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  1. There is a noticable improvement.

    The main one I noticed was it runs as quick as it does when you first turn it on, all the time. I often left my PC on a week or a fortnight and it was constantly quick. I think it handles memory different to XP and its why you get this result, but don't quote me on that.

  2. I am unattending an MCE2005 install, but having an issue when it comes to booting the desktop. In my winnt.sif I have set resolution to 1280x800 and it works fine during installation, but once it reboots my res goes back to 800x600.

    I have an Intel 915GM and integrated the gfx drivers via nLite.

    Also, I don't get any playback of Title.wma during the Welcome Setup. I've read on a microsoft site (albeit using the sysprep unattended) that this is due to WMP10 being installed. MCE comes with WMP10 as standard - is this why I'm not getting playback? I still get the sound effects from the paperclip, but no music.

  3. I've followed the guide and got all my apps in and everything is unattended what I need, but I cant find reference to the Welcome screen and music.

    On my old laptop, my sound card already had drivers on the disc, but I used XP Pro then (no SP). Now on my current laptop, I use MCE 2005, but sound drivers are not in the disc. When I intergrate with nLite, I get the sounds but no BG music - I should have mentioned this at the start. Is there the music included in SP2 installs?

  4. Its my first full blown unattended install (closest I've done before is just leave a product key in winnt.sif for OEM discs).

    I'm creating an OEM copy of XP MCE 2005, with preactivation.

    Is it possible to have a CD/DVD where I can do the initial setup (drive partitioning etc), let it install automatically (No input need during the T-XX stages), install my essential apps, but then bring up the "Welcome to Windows" introduction where I choose Usernames, Autoupdates etc?

    If it is possible to have the introduction, will it also include the Windows Welcome sounds and BG music? I have included my sound drivers via nLite, but when I'm testing it I only get sounds but no BG music.

    Thanks, I'm sure I'll have a few more questions before I'm finished, but for now I should be OK :thumbup

  5. I've been creating a copy of XP MCE using nLite 1.2.

    I've added a driver (Rt2500 - wireless card), but it was originally on the root of a usb stick with a few other files. I only noticed it added the other files on the root of the stick during creation of the ISO, so I cancelled that and went into my nLite folder and deleted the files I wanted rid of.

    But when I'm on the bluescreen install part, at about 99% of that process it will say it cannot find these files.

    I can continue the process, but is there anyway I can modify my nLite folder so that it knows these files are no longer on the disc and won't ask me what to do?

  6. I have had 2 BSOD's on this (One caused by me installing a driver that has NEVER worked on longhorn/vista though), the other was a Page Write failure. But apart from that it is amazing!

    But one thing I have said all along is that Vista has really liked my hardware.

  7. I THINK hes asking for a website that compares the differences between Operating System because he specialises in Networking and Hardware.

    Check out Wikipedia - www.wikipedia.org - Search for the Operating Systems you want and it will give you lots of information on them.

  8. Thanks alot for this. I've been looking at a PE build, but since it would only have been out of interest rather than to serve to real purpose, I didn't really look at the complex guides so it never really materialised.

    This is a good way to start looking at it, thanks alot Spooky.

  9. Like everyone else has already said, feel free to use DOS if thats what you want! No one is forcing it upon you. If you want it plain and simple, just enable "Classic". I personally like the themes because I use the Sidebar a lot (Newsfeeds mainly). I'd hate it if it was as boring and bland as Win2k and would end up getting rid of it and losing the ease-of-use features (feeds, weather etc).

    This is now the 21st Century - computers make up the majority of everyday life. They may as well make something with the option of being attractive if half the world will see it everyday! The same has happened with PDAs, Mobiles and even car interfaces (Dashboards, HUDs etc).

  10. Assuming you mean the Royale Luna theme (XP MCE theme), you don't even need to patch uxtheme! Just download the theme from Microsoft (I.E. Signed theme!!) and then select it from the themes properties.

  11. It still under development. REMEMBER THAT IT IS STILL BETA!!!!!

    There is a way to enable to though. Create a new key in the registry called WHOS under HKLM\Software\Microsoft

    Then just go to Win Update and you will see a nice download available. But again - it is BETA. They don't let you download it by default for a reason!!!

  12. There is only 1 RTM version - the actual release of Windows Vista.

    Of course you have to pay for it!! Unless you get it bundled with a new PC that is.

    You won't be able to download it from Microsoft (Well, not yet - maybe one day?). You go to your local computer shop, pick up a Windows Vista box and take it to the till. Once you hand it over to the assistant, they will swap the display box for the actual thing and at this point you hand over some money (Around £200). Then you now have a copy of Windows Vista RTM.

    That is how you get Windows Vista RTM when it is released.

    Its only going to be complete next month, not released. Coporate customers get it in November with everyone else getting it rearly 2007.

  13. Yes, you need to use BCDEDIT now rather than boot.ini

    The best way would be to format both drives, install XP first and Vista second - but if you don't want to do that, you can get the Vista bootloader back. If you install XP and then find you cannot boot Vista, boot from the Vista DVD and chose "Repair" (it's in there somewhere). It will then automatically detect the problem and rewrite the bootloader. (I used this method on 5308, but it should still be in there really).

  14. the **** sidebar still minimizes when u press show desktop, that's what I wanted fixing,

    Why not enable the option to keep the Sidebar on top of other windows in the properties then? You really should look before complaining :angry:

    However, my grumble now, is that why the hell is the sidebar transparent on Glass-Incompatible gfx cards? I'm on a i915 and if I enable sidebar-on-top my sidebar becomes blocky, but it's still see-through (I can move windows behind it and see them). Half-assed glass is worse than no-glass at all :realmad:

  15. If you'd have read the Actual Releases thread, you would have realised that it is out to Connect testers.

    But I doubt it will be released to CPP. Personally, I'm surprised us on Connect are getting it - but I'm not complaining!!!

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