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  1. Could you add the Intel AVX extension support for Windows Vista Extended Kernel? It is needed for some softwares like iZotope RX 8, PCSX2, GCC/G++ compilers (for C++ developers), etc., and my CPU (Intel Core i3-3217u) already have the AVX extension. When I try to configure the PCSX2 Gsdx plugins at the First time configuration: When I try to configure the PCSX2 Gsdx plugins from the Plugin/BIOS selector: And when I try to run iZotope RX 8 (it should show the iZotope Authorization dialog if unregistered):
  2. The build 6002's ntoskrnl.exe and the build 6003's are completely different. But please don't forget the support for the build 6002's too.
  3. But keep the support for Windows Vista without the 2019 rollup (Build 6002)!
  4. But, What is the Edge version of that? 80, 81, or 90?
  5. The latest version of MS Edge displays an error message like this: The Extended kernel is already in latest version (May 15, 2021)
  6. The latest version of MS Edge got an error message like this: The Extended kernel is already in latest version (May 15, 2021)
  7. Yes, I have installed and updated everything completely
  8. The May release is the latest Extended Kernel version. You can re-check it on MEGA here: https://mega.nz/folder/hg0GGKgA#5pCcqU6aQq_66PURkTkEUw
  9. Yes, I've already installed it too, and the extended kernel is already latest version (May 15, 2021). I'd to try adding new functions to System32 (x64) DLLs and it worked flawlessly. I also don't forget to update the checksum and rebuild the DLL header. But if I doing the same way to the SysWOW64 (x86) DLLs, the BSOD occurred with STOP code c000007b (bad image) during boot. The recently modified SysWOW64 dll by me might be corrupt or anything, but why did it happen? What did I do wrong? And how to fix that?
  10. Yes, I have installed them all, and my Vista is latest version (build 6003) and already installed the extended kernel. If I remodified the System32 DLLs, the system runs fine. But if I was trying to re-modify the Syswow64 DLLs, the BSOD happened when boot, showing STOP code c000007b {bad image}
  11. How can you make the Extended Kernel and add new functions into the dll files? Is it so difficult? What are the programs do you use? And what are the things/files do you need? I tried it myself on SysWOW64 dlls, then the BSOD occured with error c000007b (bad image) when booting.
  12. Can you make the native x64 version of it?

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