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  1. For me, I just downloaded the Chrome installer, and when I ran it, I intercepted the requests when it was downloading and it directed to the above links. The Chrome Installer still pushes Chrome 109 to operating systems below Windows 10, and when it fetches 109, it should fetch the latest version, which is currently 104.0.5414.129.
  2. That's great that this works. So I guess manually installing the new updates will make it work, at least on Windows 7. As I said earlier, new updates (only security updates) will be released until October, so we should get updates on 109 until then, after that, we will have to look at backporting again, as has been done on MacOS.
  3. There is also a direct download link to the new version that Google has released. Can you test if the links below works and installs? Chrome 109.0.5414.129 64 bit: https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/juzaykgd5e6nyvk27fwtbrjgoa_109.0.5414.129/109.0.5414.129_chrome_installer.exe Chrome 109.0.5414.129 32 bit: https://www.google.com/dl/release2/chrome/kr3ekrngooyu46qwruasnjsjey_109.0.5414.129/109.0.5414.129_chrome_installer.exe
  4. For those who don't know, Google will continue pushing Chrome 109 updates until October for Windows Server 2012. You can find more about that here. However, on my Windows 8.1 machine, it seems updates for 109 are being pushed as well. I just got updated to Chrome 109.0.5414.129, which is supposed to be for Server 2012 only. Can someone test on Windows 7 and see if it has also been updated?
  5. Yeah, something similar has been done for older versions of MacOS. Someone took a backup of the repo of the last working compile for MacOS 10.7, and then started backporting fixes for it. https://github.com/blueboxd/chromium-legacy. In fact, Chrome now requires MacOS 10.13, but this program can run on 10.7 to 10.12.
  6. I just want to give an update on what has been going on with VxKex these past few months. So while the last official release was in August, vxiiduu has still been working on the project. It is currently be completely rewritten, as can be seen on the Github project. Some programs that have been fixed by VxKex include the latest version of iTunes (albeit with some visual bugs), OneDrive, and many others. So while there hasn't been an official release in a few months, keep your eyes on VxKex, as it will continue to improve over the coming months and years.
  7. Sorry for reviving such an old thread, but this actually works. It seems it connects to http://weather.service.msn.com/ which was supposed to be discontinued April 2016.
  8. Sorry to reply to such an old post, but did you ever get a chance to intercept the requests to the server during gameplay when it was working? It would help with reverse engineering the game. Also, do you remember if it connected to the server via https? If it did, that is probably a reason it was shutdown, because for Windows ME to connect using https, it would need to use really old outdated cipher suites and a SHA-1 certificate.
  9. Is it still working now? Can you put a link to the forum you are following so that it is easier for people here at MSFN to keep tabs on OneDrive?
  10. The advantage of using LegacyUpdate though is that you do not need a proxy to access the site. You can just go the site, install it, and then it will be working.
  11. You can still do it, but it's extremely complicated and required me to replace requests and responses using proxies to actually get it to login. I got it to login on Opera 10 on Windows 98. This shows it's still possible, although it's a tedious process.
  12. https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=mail&continue=https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/&followup=https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/&emr=1&nojavascript=1 You can still access the no javascript login page by adding ?nojavascript=1 to the url or using the URL above. It might give you a browser unsupported message on older browsers, but if you spoof your user agent just for the login it will work.
  13. So it actually searches for updates now? Or that is still not working?
  14. You think it has to do with the .des file? There are many different .des files with different sizes.
  15. Well it still shows the updates that have a missing cif file but they fail to install. What I was wondering though is why in your screenshot you have 16 mb of updates, but for me I only have 964 kb even after replacing the files like you said.
  16. How about the .des files? After changing the files specified, I still get the same amount of updates on Windows 98 SE, a few new ones, like Flash, but the critical updates package is only 964kb. Also, the CRCif folder is missing many updates.
  17. Alright, got it. Did you get a different .gng and .as file as well?
  18. I can't seem to find that file anywhere in my archive downloaded using the wayback machine downloader for some reason. I also can't find it on the wayback machine itself. Is this file from the wayback machine?
  19. This is great news. The hardest part will be making it actually search for updates using the right server. It has a completely different backend from v5 and v6.
  20. Interesting, I never knew that Fiddler was that old. I suppose it doesn't run on MS-DOS operating systems like 95 and 98?
  21. How do you get an older version of Fiddler? The oldest one I can get is from 2017 which runs on 2000 or later.
  22. Yes, Fiddler only supports Windows 2000 or later. It's a great way to debug errors and get the missing files if necessary. I have it setup where the Windows 98 machine has a proxy set to the Windows 2000 machine running Fiddler.
  23. Well that's interesting, the IE 5.01 web installer still works. I would have thought that they deleted the files for that years ago. But IE 5.5 from v3 doesn't work because of 404. It's interesting that they don't remove IE 5.01, but they remove 5.5.
  24. Yeah, probably because you have old catalog files, if ones from 2011 were archived, then all the recent updates would show up. Also, on the topic on Windows Update v4, that is probably going to be much harder than v3. First off, v4 has a different mechanism, where it sends data to Microsoft and Microsoft returns the applicable updates, much like v5 and v6. But with v3, we got it working because it didn't send data to Microsoft, it requests catalog files which contain all the updates in them, and shows them in the site based on what updates you have installed.

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