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  1. When you're booting, are you pointing your PC to boot from DVD?

    On my PC I can press F12 to access the boot menu, then go down to DVD and it will boot the DVD instead of the HDD (or I can just hold down "C" when I turn on the laptop").

  2. I'm not saying RC1 is bad - I think its pretty good.

    It's just those little nags such as a BSOD at boot (NEVER any other time, only the first or second boot) and now a problem has developed with my wired network card. I have to reset the card when I want to connect to the wired network (use wireless mainly).

    RC1 has been installed on my system since 2nd Sept (I mucked up my 1st Sept install) and it's been under pretty heavy use since then. Whats the best way I can look at MEMORY.DMP, and is it possible for me to find out whats causing my BSODs at boot?

  3. I get a BSOD every single time I boot, and then upon the reboots sometimes it will do it again and again.

    The memory and cpu is fine, I just think its a Vista thing myself.

  4. 512 is absolutely NECCESSARY to install Vista. However, once it's been installed I hear it can run on ~320mb without a severe hit on performance.

    If you're doing a VM install, you need to set the ram to at least 512 otherwise Vista will not permit itself to be installed.

  5. Update on the CD ISO's...

    They are now back on Connect and are downloadable in English and Japanese (not spanish like earlier said).

    Title Windows Vista RC1 (v5600-16384) for X86 Spanned Images (English)

    Release Date 01/09/2006

    Size 2,574.56 MB

    Version RC1 (v5600-16384)

    Category Build

    Milestone RC1


    NOTE: When installing from CD media from within Windows XP you should remove Disc 5 from the drive before you restart or you may encounter an error.

    0xCFB16804 vista_5600.16384.060829-2230_vista_rc1_x86fre_client-LR1CFRE_en_CD1.iso (639.05 MB)

    0x57469949 vista_5600.16384.060829-2230_vista_rc1_x86fre_client-LR1CFRE_en_CD2.iso (640.05 MB)

    0x7C289769 vista_5600.16384.060829-2230_vista_rc1_x86fre_client-LR1CFRE_en_CD3.iso (49.51 MB)

    0x63A1EF72 vista_5600.16384.060829-2230_vista_rc1_x86fre_client-LR1CFRE_en_CD4.iso (606.43 MB)

    0x2D1EE0E3 vista_5600.16384.060829-2230_vista_rc1_x86fre_client-LR1CFRE_en_CD5.iso (639.51 MB)

    This should be useful for those of you without DVD burners/DVD drive if they release these to the public.

  6. I know you are looking for a no-dvd install - possibly because you don't have a DVD burner???

    Physical media installs are always going to be preferred than mounting the image.

    Yesterday I noticed two nice downloads on Connect (one in Spanish and one in English). It was RC1 spanned over 4/5 images for use on CD's instead of DVDs. Unfortunately the only thing downloadable was a readme for both languages but it was showing as CD ISO's were/would be available. Maybe MS will release these to the public too with RC1 (and you have a CD burner) as well as the DVD ISO.

    This also suggests Vista will not only be available on DVD, but also on several CDs for those who don't have a DVD reader. (Not in the system requirements for Vista, only Ultimate Edition).

    *Update: Seems to have been taken off Connect - but will it still be available? Did they want us to see it?

  7. I get a 1. :( Courtesy of the Intel 915GM. However, Vista runs like a charm on here so the one really doesn't represent performance on my laptop.

    Not including that would mean it would go upto 3.6 - my Pentium M 740 @ 1.73GHz becomes the limiting de facto then! My RAM is only 1GB, but that reaches 4.1.

  8. Heheh - got in from work last night and saw it on Connect. Installed it once this morning and then put on PC-Cillin AV. Ended up uninstalling PC-Cillin as it conflicted with 360 then I lost total network connectivity for everything. In the device manager also appeared new network devices that PC-Cillin obviously had something to do with as it had that name in the device name too.

    Reinstalled again this afternoon. Not bad times either. 24 mins for the install, 30 mins to the desktop and 34 mins for everything complete (activated and updated). Not touching PC-Cillin again though ;)

  9. If you are in the Beta then just go to the Longhorn section then into downloads.

    If you aren't in the Beta then it won't show up. 5600 has not yet been released to the public.

  10. Yep, was put on Connect bout 10PM BST last night. Installed it this morning.

    This build is brilliant. RAM usage is still a bit heavy (45% of 1gb) but everything else is ace. Reliable and most of all - speedy!

  11. Well, since 5456, I've used Vista as my mainstream OS. But rather than upgrade, i backup all my files to DVDs and then do a nice clean install. Avoids issues in future.

    However, I'm forunate enough that Vista agrees with my hardware and it does work like a charm - it might be different for you though.

  12. I have WMV issues with both 5536 and 5552 (both the Pre-RC1 branch). It will not play WMV, but other files are fine. It doesn't crash or anything it just refuses to play WMV.

    Will install build 5600 (RC1) by tomorrow and see if that offers the same problems.

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