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  1. Good luck in your project, and I hope that you will find someone to help you seriously. I think that @Ximonite is also heading in the same way as you. https://forum.eclectic4un.me/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=51
  2. I hope people like Wildbill, rewrite the kernel , Windows 2000 and XP ... have a common problem, which is that they differ on nt 6.0 in loading the dll when launching the programs. As far as I know, Wildbill has rewritten the kernel for this reason, and it succeeded in this. Unfortunately the stopping of its life was the reason why it did not complete the development
  3. Thank you for your suggestion, but I wasn't interested in adding a server system. However, I will add it at your request my friend
  4. Windows NT 5.x family refers to a group of operating systems that includes Windows 2000 (NT 5.0) ,Windows XP (NT 5.1) and Windows Server 2003/XP x64 (NT 5.2) . These operating systems share a similar codebase and architecture, which is why they are often referred to collectively as NT 5.x. Welcome to this dedicated topic for sharing stories and experiences in both Windows 2000, Windows XP and 2003! Whether you have personal anecdotes or fond memories of these classic operating systems, this is the place to discuss and reminisce. Feel free to share your favorite moments, challenges, and successes while using Windows 2000, Windows XP and 2003. Did you have any interesting software or games that you enjoyed running on these systems? Were there any unique customization tweaks you discovered? We're eager to hear your firsthand accounts. Additionally, if you ever had the chance to test out or work with news programs on either Windows 2000 and Windows XP, we'd love to hear about your experiences. Were there any memorable stories from your interactions with news programs on these systems? Let's come together to celebrate the nostalgia and the impact that Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 had on the computing world. Share your stories, ask questions, and engage in discussions about these beloved operating systems. if you have any experiences attempting to test newer programs on these systems, do let us know ,We're interested in hearing about your endeavors and any interesting discoveries you made
  5. why you dont move the informations to other topic , i want to these informations to be for all people which want to search , or the forum should create common section for Windows 2000 SP4 KernelEX and Windows XP (5.0+/5.1) , I no longer have a place in this forum I hate this ridiculous law that has no meaning . @Dave-H @xper if this possible i request you to remove my account defentivly out of existence (not banning), My perceptions have no place in this forum I will continue my life watching I can no longer bear what is happening, I write things that users of the two systems may benefit from, but every time what I say is deleted the health of my heart is the most important thing now to spend the rest of my life in stable health. I'm serious, delete my account, just leave my content WinWord2000 Grazie a tutti !
  6. hi ! , good program it work very well many thanks to you .
  7. This is a really great thing, it worked really well thanks :)
  8. can you upload this to google drive or other cloud ? i want to test it
  9. Have you extended kernel installed ?
  10. Hi Dave-H , wouldn't that be unfair this section is for Windows XP and i see the talk of Windows Server 2003 in this section , and when some people interest to include Windows 2000 in this thread it was refused . Here is the conversation and people are very frequent on this subject, and perhaps one day someone capable to patch and interested will come and seriously want to help the owner of this project to add Windows 2000, so where is the problem if the subject was raised, Windows 2003 is also outside his section
  11. Windows 2000 can because in kernel base driver there are few lacks compare to XP, but NT4 it has many and many lacks to support this , there is structs should be added to kernel base driver , i think the kmdf 1.11 and nvme , xHCI Root Hub "ntoskrnl extender" can backport to 2000 because no acpi.sys modification required to do this but maybe few some hacks or code of ntoskrnl extender modification , i think @Andalu and @Damnation agree with me on this point.
  12. Yes, if there is the will to do this then this is possible and it would be great. Windows 2000 is the only classic system capable of this.
  13. i hope Windows 2000 will running this also, i hope an person here can specified the lacks of acpi.sys compared to XP modified version one to talk with blackwingcat to patch it .
  14. i think because "Windows2000-KB935839-v30fM-x86-ENU.wlu" newer than " Windows2000-KB935839-v30eM-x86-ENU.wlu" and more added api's by @blackwingcat
  15. there are no missing functions in hal.dll try with hal.dll of BWC maybe it resolve the problem
  16. I never expected you to be like this , ok thank you for answering my question carefully
  17. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD can leaked acpi.sys XP code source modified to be compatible with Windows 2000 ? Please answer
  18. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD @George King @Damnation @Dietmar @daniel_k @Andalu @canonkong @un user @pappyN4 @win32 @Ximonite @blackwingcat What do you think about this issue, I think it's time to take Windows 2000 to another level so that it remains operable today Will your abilities fail to make the leaked acpi.sys source code for Windows XP compatible with Windows 2000 or patch the original acpi.sys binary ? I trust you all
  19. Perhaps the easiest solution is to try to change the source code to acpi.sys of Windows XP to make it compatible with Windows 2000
  20. Who lived in the nineties and loved the classic interface (Win9x/NT), you have only one option to preserve these beautiful things, which is Windows 2000. It is very similar to XP in its structure and source, and with the blackwingcat patches, this system today is more than wonderful, but time passes quickly and this system needs to be The most efforts to resist and complete its way of being able to operate despite the development of hardware technology, My only wish before I end my life is to see Windows 2000 SP4 + blackwingcat extended core and kernel capable of running Acpi 2.0 driver . But according to what @Mov AX, 0xDEAD said Since the acpi.sys code for Windows 2000 was not leaked like what happened to XP, the matter needs binary patching , So everyone is welcome here who wants to help, patch or experiment, so go ahead and do not hesitate , history will remember that you did a great job I created a special article on this topic in response request to the kind-hearted @Dave-H . I was hesitant and afraid that no one would care, but I hope that you will not disappoint me. I trust you all.
  21. Well, I will, but I hope it will not be fruitless and that no interested person will see it there , as "windows 2000 ntoskrnl extender" topic of @Damnation My illness may take me to death and I never see this working on Windows 2000

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