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  1. If OS Fake have virtual functions It might be possible to install for example AHCI drivers to motherboards that don't support them.
  2. I want to ask a question when i try to update with legacy update a message is displayed saying that "the server can't be reached" what is this?
  3. I think now there is also version 1.4 available for downloading on https://legacyupdate.net/ link and also on this https://github.com/kirb/LegacyUpdate/releases link.
  4. @Dietmar i want to ask a question what about UFS XQD and CFexpress formats on windows xp how to install them correctly?
  5. I think WULover that you must create a video of the v5 update process. I want to ask a question what do you mean by saying DNS role in windows xp and how do you create the zone.
  6. @DIETMAR you didn't answer about the AGP/PCI/SRC option in BIOS.(SATA or IDE controllers)
  7. If the AHCI driver have virtualization technology then everything might make sense. I want to ask another question what do you propose for AGP/PCI/SRC option in BIOS?(in relation to SATA or IDE CONTROLLERS)
  8. I have a raid driver for my hdd (western digital) if i install a RAID driver could be a chance to also have AHCI enabled? You mentioned about the board the board supports SATA (and the SATA cards also) but i need this universal driver updated in order to work with good prospects with SATA and AHCI because this driver supports virtual technology!!!!! and you might have AHCI without the BIOSES help.
  9. Is there a solution to this? Doesn't matter how hard it is. I have to say that i use an adapter which converts ide hdd to sata interface(SATA1). Some programs such as Virtualbox emulate AHCI.
  10. My BIOS doesn't support AHCI the question is there a way for motherboards that don't support AHCI through BIOS to support it in another way?
  11. There is a universal driver for AHCI windows xp but it doesn't support my controller yet. This driver doesn't need new windows xp install.Do you know a way to install a driver for that controller which gives AHCI support without re-installing windows xp?
  12. @DIETMAR I want to ask a question i have an INTEL ICH5 controller does this controller support AHCI for windows xp 32bit and how?(and maybe for sata mode)
  13. @DIETMAR where is microsoft's nvme v2.0 driver for windows xp 32bit for downloading?
  14. I want complete details about this procedure of how to integrate this image.rom. How about booting from an SSD usb adapter? I want to ask another question it works with all NVME's or just with SAMSUNG 950 PRO?
  15. I want to ask a question is it possible to boot windows xp 32 bit from NVME and with what motherboard models and how?
  16. Off course these are great news but TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are weakly supported. I see that 3proxy is a very promising proxy program for windows xp users.
  17. I want to ask a question is there any kingston SSD driver for windows xp pro?
  18. It's been a long time since the broken connections but now i think it's better. ProxHTTPSProxy and HTTPSProxy against Proxomitron.
  19. I think that you might try the /usepmtimer option in boot.ini if you have a multicore system (Intel,Amd).
  20. I want to ask a question. With what controllers do these specific drivers work and what kind of motherboards?
  21. I think its the message that windows 98 display after the shutdown procedure.
  22. You might look at here https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2019/10/updated-windows-xp-acpisys.html

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