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  1. I've recently purchased a new monitor/HDTV that will also be hooked up to my laptop at home. It actually supports a resolution of upto 1280x768, but Vista isn't letting me select it, and neither is the shoddy Intel GMA software. If I open up the intel software and go to properties of the monitor, I can see that 1280x768@60Hz is a valid resolution.

    I intend to run an Extended Desktop setup, and my gfx are intergrated GMA 900 - yes I know its bunch of crap and I'm running XDDM drivers.

    Is there anyway I can force the resolution of that monitor (I don't want to change the res of my laptop screen though), through the registry?

  2. What sort of retail discs are we talking about here? I presume you mean full version, not the upgrade.

    I only have access to the Vista ISO (my copy of Vista is a courtesy one from MS Connect), and that file size is 2,554.53 MB (X86), which 2.49GB. It would be handy if someone here could provide proof of Retail disc size.

  3. Sounds like that kid's a very good number cruncher.

    Can I ask at what age do you take your SATs? In the UK, the SATs are what the younger year groups takes (there's the Key Stage 2 SATs and KS3). You are 11 when you take your KS2 SATs and 14 when you take the KS3 ones - UK Year 6 and Year 9 respectively. After the KS3 SATs you then move into KS4 and start GCSEs. After that you can move onto AS and A2 A-levels.

    Our SATs are marked with an overall grade, not a points system. I think the grades you can get are 7 in English, 7 in Science and 8 in Maths (out of interest, I got 7,7,8). Level 4 is the average score at KS2, Level 5/6 is the average score at KS3. It's been a while so it might have changed since then.

    What sort of score is good in your SATs? and whats the average?

  4. I think, as standard, it also reduces power when plugged in. You can however change this setting in advanced power options.

    What I use is full power is where AC/DC both use maximum power, balance is Max on AC/Min on DC and power saver as min on AC/DC. (AC=Mains, DC=Battery).

    Have a look in advanced options - there is a lot of custom tweaking to be done!

  5. 3aces is right on that one. Myspace is the most popular one.

    And I really do hate Bebo - it just seems to be the thing that chavs use. (Australia calls them wiggers I do believe - I'm not sure what NZ calls them).

  6. If there's one thing I've learnt about mobile phones and vista - its that unless you have the actual Vista-compatible software made by the manufacturers, its going to be a pig to get working.

    If Sony Ericsson haven't released any updated drivers/software for Vista then chances are you won't be able to get it working.

    You could always try XPSP2 compat. mode when installing and/or running the app.

  7. I wouldn't be surprised if alot of them have the same labels, the only differences being X86/X64/CD Version.

    Anyway, the versions I can get from Technet AND Connect both have the label LRMCFRE_EN. It's capable of installing ANY X86 version (Even Enterprise AFAIK) and is a DVD ISO rather than a spanned 5 CD ISO.

  8. I know you're probably after a slimmed down version, but you can get the full version of Vista onto CD. Well, 5 CD's as spanned images.

    Its only really useful if you have only a CD drive, but am I right in presuming you already have one and just want a light version of Vista?

  9. The full ultimate version in the UK is not £200, but £370. Even the UPGRADES RRP is £250!

    And Europe's versions DO come with Media Player. They offer the Pre-N version as an option (and an option found almost nowhere at that!) and don't force us to buy it.

    At the recent rates of virtually $2>£1, that makes our copy of Vista Ultimate $740. You Aussies have it pretty cheap!

  10. Some time away yet I'd say! What with all the work getting Halo 3 ready for launch, I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out AFTER the release of Halo 3.

    If you want to play it that bad, seriously consider getting it for xbox.

  11. You need a 100% licensed and legit version XP installed before you can "upgrade" to Vista. If you boot from the DVD it will probably tell you that in order to start this installation, you must start from within Windows, just like if you wanted to upgrade anyway. And now with the new checks in place, if that installation fails WGA, the upgrade will not be completed.

    So you probably need more than a few files on the HDD to do it.

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