635/DriverPM.zip.html
  2. IPSet Utility for scripting IP parameters (needs more testing, lets call it beta version for now). Can be used for configuration tasks after OS is installed. Requires NET Framevork 2.0 or higher to be installed and WMI related services running. Features: Setting basic IP parameters from command line Conditional execution based on Computer name, MAC, IP, Adapter name, Subnet, Gateway, DNS match Reading commands from file (usefull combined with conditional execution) Full list of supported commands: ipset.exe [save[=fullpath\filename]] [load[=fullpath\filename]] [ifname=] [ifmac=] [ifeth=] [ifip=] [ifsub=] [ifgw=] [ifdns=] [dhcp] [ip=] [dns=] [name=] file operations save[=fullpath\filename] writes IP settings for all network adapters to file (in "IFMAC= IP= sub= gw= dns=" format) ipset.txt in ipset.exe folder is used if no filename is specified load[=fullpath\filename] reads file line by line and attemts to execute each one ipset.txt in ipset.exe folder is used if no filename is specified load command does not work from file conditions to match ifname= computer network name ifmac= MAC address ifeth= network adapter name ifip= IP address ifsub= subnet mask ifgw= default gateway ifdns= DNS server address -Partial match works for ifeth. Example: ifeth="NetXtreme" will match "Broadcom NetXtreme Fast Ethernet" adapter. -ifmac, ifeth, ifip, ifsub, ifgw, ifdns must match a single adapter For example if you have 2 network adapters: 1) ip= dns= 2) ip= dns= this command will not execute since there is no unique match ipset ifip= ifdns= ip= this command however, will change ip address of second adapter ipset ifip= ifdns= ip= commands to execute dhcp enable dhcp ip= set IP address gw= set default gateway sub= set subnet mask dns= set DNS server address name= change computer network name dhcp also enables dhcp for DNS servers if ip= is used without specifying subnet mask, "" is used you can specify multiple DNS servers by using "/" as delimiter: dns= other can be used in interactive mode (when starting program without command line parameters) list shows IP settings for all installed network adapters select - prompts for adapter to work with exit - exit program Examples: ipset ifip= ip= gw= dns= network adapter with IP is found on system, IP settings for that adapter are changed ipset ifmac=01:00:1z:1x:1c:80 name=computer10 -if network adapter with given MAC address is found on system, rename computer to "compter10" ipset ip= gw= dns= -sets provided IP settings to first network adapter IPSet.zip
  3. ComputerID Small utility to identify computers. You supply parameters, ComputerID compares them with current computer. Can be used for configuration tasks after OS is installed. Requires NET Framevork 2.0 or higher to be installed and WMI related services running. Command line options (all are optional, order is not important, not case-sensitive): computerid.exe [mac=] [ip=] [name=] [vendor=] [model=] [mbvendor=] [mb=] [mbserial=] mac = network adapter MAC address ip = network adapter IP address name = computer network name vendor = manufacturer information from SMBIOS model = model information from SMBIOS mbvendor = mainboard manufacturer information from BIOS mb = mainboard model information from BIOS mbserial = mainboard serial number from BIOS Example: computerid.exe IP= Name=EDIJS-NB Vendor=IBM MB=23884SG MBSerial=1C56E44X0HV MAC=00:06:1B:C4:C3:80 If no command line options are supplied, lists identification information for current computer. Quotation marks must be used if option contains spaces. Example: computerid.exe mbvendor="Intel Corporation" Identifying result: If current computer matches all supplied parameters - exitcode and command line output is "1". If not - "0". ComputerID is not meant to work as standalone application, chosing how to retrieve result is up to you. Available methods are reading exitcode, reading output, redirecting output to file, running app withot command line options and analyzing output in your own program. ComputerID.zip
  4. Unpacking Msi Files?

    Qwerty.Msi Extracts all files from MSI file to specified project folder when you open it.
  5. N00b .req Question.

  6. Ua In Outlook Express

    Copying wab file and importing KEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\WAB maybe? Also look here for other registry paths: http://www.oehelp.com/backup.aspx
  7. Link Syntax: ipset.exe AdpterNumber [ip x.x.x.x] [gw x.x.x.x] [dns x.x.x.x/x.x.x.x] [dhcp] Examples: ipset eth0 ip gw dns ipset eth1 ip gw dns ipset eth0 dhcp After installing Framework run ipset.exe. Adapter number is probably eth1, but try it from installed Windows first.
  8. Disabling nVidia in BIOS may help. I have written an utility that can change ip information from command line, but it requires .NET Framework installed (currently learning C#). If you dont need network access in setup - it might help.
  9. Sorry, missed all latest replies. Anyway, I don't have enougt time to add any new features. If anyone is interested - here's the source code:source PM me if have questions about it. Just... try to keep it simple
  10. >>Nvidia nforce LAN(Local connection1) i dont use Probably can be disabled in BIOS >>Realtek RTL8169/8110 Have you integrated drivers for this one? Is it detected by setup?
  11. MCT: >>instead of testing your skills on 1000s pcs & have it all bsod Or getting unsatisfied custormer, losing data, not fitting in timeline etc. sr_sriram1 Your first post loks like "do my job instead of me, thanks in advance" Anyway, you should start here: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/desktopde...nt/default.mspx
  12. Just how did you get your MCSE? Testking? It appears to me that you are not qualified for such job. I suggest you to pass that to someone more experienced (trust me - it's for your own good).
  13. Help urgently needed

    >>after the reboot - I get an erro straight away. What kind of error? >>is thier some kind of setting I need to add to a file, to tell windows to install non-WHQL drivers? [unattended] DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
  14. x00783 Example ini file: http://www.freewebtown.com/kenedy/kTool/win_xp.ini
  15. MHz Thank's christoff I'll add that functionality. (probably as new command, something like AskForCD=filepath\filename)