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  1. Does anyone know if Office 2010 causes Windows Update to take forever to check for updates in Vista? (Because I know this happens in XP)
  2. And I BET Microsoft hired interns to make Windows 11 and other crappy products, wtf happened to Microsoft for the past 7 years or so?
  3. Windows 11 is literally Windows 10 21H2 with a major reskin (and with bugs included too). I know that Microsoft is improving 11 with updates but it still kinda sucks and I'm currently on Windows 11, I plan on going back to Windows 10 soon. The message is clear, Microsoft no longer releases stable and good products anymore (last one was Windows 7 imo).
  4. Okay so I installed all of the POSReady 2009 updates on an old laptop of mine and now when I install certain software it gives me an error that it couldn't install because the windows installer something couldn't be accessed, and I'm guessing that a POSReady update did something to the windows installer.
  5. By putting the cursor over the file and it shows the file version along with the name and stuff, but doesn't both the unpatched and patched file show the same version?
  6. Okay so I just did that then I restarted and I'm still getting the error
  7. I made an XP VM and I swear I followed all the steps and I'm currently getting 0x80244004 on WU, I don't what went wrong...
  8. Hi, does anyone know how to make WU work on Windows 2000 again.
  9. Do I install the XP updates first and then install the POSReady updates? I read that you need to install the XP updates first (until its final set of updates released in 2014 obviously) and then you go ahead and install the POSReady updates since some POSReady updates require some XP updates to be installed.
  10. I guess I'll just uninstall Office 2010 and install Office 2007, who knows how long MU is gonna stay there and check for updates.
  11. Oh, is there a solution for the Office 2010 MU thing? If not I'll just uninstall Office 2010 and install Office 2007 then (but I want that to be my last resort). Thanks
  12. So I installed XP on an old laptop of mine and ever since I installed Office 2010 on it Microsoft Update took about 10 minutes to check for updates, then I installed Office 2010 SP2 from MU/once it checked for updates and now Microsoft Update is taking a very long time to check for updates, it's been like 10 minutes now and it's still checking for updates, is this Office 2010's fault?
  13. Interesting, I thought going to update.microsoft.com would just redirect to fe2.update.microsoft.com nowadays.
  14. Some awesome news: I made an XP VM and I followed all the steps and HOLY CRAP I GOT IT WORKING!!! Screenshot: https://ibb.co/SBCGmNx
  15. I thought I did all of the steps but it appears I did not , and yes about the "ProxHTTPS" part I meant HTTPSProxy, I got mixed up. But thank you, when I get home soon I'll make a XP VM and I'll report back if I have succeeded or if I ran to a problem.
  16. Yeah you're right, I might have missed a step and maybe I didn't notice it. But what I've done so far (in order): 1. After installing XP and installing VMWare Tools I updated the certifcates using Cert Updater or whatever it's called. 2. Then I upgraded IE to version 8 3. After that, I applied that POSReady .reg file 4. I installed those four updates and they installed successfully (and yes I did restart after installing and all went well) 5. Then I used the Restore_WU_XP_2003 thing and that dreadful Windows File Protection message popped up after that was done, I clicked Cancel on the box then I restarted and that was successful. 6. I opened the IE settings and did the following: Did the thing that would stop IE from redirecting the Windows Update site infinitely, and yes I did set the Trusted Sites bar to the highest. Unchecked all of the SSL and TLS options (except TLS 1.2, and yes I did "add" TLS 1.1 and 1.2 prior to this step). And "Check for server certificate revocation" was already unchecked btw. 7. And then I installed the certificate for ProxHTTPSProxy (and after I tried ProxHTTPSProxy, I installed the one for ProxHTTPS), then I opened ProxHTTPSProxy and called up Windows Update and it errored out right when it checks for updates, and with ProxHTTPS, it errors as well but with a different error code. (And yes I did download the config files made by you I think). (And fyi, I deleted the VM because I got annoyed eventually, when I get home I'll try again)
  17. Thanks, but I've already done that but I'll read them again to see if I missed anything, and also, I'm using HTTPSProxy instead of ProxHTTPSProxy now to see if I get something and now I'm getting 0x80072F8F, which says: "Your computer's date and time appear to be out of sync with an update certificate. To fix this: 1. In Control Panel, open Date and Time Properties. 2. Ensure that the date and time are correct." But my certificates are up to date and my time and date are correct, so I'm guessing this is coming from HTTPSProxy.
  18. This is my first post on here but I've been following along on this long bulky thread and I'm getting an 0x80072F78 error on Windows Update, I've followed all the steps and I currently have XP SP3, what do I do? Thanks.

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