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  1. Vista is Windows NT6

    Many of the changes from XP to me aren't that bad. However, I was using Longhorn wayyy back so I knew the slight changes from each build to the next build and it's kinda first nature now.

    Look in my sig - it definately ain't the fastest laptop out there - but Vista runs 3 times quicker than XP does on it!! So all those people going on about you need a quick PC to run it are having a laugh - I can get my system to the desktop with everything loaded in about 70secs (including post).

    Once Vista has been on your system about a week or so and it is used to your system, knows the file locations etc, its so much better than XP.

  2. I have the total opposite to say for Vista. I recently went back to XP since I didn't yet have a key for Vista, and my battery lasted a maximum of 150mins (2.5hours). That was everything disabled except from wlan.

    In Vista, in Power Save mode, I can get about 4hours 15mins from my battery. Except thats with sound enabled, WMP playing frequently and constant wlan usage.

  3. I chose the 360 for Xbox Live - its probably the reason why I chose that over the PS3.

    I don't have an astoundingly fast PC, and I don't think I ever will, thats why I chose a console. Plus I'm always partial to a bit of Halo :P

  4. vLite, the Vista version of nLite is still in Alpha stages at the moment, so it is not recommended for anything other than testing.

    I really doubt you could get it to 700mb because all the Vista DVDs are the same. The product key you enter determines the version.

    However, Vista WILL be available on CD format soon (5 split discs).

  5. That's NOT what I think, but remember you can get banned if you talk about hacking/cracking or piracy on the forum.

    I'm just waiting for my key to come from Microsoft now, then I shall install Vista and get it fully activated. Has anyone recieved their keys yet from MS who are elligible?

  6. If you were part of the Connect beta (Go to http://connect.microsoft.com and login. The program was known as the Windows Vista, Longhorn Server and IE7 Beta Program).

    When you click on it, and are eligible for free Vista, instead of taking you to the usual page it will automatically take you to another survey-like page. Put your details in there and you should get you key within 7 days - IF you are eligible that is.

    If you are on the main page of the program, there is a new announcement too:

    11-17-06 - Free Copy of Vista - To qualify you must have submitted a bug on Connect during the beta. If you did and have not received email confirming your eligibility, please send us your Connect Handle and the FeedbackIDs for all submitted bugs. You may find the FeedbackIDs for all Windows Vista / Longhorn Server bugs on Connect.
  7. Select Connect testers now have the opportunity to get this too.

    You can only get one product key (sent out later), but a download is available once you fill in a final form. Build number is 6000.16386.061101-2205. X86 or X64 available.

  8. I don't think the current activation hack poses a big threat to Microsoft myself. Obviously it does give the hackers a head start into a different activation hacl, but for those who don't know (and I wont say how), the current hack involves using a Beta key to activate, but at a cost of it becoming a trial, expiring on 31st May 2007.

    I'm just wondering, hopefully I'll get a VL with Vista... Is it going to be like XP where different license versions (OEM, Retail, VL) are on different disks? Or is EVERYTHING now on one DVD?

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