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  1. I have decided to go BACK to 5048, but last time I went to it from 4074 I still had the 4074 option to boot up whch really annoyed me.

    My Longhorn partition is my C: drive (Not my major partition but I made them in wrong order hence C:) and my XP one is D:.

    What do I need to edit and in which folder.

    All help appreciated, Thanks in advance.


  2. How do you get rid of 60 day bomb? I used tweakNT to get rid of 180 but it would be useless to do it without the 60 one removed. Anyone got a guide?

    Please delete if warez..

  3. I got hold of it from a friend of mine who had a disk.

    I now cannot get sound as there obviously no drivers for my audio device. I also have 5048 which is much quicker but still have the sound problems.

    I am using a standard Toshiba Satellite Pro 4320 laptop, with an upgraded HDD.

  4. I recently managed to get hold of a copy of 4074 and when I first started it it asked me whether I wanted it to update itself. I chose yes and since then I haven't seen it. Does it ONLY do it automatically or can I also do it manually?

    And is there any soloution for english key boards? (The @ and " are swapped around). The option was greyed out during installation.

  5. I'll cut the story short and tell you that smacking a laptop hard disc is not good for it.

    I'm picking up a new HDD tomorrow and wondered whether I should install longhorn 4074 as a main OS or even as my secondary OS.

    Currently I am using XP pro as main and ME as my secondary OS.

    And is there the option of being able to delete one of the languages in my ISO (I think it's polish) so it would fit onto a standard CD? I really don't want to attempt to overburn using a 3 year old laptop.

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