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  1. Dred, Go to Device Manager and bring up your modem properties. On the TABS there should be a Advanced Tab there for extra initialization strings, Advanced Port Settings. oooPS. I see we are in the Unattended section. Well I know my modem keeps it's Init. String in the registry so you could justlook inthere for your brand of modem. Here's a sample of that particular key. Below is for XP Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4D36E96D-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}000\Init] "1"="AT<cr>" "2"="AT&FE0V1S0=0&C1&D2+MR=2;+DR=1;+ER=1;W0<cr>" For W2K Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Control\Class\{4D36E96D-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}000\Init] "1"="AT<cr>" "2"="AT&F1E0Q0V1&C1&D2S0=0<cr>" "3"="AT&A0<cr>" "4"="AT&A0<cr>" So if you look in your registry file and find where exactly your modem is. You should be able to create a key to import. john
  2. Thanks jaclaz. Yes I do remember some of this stuff. Didn't realize it was still available. Thanks Again John
  3. ahh Jeremy, Look at what the TOPIC is. AMD Too many Sockets, Which one As in 754, F, 939, AM2 etc, etc. I did not start this topic for Intel vs. AMD. I just needed to know which AMD SOCKET is going to have the most/longest support. I don't want to buy a 754 when support for it might end next year etc, etc. Thanks ALL John
  4. @Ludwig Von Cookie Koopa I was thinking that exacly of just using an ISO image then mount it if I ever needed too. @DigeratiPrime Ya, alot of it is very old (Dos 3.1). Thing is my young son want's to learn about computers so instead of handing him windows make him learn a bit of dos. ImgBurn Definately!! @Jeremy The primary reason I still have all this old stuff is the fact I still have my original Amigas (500, 1000, 2000, 2500) and they run and are setup on my network. In which with emulation/bridgecard all this stuff works just as good as the new stuff of course with less bloatware. The Symantec stuff will become flying targets for my .45. :lol: :thumbup Thanks everyone for the input. A rough calculation is about 10 DVD's for all the old Dos/Windows 3.11-Win95 collection I have. Haven't started on the 98 stuff yet but is probably close to the above. John
  5. Socket F! Go on. Gooo ooonnn. It'll be fun! Seriously though. Go AM2. It's the latest one, it'll do DDR2, and you'll have the highest number of potential upgrade options, especially where RAM is concerned. @ Tanthalas Yeah, Socket F would last me unitl the CFO (Wife) killed me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However if you've bought no hardware yet, I'd recommend Intel C2D. Hell of a lot faster than anything AMD have to offer atm and reasonably priced as well. Just my 2p anyway. @ eggie THE C2D advertises nice. But I am strictly AMD person, with the exception of the 2 laptops I own which I bought from the company I work at only because I got them for almost nothing as they were upgrading to next generation model. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The AMD64 X2 3800+ AM2 Windsor 65W is a bargain at NewEgg @ DigeratiPrime Yeah, That's what I have been looking at for a few weeks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- im also throwing out the suggestion of a C2D, they are just the best out right now. for 1000$ you can get a nice system that will play games at full settings. so i guess you need to tell us what you have/havnt bought already and what your budget is. @ ripken204 Sorry ripken204, Intel just does not have me drooling. Like I stated above strickly AMD household here with exception of the 2 laptops I own which I bought from the company I work at only because I got them for almost nothing as they were upgrading to next generation model. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL, I REALLY appreciate EVERYONE's input on this subject including the Intel products. As far as the Intel products go I am very aware of the product they have. It is just a personel thing with them as to why I don't buy Intel and is not in the scope of this inquiry. If I could have bought the 2 laptops I have with AMD even at a higher price I would have. But the company I work for as far as Laptops go will only buy Intel so I did not have a choice in the matter as far as the Laptops were concerned and at the price I got them at I would have been ignorant not to buy them. I don't do any hardcore gaming so what I am thinking is possibly the AN9 and the X2 3800+ Windsor for starters. I believe that combo with a Nvidia graphics card would probably give the most flexibility for at least the next few years. And like was in the original post this will be my 1st 64 build so with 7 other computers in the house this will be a good test bed I believe. If there's any other comments, ideas, suggestions please let me know. Thanks John
  6. Getting ready to build my first 64 type box and curious as to which AMD socket will be around for awhile AM2, 939, 754. I'am looking for upgrade flexibility, Minor OC'ing and support life. Will be using an Abit board as I have had the best luck with them in support and OC'ing. TIA John
  7. My software library is out of hand. I've got programs dating back to the 80's all over the place and was thinking of consolidating everything to DVD. My question is, IIRC some of these programs required the label of the disk to be read from the floppy or cd how could I replicate that on the DVD? I was thinking also maybe make everything an iso package then put the actual volume label from the floppy/cd on the iso so when mounted it would be seen like the actual floppy/cd. Opinions, Thoughts, Ideas are welcomed. I know I could just trash it but alot of this stuff I paid GOOD money for back in the day when I was running Amigas with a 386/486 Bridgecard and once everything is on DVD and consolidated I can put the originals in a box out of sight and mind. Thanks John
  8. Sinistrality, Below is what I have used with no problems installing via network. I put the initial RunOnceEx.cmd in the $OEM$ folder, which is called by cmdlines.txt. Below is the system I use. cmdlines.txt [COMMANDS] "useracct.cmd" "RunOnceEx.cmd" ; Customized by nLite - www.nliteos.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RunOnceEx.cmd cmdow @ /HID @echo off REG ADD "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce" /V RunOnceEx /D \\mercury\Installs\redstone_Apps.cmd /f --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- redstone_apps.cmd cmdow @ /HID @echo off SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Installing Mercury System Files & Applications" /f REG ADD %KEY%05 /VE /D "CCleaner" /f REG ADD %KEY%05 /V 1 /D "\\File-server\installs\SysApps\CCleaner\ccsetup135.exe /S" /f REG ADD %KEY%10 /VE /D "ClearType" /f REG ADD %KEY%10 /V 1 /D "\\File-server\installs\SysApps\ClearType\ClearType.exe /S /v /qn" /f REG ADD %KEY%20 /VE /D "Diskeeper" /f REG ADD %KEY%20 /V 1 /D "\\File-server\installs\SysApps\Diskeeper\DK9.msi /qn" /f REG ADD %KEY%25 /VE /D "Dot Net V1.1" /f REG ADD %KEY%25 /V 1 /D "\\File-server\installs\SysApps\DotNet_V1.1\netfx.msi /qn" /f --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope this helps. JD
  9. OK, here's what is happening. I started a new build using Nlite, XP Pro (Build 0), SP2, KB893803V2, KB898461. I have done this same build before with the same cd for my desktop for the last few years with NO problems. Now, today I have been on it all freakin day with the same issue. No desktop in VMWare. OK, after a few times this happened I thought to re image my desktop with the last ghost image. Well that didn't help, I tried a new build again this time from the cd. Nope, wasn't working. I had to go downtown today for a meeting and to order my sons BD cake. OK, I come back a few hours later and still nothing on the VMWare desktop. So just a few minutes ago I reinstalled the New Build and still nothing. Then I rebooted which I had done earlier without result and this time my RunOnceEx kicked in. What might be causing this?? I Goog'ed for this but didn't find anything. I also tried my W2K build Pro & Adv. Server with no problems. I have compared and used my last GOOD LastSession.ini but that didn't show any thing different or worked. The LastSession.ini I used was from a few days ago with a sucessful build for my HTPC. Any Ideas?????? The last thing I can think of would be to try it as a real install on the desktop. This is really driving me insane. :wacko: Thanks jd
  10. Check Newegg. Microsoft Windows Vista 32-Bit Home Premium for System Builders Single Pack DVD - OEM $119.99 3 Business Day Shipping $4.99 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16832116202 Microsoft Windows Vista 32-Bit Ultimate for System Builders Single Pack DVD - OEM $199.99 3 Business Day Shipping $4.99 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16832116213 jd
  11. As far as I'm aware of all if not most HTPC software handle multiple tuners. The problem there is multiple set top boxes per month charge. And what ever else fee wise comes into play. On my personal system I have 1 DirectTV set top box and watch what ever I want. If I need to record something the show is always shown at different time slots so this really is no problem for me. Even Hauppauge includes wintv2K (Watch/Record) with most of their cards which will include a EPG for titanTV which is a free service. There are several EPG services out there that are free Zap2it Labs. This HTPC stuff has SSSOOOOooooo many options that yes it is hard to decide which way to go. I decided a few years ago that building my HTPC would allow me to change thins around if I wanted to at a later date easily. My Home Theatre System Ahanix DiVine 5 Case MOBO: Abit AN7 CPU: AMD 3200XP RAM: 512 Megs Ram Vid. Capture: PVR 250 VGA: MSI NX6600GT Component Out DVD Player: Sony DDU1615 OS:XP SP2 APP/SW: myHTPC/Meedio 1.41 DirectTV: RCA 486 Satellite Reciever MITSUBISHI WS-A55 55" HDTV Radio Shack 15-2116 Remote with Girder john
  12. Apparently the tivo/dvr units run specialized hardware (Proprietory) that will only allow the tivo linux to run on them. While the tivo's processor is a IBM PPC which would be capable of running linux OS with no problem. You still have all the special hardware that apparently was designed speciffically for the tivo so that a person can't just wipe a tivo and install linux as there are no drivers for the hardware available. Here again just find a box with enough horsepower to run mythtv and solve all your problems. Here's a link for the tivo hardware. Hope this helps. http://www.9thtee.com/insidetivo.htm john
  13. Never had a tivo unit so I can't really speak for that system. I do know that if you have an old box laying around, you could use that fo the dedicated pvr. Do you have the main Meedio program or access to it? When I started looking at alternatives to the tivo (READ CHEAP) I did not want to pay the monthly charge and have someone watching me what I record. I currently have around 60 hours of movies that I have edited the commercials out. And that's not counting all the kids shows I have done for my son. I do believe though that the tivo units were originally designed for linux. Which flavor I am not sure. john
  14. dirtwarrior, Check these themes out. They are for the Meedio frontend formally myHTPC. This is neat stuff has the MOST flexibility of all the media front ends. Watch record TV, listen to music, picture slideshow etc, etc. Meedio itself is no longer being developed, but the MeediOS crew are reviving it. Seriously take a look at the Addins page for everything you can do. Forum Link Meedio http://www.meedio.com/forum/ Forum Link MeediOS http://www.meedios.com/forum/ Link to Plugins Look for the Themes http://www.meedio.com/maid/ john
  15. What reg line controls the Guide Tab in MP10 when you first load it up? What I would like to do is just have mp10 start 1st time with the Now Playing with just a blank screen. I also would like to NOT have it go out and check to see if an upgrade is available. I have looked here and on the net but can't seem to find exactly what I need. I have adjusted some of the reg lines to see if that would do it but no luck. I have been able to successfully create the Unattend setup following this guide done by Randy Rhoads. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=26571&hl= Thanks jd
  16. Here is another way to do it also. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...838&hl=ahab jd
  17. AGREED!!!! I have a dedicated HTPC and the card I have is the pvr-250. This card is a rocker, HTPC been up and running 24/7 since Sept 2003. The only problems I have had was last Nov. the video card MSI 6600GT decided to PUKE the fan. My setup MOBO: Abit AN7 CPU: AMD 3200XP RAM: 512 MB Ram Vid. Capture: PVR 250 VGA: MSI X6600GT ViVo Using Component Out DVD Player: Sony DDU1615 OS:XP SP2 APP/SW: myHTPC/Meedio 1.41 DirectTV: RCA 486 Satellite Reciever MITSUBISHI WS-A55 Also if your looking for a frontend look here and read around. If you need any help just post. http://www.meedios.com/ jd
  18. I remember some months ago a topic that covered starting a batch then reboot and having the system automatically pickup the 2nd batch file. In other terms like this. Run 1st Batch, Reboot call 2nd Batch Reboot, Call another. I have looked for that thread and can't seem to find it. Thanks jd
  19. You can either copy your XP cd to a local hard drive or use this method.. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/3/ jd
  20. The only thing I see missing is the card to do TV Recording. See here for all the tuners available. http://www.newegg.com/ProductSort/SubCateg...vices-TV-Tuners My favorite brand with NO Hassles are here. http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....;SubCategory=47 The PVR-500 has two different tuners built in (Record 1 channel while watching a different). The PVR 150 is a good one also, but only allows for one channel record and viewing. jd
  21. I have been trying to find the peoblem with this install and can't seem to get it right. So I hope a few hundred 2nd eye can look it over and tell me what's missing. I have not tried this on an actual machine just vmware and I have done a similiar on last month with no problems with the last.ini pretty much the same. Attache hopefully are the last.ini and a jpeg of the error. Again this install does everything with no errors except upon first login. Also everything that I need to work in this install works fine, just that anoyying error message. Thanks John
  22. DigeratiPrime, I've had the trial version but it won't backup to tape. I have tried getting the trial of the workstation version but it will not let me download it. Have sent e-mail to acronis with no reply. This is the screen that I get whenever I try to download the trial. So again I ask has anyone tried the NovaStor Pro backup? Thanks John
  23. I've been using a managerie of backup software. Primarily Ghost as do the system partition with that, and then all the other data files with Tape Ware. I have at my disposal Hard Drives, CD-RW, DVD-RW and my tape library HP Surestore 24x6 144GB DAT autoloader. With Tape Ware I can only do system/data to tape. With hard drives and CD/DVD I can do everything and the same with hard drives. I would like to concentrate on just having a single program that I can do everything with and have seen and worked with the ghost in windows (HATE IT) plus you still have to reboot. I was looking at a piece of software "NovaBackup" http://www.novastor.com/ that would allow me to have any type of backup device connected to the software including zip drives. So what I would like to know is has anyone tried/worked with this program?? If so what is your opinion? I would STILL us ghost as my main system backup software,but this program also offers alot it seems compared to using ghost in windows. Plus it isn't a memory hog either. TIA John
  24. Bledd, How much overhang of the actual fan. I have maybe 2" from the back edge of the card to my DVD. But yeah that is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. On the Arctic site last night I saw that and they did not have that listed as compatible with the AGP version. Only the PCIe, the FX 5700 AGP was listed only. Thanks John

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