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  1. Sorry for the late response! I made the changes, but the audio seems to be silent for both speaker and headphones. HDAICIN.TXT HDALOG.TXT
  2. Is there any way to test for when you have all possible updates installed? I just finished the post-SP4 update and I really can't tell if I'm done. I feel like I even have less .NET 4 updates than I did before after finishing the step to uninstall and reinstall them... plus I feel like I remember many a time where, after installing SP3, my system would still get some updates from SP2 and earlier from Windows Update as well
  3. Applied the commenting to HDAICOUT. By the way, did you mean two semicolons like ;;this, or just one per line like ;this? I did the latter. First boot had a white error box on desktop, but that's only because I forgot to turn my processor settings back to their lowest values for 98, haha The second attempt (with proper BIOS settings) worked well, and I heard sound from both the speaker and the headphones. I went into the Windows\Media folder and played The Microsoft Sound, which played smoothly from both the speakers and the headphones, but my computer froze right before the sound could finish playing. After shutting down and booting back up, I was stuck on a black screen. Going into Safe Mode and then Normal mode fixed it. I tried the Welcom98 song and it played to completion. The speaker played music with no audible pops when I unplugged and replugged the headphones during play. HDAICIN.TXT
  4. Right here! It wouldn't boot properly until I entered Safe Mode first, but it worked out. My volume's quiet because I didn't want to disturb someone in the room who's napping haha HDAICIN.TXT HDALOG.TXT
  5. Anyone been able to get updates for WiseVector StopX on XP? It fails when I try to update, and so far seems to detect harmless programs as malware, including things I've downloaded from this site. EDIT: I got the beta 3.00 version, but the problem persists. EDIT 2: The 3.01 beta seems to fix these problems.
  6. I'm fine with it as it is, but I'm more than willing to cooperate if it would help the overall project.
  7. Commenting these out seems to crash the driver on each boot with an incomplete white-block error message before the desktop can finish loading, with no popping unless VolumeWidget is set to $14. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the issue.
  8. No, on $14 it only plays audio at max volume regardless of WAVEOUT settings.
  9. Oh, I thought you meant that setting VolumeWidget to $14 would allow me to set the speaker volume to 0 in WAVEOUT while still being at max volume on my headphones.
  10. I guess the independent volume makes sense since the laptop has hardware buttons (though I don't think they work with 98SE). Changing VolumeWidget back to $14 brought both speaker and headphone back to max volume, so I changed it back to $10. I might keep the speaker volume on zero and get a portable speaker with a volume slider as you suggest.
  11. Was able to install dx9c after some trouble (for some reason, my computer only likes it when dx9c is installed from U98SESP3). I'll have to get foobar once I'm certain everything is in place.
  12. The CD audio was from an EXE and I didn't see any source files for it. However, Welcom98.wav claims to be 44100 Hz 4-bit mono, so it might be that the EXE audio was, too. I tested a .WMA rip of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" (44100Hz 32-bit? 160kbps stereo) and it played smoothly while left alone. While it was playing, I right-clicked it and chose "Properties" so I could see the codec data for this post. After I clicked that, the song immediately slowed down and then froze in place, and I couldn't move my mouse. I faced some other weird issues after that, which I'm guessing was caused by the file possibly being 32-bit or being WMA. As for Direct Sound output, how would I turn on that setting? I haven't been able to find it yet.
  13. It seems like it glitches on all buffer settings, so I'm guessing it just might be a side effect of everything that runs at startup. I couldn't tell the difference between 5 and 3, so I went with 5 as the safer choice. Strangely enough, the audio popping seems to be almost entirely restricted to system sounds. I played Welcom98.wav in WINDOWS\Application Data\Microsoft\WELCOME and it played with one pop at 5 and no pops at 3. The audio in Whatsnew.exe from the 98SE install CD seemed to play flawlessly under both settings also.
  14. $10 seems to work well, thanks! The audio still has some freezing and glitching on startup, but it pops less now, and playing it in Media Player is mostly clean aside from a few crackles.
  15. Oh, ok! I've added WAVEOUT now and it seems to change HDAcfg, but not the volume. On a restart, the windows sound plays at maximum volume. When I play the sound again in Media Player, it pops 2 or 3 times, then starts playing the sound at a lower volume with less errors (though this might be because it's using the volume slider for Media Player). The Start sound used for clicking on files is played as a single pop/click sound (I'm used to the XP clicking sound, so maybe I'm only confused and nothing is wrong there). All the other sounds play fine in Media Player, though with some quiet electric crackling. I tried reading the datasheet, but I wasn't able to understand it (though I think the copy I found may have been missing some contents) I feel bad asking, but could you look at it when you can?
  16. I started writing a response believing that my setup had failed. As it turns out, I only had a typo: I renamed HDAICOUT.HDA.000 to "HDACIOUT.HDA" instead of HDAICOUT.HDA. I need to be more careful! Anyways, I installed it as instructed (add MinFileCache/MaxFileCache entries to SYSTEM.INI; GENHDA16, HDA2, HDARUN, and HDATSR in HDAFILES; put HDAICOUT.HDA in C:\WINDOWS) on my Dell Latitude D830 and now have working audio but no volume slider in the taskbar. On startup, my speaker pops twice before it plays the startup sound. The Windows startup sound also glitches out a bit while it starts up, making some buzzing noises rather than just cutting out for a bit. My BIOS identifies the Audio Controller as Sigmatel 9205. Dell's website also calls it Sigmatel STAC 92XX, while Siv insists that it's "Intel 82801HBM (ICH8M) HD Audio Controller" with "Vendor ID 8086-284B-01FE1028-02". The only audio-related setting I have in BIOS is to enable and disable the microphone (I'm assuming it's referring to the microphone jack on the side of the machine). One strange thing I've noticed is that the driver causes Windows to report my memory as 1023.0 MB rather than the usual 1024.0 MB. As far as I can tell, it has no other adverse effects. Also, much like when I run DOS on this computer, audio will come out of both the speakers AND the headphones if headphones are plugged in. (As another side note, I happen to own one of those Behringer USB audio devices that was mentioned a few pages back. I'm not sure what they mean by a price spike, since they're still available for about as cheap as I first got it, but it worked fine in my computer as an instant external solution, though I think speakers are needed to take advantage of it. I'm also not sure if it works without updated USB drivers). Here are the contents of HDAcfg and Hdalog: HDAcfg.ini HDALOG.TXT
  17. As expected, 98 won't cooperate with the WiFi drivers available for this device, and I can accept that. I moved on to the USB and ran the Maximus Decim nusb33e update, which seems to work less effectively than I remember last time. I was able to fix the issue by disabling USB Emulation in BIOS (it was re-enabled for convenience in Safe Mode), but I figured I'd keep all the stuff I wrote about it here just in case someone ever needed their issue remedied: At this point, unless I ever want to give the CD issue a shot again (or if anyone else does), I'll move onto the sound drivers, which should be under the proper thread (which I may need to read in full since my installation doesn't seem to be working). Once everything is done, I plan to edit the first post to have a proper installation guide and maybe even a small batch file to help make installation a tad quicker. Thanks to everyone for your help!
  18. While running through the built-in 98SE troubleshooter, I've noticed that it also reboots fine if I was in safe mode, though I guess that's expected since the ethernet seems to cause the problem. I also found an rloew patch for the A: drive issue, so now all my drives are showing as 32-bit (I have the CD disabled for now)! Using the AUMHA site linked on MDGx, I was eventually able to get around the problem by unchecking "Use IRQ Steering" in the Properties for PCI Bus, then switching hardware enumeration to "Use BIOS". As a safety measure, I still installed "Microsoft Windows 98 SE Shutdown Supplement" anyways, and returned the PCI Bus settings to normal ("Use Hardware" and "Use IRQ Steering"). Looks like Ethernet is entirely completed! Moving on to WiFi, I'm going to guess that the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN (name given by SIV) is too new for 98SE to handle. So far I've tried the driver provided in Dell's R142718.EXE, but 98 won't recognize it. The one hosted on CNET (which I usually never frequent, but recently heard a success story from) is the same one as Dell's, so no luck there either.
  19. No luck with either option. Reboot to MS-DOS doesn't seem to work, either.
  20. I'm not sure whether it was relocating, trying (and failing) to reinstall, or anything else, but it looks like I'm connected after I moved to a free ethernet connector in another room of the house. I'm guessing I'll need Mozilla or another browser to access MSFN, but it's working! The shutdown problem still seems to persist if I turn it on with the ethernet plugged in. EDIT: Got RetroZilla working properly, so I have access now! Still having the shutdown issue though.
  21. Definite thanks for the find, as it looks like this one was able to install smoothly! I'm still not connected for reasons unknown, but it's at least automatically assigning its own IP address. On bootup, the steady orange light is now accompanied by a few staggered green blips. winipcfg shows nothing in Default Gateway for the ethernet driver even after setting one manually in the settings (it also keeps showing the settings for PPP adapter first rather than Broadcom, not sure if that helps). As soon as I open Internet Explorer, I'm told that I should try working offline instead, and using command prompt to ping results in "Destination host unreachable." Trying to ping google.com instead gets "Unknown host google.com." after a long pause. Also, I can't tell if it's freezing or just taking a long time, but 98 now gets stuck on the "Windows is shutting down" screen during shutdown now. Would I need to apply a shutdown patch, or should this go away once the computer can connect?
  22. Tried this and reinstalled the driver, which it seemed to automatically detect as 57xx Gigabit this time when pointed to the right INF, but it still gave me the warning after reboot. I don't think I've tried to automatically detect with the ethernet drivers listed on the D600 page until now, so I don't know if it would've done this before, but it's at least a good sign since I've usually had to point to these manually.
  23. I've been able to force install the different variants provided by the drivers there so far, but none have worked yet. SIV says what I have is a BCM5755M, which has only provided XP/Vista drivers and discussions about mac/linux so far. On reboot, the loading page hangs while the orange light on the port stays a stable orange with no activity from the green light. After it gives up, it says: On occasion, an installation will fail and cause me to reset with the driver marked with a red X after reboot. If I re-enable the device, it claims to work normally, but it still won't connect to the internet.

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