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  1. Will you use Windows 8x after the EOL in 2023?
  2. my wallpaper is animated with wallpaper engine btw
  3. i use windows embedded 8.1 industry pro which is pretty snappy on my laptop and it seems faster than both 7 and 10
  4. if you want a lighter version of windows 8.1, windows embedded 8.1 industry pro exists
  5. I dunno, works fine for me on 8.1 as well but Server 2012 R2 for some reason
  6. Minecraft Bedrock doesn't work on Windows 7 because it's UWP, also OBS says it's Windows 8 minimum but the latest version works fine on Windows 7
  7. I'm a guy who loves Windows OSes and I'm currently dualbooting Windows 7 Professional x64 and Server 2012 R2 x64x, though later I'll probably replace 2012 R2 with 8.1 Enterprise and I'll add Windows 10 LTSC making it a tripleboot. Unfortunately Vista isn't compatible with Intel 5th gen Broadwell CPUs so I can't use it.
  8. I've tried both the consumer and enterprise version of Edge but they keep randomly closing. Is there any fixes or should I just use a different browser?
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