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  1. I mean, you're not forced to use Windows 10 on your new laptop. Linux always exists.
  2. Will you use Windows 8x after the EOL in 2023?
  3. my wallpaper is animated with wallpaper engine btw
  4. i use windows embedded 8.1 industry pro which is pretty snappy on my laptop and it seems faster than both 7 and 10
  5. I dunno, works fine for me on 8.1 as well but Server 2012 R2 for some reason
  6. Minecraft Bedrock doesn't work on Windows 7 because it's UWP, also OBS says it's Windows 8 minimum but the latest version works fine on Windows 7
  7. I'm a guy who loves Windows OSes and I'm currently dualbooting Windows 7 Professional x64 and Server 2012 R2 x64x, though later I'll probably replace 2012 R2 with 8.1 Enterprise and I'll add Windows 10 LTSC making it a tripleboot. Unfortunately Vista isn't compatible with Intel 5th gen Broadwell CPUs so I can't use it.
  8. I've tried both the consumer and enterprise version of Edge but they keep randomly closing. Is there any fixes or should I just use a different browser?

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