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  1. bonestonne at least to me, it looks like the fan/heatsink is removable. Yes it is removable you can remove it and put a PCI slot cooling fan under it for the time being, or you could hop onto ebay like the rest of us lazy people and see if anyone has the fan/heatsink for it...or you could contact a vendor and see if they have replacement fan/heatsink parts for it. Will be doing that soon with the PCI Slot Fan. i would not suggest leaving the fan on the heatsink, if you can get the fan off, you should put the heatsink back on, but the fin on the fan will trap heat, thus doing harm. Ya, can FULLY understand that. jcarle Define height? And how much room in the other directions? The VGA card is the standard height card. Distance from card to Northbridge is 1/2", Distance from card to first PCI Slot is 1" bonestonne i think that he's got PCI slots maxed out, so he can't move any to sport a larger fan. hes got the room from the where the heatsink ends to the top of the next card down, which isn't much. I only have 2 PCI slots filled. Capture card in Slot 4 and Lan card in Slot 2. I have them spaced like this for cooling space. if theres a card you can remove, like a modem or something, i'd suggest removing it for the space, but its hard to say without knowing exactly whats in the PC Don't have any unneeded cards to remove LLXX Since when did fans mount on the top edge of the card? I am referring to the TOP edge of the card. The fan I looked at and tested in the case today was a Zalman 700. The fan and fins stuck up about an inch above the case. http://www.zalman.co.kr/eng/product/view.a...49&code=013 jcarle They don't per se, but may his height limitations could extend in that direction. Some aftermarket fans can extend past the normal bounds of the card. Ya, like I only have about an 1/8" between the TOP edge of any full size card and the bottom side of the top cover. Aegis He means something like this... http://www.legionhardware.com/Pics/Thermal...03/Image_00.jpg Which was exactly what I wanted to recommend to him too I looked at that today but the Heat pipes would be in the way of the top cover. Where the pipes are is where the Zalman fan and fins were. If I could find an aftermarket replacement, that would be fine. I have looked on the web and I have found some but they are not compatible with the 6600 I have. Are there any passive coolers out there for this card? That would be great as long as they weren't too heavy. Thanks for the replies Here's a couple of pics. Also this is what I was talking about in regards to the fan and fins being too high. And it's the same with the 700 model also. http://www.zalman.co.kr/product/cooler/FS-V7_6600GT_eng.html Thanks John
  2. Went to a hole in the wall (SMALL) store surplus type place and picked up a CPU heatsink and fan. Also found a sprung stainless lockdown from another type of video card that would fit inside the CPU heatsink and screwed it down just fine on the dry run and used an ohmmeter to check for any possible shorting by moving the heatsink around. I will probably cut a corner off the heatsink though as it covers up one of the ram chips about a 1/4 of the way. For the ram chips I got some of the heatsinks that fit them perfectly. All this for under $9.00 USD. And MANY THANKS to all who voiced ideas. Thanks John HI ALL, I have a MSI NX6600GT VTD 128 that the fan decided to go on permanent vacation. So I needs a replacement cooling solution. The problem is this card sits in a Ahanix D.Vine 5 HTPC case and whatever I wind up using CANNOT exceed the height of the card. There is only 1/8" between the top edge of the card and the bottom of the top cover. What would you recommend? I do not want to venture into liquid cooling at the moment. The warranty on this card ran out last month. System Specs MOBO: Abit AN7 CPU: AMD 3200XP RAM: 512 Megs Ram Vid. Capture: PVR 250 VGA: MSI X6600GT ViVo Using Component Out DVD Player: Sony DDU1615 OS:XP SP2 APP/SW: myHTPC/Meedio 1.38 DirectTV: RCA 486 Satellite Reciever MITSUBISHI WS-A55 Thanks John
  3. If you have system works installed just go to the Ghost app on start menu click on ghost and then Ghost Utilities, then click on Norton Ghost Boot Wizard. This will then bring up several choices to make a bootable device. jd
  4. Crucial (Micron Technologies) has it. Just do their configurator and you will find it. http://www.crucial.com/crucial/pvtcontent/...CFQgQYQodCBDL9w jd Crucial (Micron Technologies) has it. Just do their configurator and you will find it. http://www.crucial.com/crucial/pvtcontent/...CFQgQYQodCBDL9w jd
  5. NO IE7 installed. This machine does not do any surfing, strictly records TV, Plays Video etc, etc. When I do my updates on this machine I download them and create a batch file for installing on this machine only. Thanks jd
  6. As much as I hate to. I have to run administrative profile, I have a couple of programs that will not allow user only profiles. 1. Audio Cleaning Lab 2. Omni Page 3. HP Scan Have tried some other software for the OCR apps but haven't found any quite as good as Omni Page and HP Scan. jd
  7. If I am not using the software for anything but my qwn home system and NOT selling or giving it away as [racked version MS can go blow a GREAT BIG GREEN DICK!!! It is MINE I PAID for it and POSESSION is 9/10ths of the law. MS your EULA does not mean anything to me. I am not pirating it, and if I want to [rack it for my OWN purpose so be it. I hope there is a class action suit brought against MS here in the sates about this but as another user made comment european public has better law for end users. Guess it's time to break my amigas out of mothball. Or go the route of the Penguin. jd
  8. Yes windows will prompt you if the file/s are too big. But if the percentage is not set correctly it could be deleting x files from the ones you have sent there due the fact it has reached it's percentage marker. In other words if the total size of the files will exceed the % of the recycle bin it will delete them from the recover area. That was the way it was explained to me when I used 98. jd
  9. Has ANYBODY had this problem?? If so how did you correct it. If not any IDEAS??? Thanks jd
  10. OK, just finished doing some work with my HTPC (Home Theatre) and done the Aug updates. Everything went fine system rebooted and started searching for movies for the weekend. Up comes the little yellow shield for windows updates. OK, so I think MAYBE I missed one. I look to see which one and it's KB917344 The java one. OK no problemo I run the batch again and still the same thing . So I try to execute it from the directory and then I get a KB917344 Setup Error see pic. So maybe I got a bad download, NOPE still the same thing. HELP TIA jd
  11. Hey everyone, Last few days I have been searching the forums for a AIO spreadsheet/table with all the "OFFICIAL" critical updates for 98SE, NT4, 2K SP4, XP, 2K3. Well I couldn't find one so thought I would start one. From all the data I found for 2K and XP from the Guru's tommyp, Tomcat76, and the Incroyable HULK. I have been able to somewhat put together a spreadsheet. The way it is arranged is like this. KB# Switches Release Date Replaces KB# Service Pack Comments Download Link MS Bulletin KB Article In The KB# column is the KB# update with the switches, this makes it easy to just copy and paste to a Batch file. The Switches Column is for the switches used with that particular update. Yes i know redundent but never the less I placed it there. Release Date, Date the update was issued. Replaces KB#, shows what current update is replacing the old. Svc Pak for which service pack update pertains to. Comments, brief description of the update. Download Link to update. MS Bulletin, what Bulletin this applies to. And, finally the KB Article Link to go to that updates article. I don't know if this would be a thing to have a centralized area for just the critical updates on the forum or not. I know for me it will be a big help as all you have to do is get the updates, copy and paste updates into a batch file and run with it. This spreadsheet is in NO way complete but a start of something I had back in the early years of W98. It allowed me to keep track of everything. Oh and by the way there is NO NASTY stuff in here, Macros, Viruses, or other. The board does not permit *.xls format to be uploaded so this is in a zip file. jd
  12. Definately Linksys!!!! . I have 5+ computers in the house and everything but my Laptop is connected to a Linksys product. NIC's, Hub's and Router. Oh of course my dsl modem cisco 678. jd
  13. If I remember correctly, the IDE, Sata Raid tie into the south bridge chip directly. The USB ties into the southbridge using another chip called "Connectivity" which also handles the pci, keyboard/mouse and all other periphials. This chip also resides on the southbridge. I might be wrong it's been a few years since I studied this and MUCH water has passed beneath the bridge. jd
  14. You mentioned the iso image, but not created by DVD Shrink. So which app made it? I think I understand the rest. I'll upgrade DVD Shrink in due course and replug my Pioneer 111D. This thread from ImgBurn forum is getting close to what I really want to know. What if the layer break is already in my DVD files? That forum has some guides on Imgburn, well worth a look. Takeshi, When I was referring to the ISO image. I was referring to the raw files created by DVD Decrypter which rips from the DVD to the Hard Drive, and then I use DVD Shrink to compress the RAW files from whatever the size maybe to the DVD-5 format 4.7 Gig. Then I save that as a ISO image and burn to a 4.7 format DVD. As far as what I did the other day was try all of my Video authoring tools to compile some of the family footage I have and then used DVD Shrink to burn DIRECTLY to the DVD using Nero. Hope this makes sense. Anymore questions let me know. jd
  15. I DID NOT have DVD Shrink save the files to iso format. I used the function inside of DVD Shrink to Burn directly to DVD. What this will do is take the iso image itself and arrange where the tracks go. After the files and folders are created in a standard DVD file format structure. DVD Shrink then calls Nero to do the actual burn process. I don't if DVD Shrink 3.17 had the option to burn DVD type 9 or not. I haven't used that version in a while. Go to Edit>Preferences, and on the preferences tab it shoud have a box like this. Also the only way I would trust a LARGE video file in iso format would be the way I did it above or to use DVD Decrypter. jd
  16. IT WORKS!!!!!! Spent the day and have tried the following to edit and make the DVD files. Ulead Video Studio 9 Video Redo Nero I then used DVD Shrink to create the 8.5 Gig size. DVD Shrink also asked to burn directly to DVD. Checked yes. Burning took approx. 52 minutes as it caches the files and then burns them. And BOTH DVD folders are there Audio_TS and Video_TS. Played in my HTPC, My wifes Desktop, My Desktop and my son's desktop. The only thing I am not sure of is standalone DVD players. On the newer ones there shouldn't be a problem but you know how that goes. Anyway below are some screen shots I took of the burning process. All software I tried for the editing worked with No Problems Found. And Takeshi, if you happen to have a standalone DVD player maybe you could try it and report back. jd
  17. If the laptop is booting fine with the cd you bought years ago. It could be the grade of media that you burned your new image to. If you have a different brand of media try that. jd
  18. If you are running XP check here. Open explorer and find this. C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe Once, you have found this right click and select copy. Now you can paste that as a shortcut anywhere you want. jd
  19. I saw that awhile back, and couldn't stop laughing. Only one problem, who likes warm beer?? jd
  20. Recently we had a poll regarding "How often do you reinstall" started by spacesurfer. Well all I can say is GHOST D**n is GREAT!!!! I just updated some programs and what I did was the following. 1. Recall the image from july 2006. Named 072006A (July 20, 06 RevA) 2. Rebooted 3. Installed the updates. 4. Rebooted 5. Create new image Aug 2006. Named 080606A (Aug. 6, 06 RevA) 6. Rebooted 7. Here I am. NOTE: The REV A lets me know if 6 months later whether I installed additional software within the same day. Which there will be a text file in root of system drive and comments in the comments box of Ghost and Rev will change from A to B.. All of this within a half hour. This is backing up using Ghost 2003 over my little 10/100 home network. Granted alot of the big ticket holder items are located on the network for applications. But I think this is a pretty decent time for recalling an image, rebooting, install updates, re-image, and reboot for a grand total of 5.7 gigs. Been a LONG time user of Ghost, and have tried Acronis which is real nice but backs up slower over network. At least with me. So how often do you want to re-install everything, just to set all day with having to reinstall. How often do you reinstall? Found here. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=77498 jd
  21. It consisted of the standard Mil issue ruck sack, M17 Mask (On your FACE), M203, M1911A1. Running in sand dunes at the beach. The MOP4 Chem suit consisted of a one piece coverall type garment with foot gear covers. Take a 150lb man and turn him into a 300lb man REAL quick. P.S. I was in vehicle support. 63 Hotel Wheel and track (M151-M60A2, M1) division and depot support (NOT MOTOR POOL). jd
  22. I found this poll and followed it. OK here's my take if anyone is interested. While smoking is bad for you, so is breathing exhaust fumes from ALL vehicles. I smoke have been for many years and still keep up with my 8 yr. old. It's PEOPLES choice period. And by the way if we had a two car garage partitioned down the center, none smokers on one side with their cars and smokers on the other. Now mind you both partitions are totally sealed from one another and from the outside. Who's going to be walking out the garage?? And while in the Army (1973-1983) I had to run 2 miles non-stop in MOP4 protective suits to be qualified for ERD (Emergency Rapid Deployment) 101 & 82 Airborne. Was that FUN!! NOT. Here's a few links that even suggest carpet as a contributor of asthma. So if anyone has carpeting you might want to reconsider wood floors. Also aspirin has been recognized as a cause for asthma. OK, we'll stop there. Scroll until you see. Avoiding Common Causes of Asthma Attacks http://www.merck.com/mmhe/sec04/ch044/ch044a.html http://lungdiseases.about.com/od/asthma/a/asthma_causes.htm This even says "COLD AIR" http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~aair/asthma_causes.htm Maybe we should all just give it up. jd
  23. Guess the hackers aren't safe anymore http://apnews.excite.com/article/20060804/D8J9RKHO0.html
  24. Have you got the model# of the monitor?? This should just install with no problems using the generic drivers, but then ya never know. jd

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