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  1. @AstroSkipper Will you support Asian languages as well? When your creation is ready I will translate it for my language.
  2. @DrunkenTanker https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/124kJQ5c9Ddngbjf3mvlP_H6VsxVMy1TD windows xp symbols That I have can help you?
  3. Hello everyone, is there anyone testing Facebook? I noticed that I can't print other people. And typing cannot be under someone else's post I saw it many times. Roytam's update, but I don't have time to inform you. And it has not been resolved.
  4. I use the Reshacker to edit the file. It still shows the same value. For you, it works or not.
  5. The string with the text is in the number 1878, if you check more this would be great.
  6. Files Bug : https://mega.nz/file/H4JnUSyK#PcHszbLR_a6EhqxVZotZS9YD7rmyGpO5_vnFXLMpUvA
  7. Do you want each language? I need time to prepare the file
  8. Hello everyone Can anyone fix this bug or have the ability to mine Windows files? This is a problem that has been left for a long time. and no one noticed MUI It shows incorrect memory values in Task manager or you will look in. normal Bug From my test as follows -Affected Languages French (France) Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Italian (Italy) Spanish (International Sort) - espanol Danish Russian Portuguese (Portugal) Latvian Lithuanian Slovenian Thai -unaffected language Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Japanese Korean Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Nederlands (Nederland) - Dutch Hebrew Portuguese (Brazil) Swedish Czech Finnish Norwegian (Bokmal) Greek Hungarian Polish Turkish Bulgarian Croatian Romanian Slovak Estonian Server 2003 non r2 is also affected Server 2003 -Affected Languages Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Italian (Italy) Spanish - espanol Portuguese (Portugal) Russian -unaffected language Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Japanese Korean Dutch French (France) Portuguese (Brazil) Swedish Czech Hungarian Polish Turkish Arabic Danish Finnish Greek Hebrew Norwegian (Bokmal) R2 Version -Affected Languages Spanish - espanol Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Italian (Italy) Russian Portuguese (Portugal) -unaffected language French (France) Japanese Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Dutch Portuguese (Brazil) Czech Polish Hungarian Turkish r2 x64 -Affected Languages Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Spanish - espanol Italian (Italy) Russian -unaffected language Japanese French (France) Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Portuguese (Brazil) Windows XP x64 -Affected Languages Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Spanish - espanol Italian (Italy) Russian Form (Server2003R2) -unaffected language Japanese French (France) Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Portuguese (Brazil) I've tested the MUI bug on XP. whether programs, even games, read the memory correctly or not It's causing my game to read the memory incorrectly. normal bug https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t_endgD6HVf1F1mBy1y7DNnz_BxA3lts?usp=sharing The MUI Pack that I use is the normal version without N suffix. Has anyone had experience with fixing this bug? MUI_WXM_CD1.iso MUI_WXM_CD2.iso MUI_WXM_CD3.iso MUI_WXM_CD4.iso MUI_WXM_CD5.iso This is a major problem MS doesn't notice. Server 2003 non-r2 mui https://mega.nz/folder/2EhWXBqT#_Zzbh7oH9M4AWyFHO_rDKw
  9. This picture is from Thailand. It's like being used in a DNA research company.
  10. I am waiting for this fix so that I can test many sites in my country. I want XP to live forever.
  11. @George King Can you read this document as it is a rare document? Some pages seem to tell you the limitations used to check how the system works. Firstbootcheck I've provided along with the original symbols provided by Microsoft. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/124kJQ5c9Ddngbjf3mvlP_H6VsxVMy1TD
  12. Maybe this problem will not be solved in the future?
  13. I need to install java runtime to fix the problem?
  14. My country tv web channel with roytam1 browser Pages are displayed correctly. but refuses to play the video and I checked at Console If you want to check the web https://www.ch7.com/ Edge
  15. Modern programs today require a set of instructions that More newer like Flash Player, even you may need an older version. .net framework aio of abbodi1406 I think version 20180711 is compatible with CPU without SSE2. If you want to use a newer version, a newer CPU may be upgraded.
  16. I updated VLC from version 3.0.16 to the latest version yesterday, my Pentium 4 is working fine and the recommended addon of @AstroSkipper I like the site you recommend, it doesn't slow down the CPU to load video pages.
  17. Thank you everyone for bringing my old computer to life again. I'd be happy to try these add-ons soon. And Roytam1's Browser is a good choice for older XP/Vista versions. And most people don't think about the options that are available.
  18. Have you kept those XPI files? I searched for it on Google, it doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  19. Thanks for your additional information. Computers are designed for the office. But it looks like it was left and no one used it. My Specs HP Compaq dx7200 (Slim Tower) Ram Up To 4GB HDD 500 GB Video card ATI Radeon HD 5450 1gb It's perfect for playing my old games.
  20. @XPerceniol Thank you. This method can help me a lot without having to press every time.
  21. @XPerceniol Thank you very much for this I might try it tomorrow and report back. (This computer I use in my uncle's internet shop)
  22. Serpent 52 There are no related links. It will appear when playing video.
  23. Can you check this? It happened to my Pentium 4 HT when I was on Youtube. (Serpent 52)
  24. The current state of the Starter version is the last way I will do it. Run the component on the normal version. It seems to work fine. For anyone who wants to use Starter components. on Pro and Home 1.Insert starter CD. 2.Copy startoc.in_ from CD i386 to desktop.Expend it to get startoc.inf with winrar. 3.Copy startoc.inf to %windir%\inf. 4.Run rundll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\inf\startoc.inf,Starter in cmd 5.When noticing lossing files,locate to CD:\CMPNENTS\STARTER\I386\STARTOC.CAB. 6.Reboot computer
  25. This post will be a thank you. @harkaz For the pdb file to the Debug DLL to solve the Starter version puzzle, all @George King checks are in progress. I think it's also because of win32k.sys Your pdb file will be the last option I think.. https://www.betaarchive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=358451#p358451

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