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  1. I wanna delete my account but I can't find a delete your account button in the profile settings.
  2. Why does today's music sound like s***, like they all sound the same.
  3. Agreed! I don't mind the full screen start menu, I actually like it
  4. I'm in the US, and it isn't illegal if MS has the ESU updates public via Microsoft Update Catalog
  5. You can still get them (Windows 7 ESU updates) for free by using a patch from MDL (My Digital Life), but I don't think a patch to get POSReady 7 ESU updates has been made (well at least yet)
  6. To answer this, yes. Just like XP and Vista (and 2000 I guess), 7 will still be usable and will continue to go strong (well I hope). And ESU support for Windows Embedded POSReady 7 ends on October 14, 2024. So idk if those updates will install on 7.
  7. I think this mess started with Windows 8, then got worse (not the start menu, glad they fixed it) on Windows 10 (you know, the designs and UWP and win32 apps...). Now with Windows 11, they're kinda fixing it but it's still eh (personally I don't mind the taskbar buttons and start menu being in the middle, I think it gives Windows a fresh new look after using Windows 10 for all these years, but I think they're trying to be like ChromeOS or kinda like macOS, just look around in Windows 11 and you'll see what I'm talking about ). Unpopular opinion btw: I don't mind the full screen start menu on Windows 8(.1), but I still prefer the conservative start menu
  8. Nope, I'm not really an Apple fan
  9. I wonder why everyone (M$ included) is trying so bad to be like Apple
  10. Oh btw, not all of the newer Office 2010 updates break Office on XP, I think it's most of them that do. I also haven't tested it on XP, this is from what I know.
  11. I found out here that there's a way to fix WU being stuck on checking on updates after installing SP2 for Office 2010 on Vista (and XP, well kinda, read at the end for more info). Note: This problem is unique to Windows XP and Vista, 7 and newer don't have this issue. First, install SP2 for Office 2010 if you don't have it installed yet (you should see it on WU already): For x86 (32-bit): SP2 for Office 2010 x86 For x64 (64-bit): SP2 for Office 2010 x64 If you now have SP2 installed or already had it installed beforehand: To fix the WU issue, you'll have to download and install these two updates for Office 2010 SP2 prior to checking for updates (Office 2010 SP2 must be installed already!): For x86 (32-bit): Security Update for Microsoft Word 2010 (KB4493218) 32-Bit Edition and Security Update for Microsoft Excel 2010 (KB3017810) 32-Bit Edition For x64 (64-bit): Security Update for Microsoft Word 2010 (KB4493218) 64-Bit Edition and Security Update for Microsoft Excel 2010 (KB3017810) 64-Bit Edition After installing the two updates, it's recommended to restart your computer. If you installed the two updates: Open Windows/Microsoft Update and check for updates, you should see updates for Office 2010 SP2 after waiting a while. Yay! You should now update Office 2010 to its final updates. But if you're on XP, read below (hint: it's not good news). This has been successfully tested on a Vista VM with Office 2010 SP2 installed. If you're doing this on XP, be aware that the newer updates for Office 2010 SP2 break the Office 2010 programs (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) on XP. Go here for more info Personally, on XP, I stick with Office 2007 because those newer Office 2010 updates break Office, as stated above.
  12. I've noticed that some TV (and sometimes YT commercials) are trying to target teens even though their product is for adults lmao There was a commerical on TV (I think it was some insurance company) and it was some dude dancing in front of a phone (TikTok ikr ew) and he said something like "Oh yeah, look at me getting all these likes and views", like huh? YOU ARE A INSURANCE COMPANY, NOT A TIKTOK PROMOTOR LOL
  13. @Great_Life Are you trying to get WU v5 or WU v6 to work? The only WU version that's online is v6 and it's kinda tricky to get it to work on Windows 2000. In this case I recommend Legacy Update since it doesn't require a proxy. But if you wanna get v5 to work then have a look at this thread:
  14. I know I'm two years late but for those of you who are wondering if the EPG service is (finally) dead, yes, it is. Well RIP.
  15. Nice, I wonder if MS still has Windows 95 (the later OSR versions, like OSR2.5) updates on their servers
  16. Yep, now I'm waiting for a revival of WU v3 - v5 to be a thing so that updating Windows 9x can be easy than using Auto Patcher for 98 SE. Fun Fact I discovered that some of the URLs to download updates for Windows ME (and 98 SE the last time I tried) are still alive, like this update for Windows ME: http://download.microsoft.com/download/winme/Update/22940/WinMe/EN-US/314757USAM.EXE So it looks like some updates for pre-Windows 2000 are still a thing in Microsoft's servers.
  17. No problem! I only tried it on Windows 2000 SP4, but it should work on Windows XP RTM - SP2
  18. I've noticed that people in my age group (teens) always ask about zodiac signs. Like why is that so important to you lmao
  19. Glad you posted this. Personally, I prefer this for Windows 2000 (tried it in a VM and it worked great) and Windows XP Pre-SP3 as getting original WU to work is tricky on there. But guess what? The puzzle has been solved: WU has been restored for Windows 2000 - Vista if you think about it
  20. Why are teen girls shaking their butts (twerking) and spreading their legs wide open nowadays on TikTok, are they tryna be the new Britney Spears LOL
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