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  1. Unless the monitor has some features that require the driver for whatever reason, there is no need to install a driver for it, it will work the same regardless. -b
  2. Do you really need a driver for a display? As far as I know, it should still run fine regardless. The only thing I can think of you might need would be the ICC color profile, but that should work fine if you just download the Windows 7 driver and nab it out of there, then install it manually.
  3. Newest version of HWMonitor (1.45) works fine and proves that my Q6600 runs cooler than ever after repasting.
  4. Yes, I used a an SP3 iso streamlined with all the updates and .nets as well as vcredists. I might be short on posready patches but everything else is on board
  5. I believe that this method using SteamLite still works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7n6VQqfXbg
  6. Unsure, although even if then I'm unable to disable it since the app doesn't start at all. I double click the shortcut (or executable directly) and I get an instant error message.
  7. It does not, as far as I'm aware. I've installed it offline as well and absolutely nothing changes. I'm starting to think it might really be graphics-related, however as I've already said the same PC ran this and newer versions of acad for years with no problems...
  8. I don't know about AMD, but Nvidia's change doesn't really change much, especially if you're running a card that isn't the newest - for example a 960, 970 or hell, even a 1070 definitely run better performance-wise on older drivers than the current ones. Sadly artificial aging of hardware is a thing and Nvidia seems to have fully jumped aboard that train.
  9. While yes, I guess I need to check other GPU drivers (although I don't think there are any newer ones by Intel and I am more than sure that we (as in, the company where I help with IT) currently have PC's running this exact spec as well as drivers), it also seems like this is a completely different error (as this one is called by ACAD itself, and not by Windows). It doesn't, as it not only talks about a newer version of ACAD, but also Windows. Also, the same argument as above applies (not the same error). Anyway, I'm going to grab another copy and test with it. I'm also getting a Optiplex 3010 pretty soon, so I guess I will be able to check whether the issue persists on that hardware (of course on XP).
  10. I believe this also occured with other apps such as Winamp and Nero, which I am sure do not use any JS to check whether the app is already installed.
  11. We can safely exclude the CD as an issue, as it installed without any issues on my Windows 10 rig... EDIT: And it also works fine on a fresh Windows 10 VM. I have no clue why...
  12. Greetings to Germany I've already tried reinstalling, even downloaded a copy of the disc from the Web and still nothing; same error occurs. Also, I don't think this is XP-related, as my current installation is literally (at best) 30 hours old now.
  13. As written in the title. I am trying to run AutoCAD 2007 - I have gotten the software from a family member who has bought it years ago, sadly it simply refuses to launch on my XP SP3 machine, even though it perfectly ran the same copy on the same exact PC 10+ years ago. I get two errors saying the same exact thing, as shown below: (Roughly translated: title says "acad.exe - Application Error", contents of messagebox say "App hasn't been properly initialized (0xe06d7363). Press the OK button to quit the application.") After pressing OK the same error pops up once again, then acad fully closes. The OS has been fully updated, only thing it's missing is Windows Search (because it's just bloatware IMO). DirectX 9 is present, so are all the possible vcredists for WinXP and .NET versions. Usually on never OS versions there are more detailed logs for such crashes in eventvwr, sadly XP seems not to have this yet as the message I found in there is an exact copy of what's on the screenshot below with an added link to a long gone Microsoft website about the "Help and Tech Support Center". Please forgive me if something is unclear, English is still not my primary language and even after learning it for years I still sometimes mix up the grammar structures between Polish and English... Thanks in advance for your help. EDIT: Installing both of the Service Packs for AutoCAD 2007 doesn't change anything.
  14. Well, guess what has just fixed my issue? Big thanks, I now consider my XP install feature-complete, hahah. Maybe this should be included as one of the default about:config strings? I see that there are other useragent overrides for webpages such as YouTube or WhatsApp and I certainly haven't set them myself.
  15. Should have added that in my post - I am talking about "features" comparing them to 10 LTSC 1809. You can't get a more clean image of Windows off Microsoft - heck, not even Edge and Store made it in. Example of a feature I really missed on 11 is small taskbar icons - seriously, the default taskbar on 11 itself wastes 32 (!!!!!) pixels on a 1080p monitor and there is no option to hide it or make the taskbar icons smaller without breaking half of the damn UI. Even if you have a bajillion computers at your company, deleting all of that bullcrap requires writing ONE PowerShell script and then just running it on the computers. While I don't know if it can be done remotely, it most certainly can be done pretty quick manually, or, probably, even streamlined into a Windows 10 install used to configure the computers. Of course, this all is just speculation - heck, I have 0 IT background (and 0 work background at all, to be honest...) and I am critiquing someone's work.
  16. While it is interesting that Microsoft has decided to pull its decision that "Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows", it doesn't change the fact that this isn't the way to do it. Not only do they release an operating system with LESS features than their previous one, it feels like an update to the original 10 that is only supposed to modify the UI (which, as Microsoft has shown prior, is doable without changing the whole OS!) and remove some features for "safety" and "user experience" reasons. Only serves to prove that tech corporations probably have the most power over people right now... Keep in mind that this whole post is based on 22000.51, 22000.65 and 22000.71, so the Insider builds and the leaked one. What do I like: new icons feel fresh and modern most windows are rounded, a really welcome change, easier on the eyes the new Settings app is finally usable and doesn't require the Control Panel to do half of the stuff it was supposed to do (probably my biggest gripe with Win10!) native Android app support I really like Edge Chromium and I won't change my opinion. It is basically Chrome but better in any way What I do not like: what cretin came up with the idea of the whole taskbar, action center etc. UI being drawn using Chromium??? Why?? For what reason?? (seriously, pressing either F6 or F7 pops up a box asking if you want to use Caret Browsing hahaha). This is simply a waste of both computing power and resources. the new Start menu is absolutely horrible and a disgrace to not only usability, but also ergonomics and users' habits. This is (at least for me) easily on par with the whole catastrophe that happened when they decided not to include a traditional Start menu in Windows 8.0. once again about the UI, now there are either 4 or 5 distinct styles in Windows at once (3.1, 95, 7, 10, 11 if I'm not mistaken)... no comment. for some reason, it keeps disabling TRIM on any SSD drive I came across as of now. Windows literally breaking hardware, I think this is a new one... performance issues due to Microsoft experimenting with the system again. Apparently there's this thing called Virtualization-based Security (VBS) which does... something, while nuking performance for most people. And, still, for Ryzen users it's not the worst thing, as there is (or at least was) some weird bug which limited the performance on Ryzens, reportedly noting some insane number like 20% of performance loss when compared to Windows 10. forcing TPM to be on - seriously??? There are probably millions of computers out there now that would easily be able to run 11 with NO problems if it wasn't for this dumb requirement. Hell, according to their own "PC Health" app they released for people to check whether they can run 11, computers running 10th gen Intel Core i9's are somehow worse than $200 Celeron laptops which are only good for displaying the Desktop (and barely that)... Pretty much everything I can remember for now (if I remember something I'll just edit this post). Summing this up, I don't think I will be using 11 anytime soon, considering XP does everything I need to do other than the occasional gaming... great job, Microsoft, keep destroying your own reputation.
  17. The latest (and possibly last?) version of the Last.fm scrobbler, namely v2.1.37, works fine, still scrobbles from WMP/Winamp fine (haven't tested foobar2000 and iTunes yet, and probably won't). Said version can be downloaded (for now) here: last.fm/download/windows. This is also easily the best way to scrobble from any player other than Spotify on Windows, as it consumes next to no resources and just works. My favourite .ISO mounting tool also fully supports XP, including the last version - WinCDEmu. The app can be downloaded here: github.com/sysprogs/WinCDEmu/releases/v4.1
  18. Sure will - good to know such a website exists - it's been 10 minutes since I've seen this and I've already found some old-but-gold software that I didn't know I needed yet... @roytam1 - about Serpent 52.9 - while I'm not exactly sure this is a bug, I believe it to be one - I don't really think it's normal that (sometimes, because of course I am now unable to provide screens...) the warnings about a file being downloaded from the internet built into XP don't close even after you allow a file to run. Happens only with .exe's as far as I'm aware. Weird. Also, this one certainly is - when trying to add more search engines to select, the user is redirected to basilisk's website. That is certainly intended behaviour, however trying to install, for example, Google by clicking on its link results in this error: Nothing I can do I'm aware, and I really don't want to use Bing (or DDG for that matter, as both of them manage to always hide the most important search results for a phrase...) EDIT: Caught the first bug (?) that I describe in this post. Here is a screenshot: As it probably isn't quite obvious, Spotify is already installed and running fine, while this "Open file - warning about security" (rough translation, forgive me if I'm way off on this one) dialog box still stays.
  19. I would like to thank you very much for still maintaining these browsers!!! While not the quickest (and feature-filled), Serpent 52.9 allowed me to fully bring my old Core 2 Duo E6750 equipped computer to life (of course, it could run 7 x64 easily, or, with some modifications, even 10 x64, but performance is key and this thing has a 15-year-old hard drive in it with more than 40 thousand hours of power-on time and always increasing ). I can easily check my mail, the weather and even do some browsing for, let's say, documentation for a piece of software that I need to run. Once again, great job. EDIT: You might want to change the download links on your blogspot page from https to http. While certainly not the safest, IE8 on XP has problems connecting to the server hosting the files over HTTPS, yet easily downloads them over HTTP.

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