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  1. Link https://mega.nz/folder/3YQSiZRa#J7ovTnqvzI7-WglWP5WhFw If you're using nLite, there will be file timestamp issues. You can fix this by extracting the INF in UpdatePacks. or use RVM Integrator
  2. Hello, this is a very updated UpdatePacks x64, I made everything compatible without any problems. and Windows Media Player 11 addon as well And there is another Japanese version. @George King Thank you for updating your file. Thanks to the original creator 5eraph Link https://archive.org/details/5eraphupdatepacks/ Windows XP x64 1.5eraph_Windows_XP_x64_Post-SP2_UpdatePack_ENU_v2019-08-Final.7z 2.5er_IE8_Addon_2019-08_1_x64 3.WMP11 Addon Server 2003 x64 1.5eraph_Windows_XP_x64_Post-SP2_UpdatePack_ENU_v2019-08-Final.7z 2.5er_IE8_Addon_2019-08_1_x64 3.5eraph_Windows_2003_x64_Post-SP2_Addon_ENU_v2019-08 4. WMP11 Addon Other add-ons 5er_NT5.2_EoS_FlashAX_32.0.0.465_SIAddon FlashAddon_DeleteAuto_x64 FlashAddon_SetDisable_x64 FlashAddon_SetEnable_x64 FlashAddon_SetNotify_x64 5eraph_IE8Tweaks_Addon 5er_IE6Update_Addon_2015-08_1_x64 (For User IE6) 5er_IE8MUI-x64_Addon.7z High Priority Updates: KB968389 - Extended Protection for Authentication (EPA) KB2345886 - EPA for Server service KB2748349 - Volume Shadow Copy driver KB2749655 - Trust Verification APIs KB2862152 - Oakley Key Manager KB925398 - MS06-078 - WMP 6.4 - Windows Media Format KB931261 - MS07-019 - UPnP KB932168 - MS07-020 - Microsoft Agent KB929123 - MS07-034 - Outlook Express - Cumulative KB944653 - MS07-067 - Macrovision driver KB941569 - MS07-068 - WMP 10 - Windows Media Format KB942831 - MS08-005 - IIS - Helper library KB951376 - MS08-030 - Bluetooth Stack KB952954 - MS08-046 - Windows Image Color Management System KB946648 - MS08-050 - Windows Messenger 4.7 KB953155 - MS08-062 - IIS - Windows Internet Printing service KB952069 - MS08-076 - WMP 10 - Windows Media Format KB956572 - MS09-012 - Windows Service Isolation KB973507 - MS09-037 - Active Template Library KB973540 - MS09-037 - WMP 10 KB973815 - MS09-037 - MSWebDVD ActiveX Control KB973869 - MS09-037 - HTML Editing Component ActiveX control KB971032 - MS09-040 - Message Queuing KB971657 - MS09-041 - Workstation service KB960859 - MS09-042 - Telnet KB956744 - MS09-044 - Remote Desktop Connection KB956844 - MS09-046 - HTML Editing Component KB975025 - MS09-051 - Audio Compression Manager KB974112 - MS09-052 - WMP 6.4 - Windows Media Format KB975254 - MS09-053 - IIS - FTP service KB974571 - MS09-056 - CryptoAPI KB974318 - MS09-071 - Remote Access Point to Point Protocol KB973904 - MS09-073 - Microsoft Conversion Library KB978706 - MS10-005 - Microsoft Paint KB975560 - MS10-013 - DirectX KB977914 - MS10-013 - AVI File support library and codecs KB979309 - MS10-019 - Cabinet File Viewer Shell Extension KB976323 - MS10-024 - IIS - SMTP service KB977816 - MS10-026 - MPEG Layer-3 codec KB978338 - MS10-029 - TCP/IP v6 protocol driver KB978542 - MS10-030 - Outlook Express KB978695 - MS10-033 - WMP 10 - Windows Media Playback/Authoring DLL KB979482 - MS10-033 - COM component (AsyCFilt.dll) KB982666 - MS10-040 - IIS - HTTP Protocol Stack and Web Server Core KB981997 - MS10-050 - Windows Movie Maker KB2115168 - MS10-052 - MPEG Layer-3 codec KB982665 - MS10-055 - Cinepak codec KB975558 - MS10-062 - WMP 10 - MPEG-4 codec KB2124261 - MS10-065 - IIS - Active Server Pages KB2387149 - MS10-074 - Microsoft Foundation Classes KB979687 - MS10-083 - WordPad MFC Application KB2423089 - MS10-096 - Windows Address Book KB2443105 - MS10-097 - Internet Connection Signup Wizard KB2419635 - MS11-002 - MS Data Access - Remote Data Services KB2483185 - MS11-006 - Windows Shell KB2479943 - MS11-015 - Windows Media KB2481109 - MS11-017 - Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 KB2491683 - MS11-024 - Fax Cover Page Editor KB2485663 - MS11-033 - WordPad text converter KB2544893 - MS11-037 - Internet Messaging API (Outlook Express) KB2535512 - MS11-042 - Multiple UNC Provider driver KB2536276 - MS11-043 - SMB client KB2566454 - MS11-062 - NDIS 3.0 connection wrapper driver KB2570947 - MS11-071 - DLL loading fixes (HyperTerminal and Management Console) KB2564958 - MS11-075 - Active Accessibility and Windows Automation API KB2619339 - MS11-092 - Windows Media KB2620712 - MS11-097 - Client/Server Runtime Subsystem KB2603381 - MS12-002 - Windows Packager KB2598479 - MS12-004 - Media Control Interface KB2631813 - MS12-004 - DirectShow KB2584146 - MS12-005 - Windows Packager KB2638806 - MS12-006 - Windows HTTP Services KB2686509 - MS12-034 - Keyboard Layout Check (registry entries only) KB2685939 - MS12-036 - RDP Terminal Stack driver KB2698365 - MS12-045 - Microsoft Data Access Components KB2705219 - MS12-054 - Computer Browser Service, Net Win32 API KB2727528 - MS12-072 - Windows Briefcase Engine KB2770660 - MS12-082 - DirectPlay KB2780091 - MS13-011 - DirectShow KB2807986 - MS13-027 - Remote NDIS USB Driver KB2813345 - MS13-029 - Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 KB2820917 - MS13-033 - Windows Server DLL KB2803821 - MS13-057 - WMP10 - Windows Media Video Decoder KB2864063 - MS13-071 - Windows Theme API KB2862330 - MS13-081 - Microsoft USB Port Drivers KB2862335 - MS13-081 - Microsoft USB Port Drivers KB2868038 - MS13-081 - Microsoft USB Port Drivers KB2884256 - MS13-081 - USB Modem driver KB2864058 - MS13-083 - Common Controls Library KB2900986 - MS13-090 - ActiveX Kill Bits - Cumulative KB2893294 - MS13-098 - Windows NT Image Helper KB2914368 - MS14-002 - NDIS Proxy KB2929961 - MS14-013 - DirectShow Editing DLL KB2926765 - MS14-027 - Shell Light-weight Utility Library KB2961072 - MS14-040 - Ancillary Function Driver for WinSock KB2993254 - MS14-062 - Message Queuing KB2998579 - MS14-063 - Fast FAT File System Driver KB2989935 - MS14-070 - TCP/IP protocol driver KB2991963 - MS14-078 - Japanese Input Method Editor KB3020393 - MS15-002 - Microsoft Telnet Server Helper KB3021674 - MS15-003 - User Environment Group Policy module KB3014029 - MS15-007 - IAS NT SAM Provider KB3019215 - MS15-008 - Windows NT WebDAV Mini-Redirector KB3004361 - MS15-014 - Windows Security Configuration Editor Engine KB3033889 - MS15-020 - WebBrowser Control module KB3061518 - MS15-055 - TLS/SSL Security Provider KB3033890 - MS15-057 - WMP 10 KB3067903 - MS15-069 - WMP 10 - Windows CE WMDM Service Provider KB3068457 - MS15-071 - Net Logon Services DLL KB3197835 - IIS - Web DAV Extensions for Windows KB4022747 - Gemplus Cryptographic Service Provider KB4024323 - Routing and Remote Access service KB4024402 - Indexing Service KB4025218 - Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) KB4500331 - CVE-2019-0708 Terminal Server driver Optional Updates: KB925876 - Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 KB971029 - AutoPlay KB2492386 - Application Compatibility update (April 2011) KB2808679 - Crypto API32 KB3020338 - OLE Automation KB890830 - Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool v5.38 - Version 5.39(XP) cannot be used for Windows Server 2003. KB971286 - Microsoft WinUSB 2.0 KB927489 - Microsoft MS Gothic and MS Mincho JIS2004 Support Fonts KB970158 - Kernel-Mode Driver Framework version 1.9 KB970159 - Microsoft User-Mode Driver Framework Feature Pack 1.9 CAPICOM - version Additional Updates: KB2598845 - Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List (IE8 Addon) KB282784 - QFECheck.exe v6.2.29.0 KB915377 - NT LAN Manager KB915800 - Windows Desktop Search document IFilters (v9) KB918033 - Windows Explorer KB919241 - Check Disk utility (ChkDsk.exe) KB922498 - SCSI Scanner driver KB922757 - Application Experience Lookup Service KB923231 - Video Port driver KB925066 - Volume Shadow Copy KB927169 - (AddFiles Missing Form v2017)Certificate Services client KB927288 - DHCP Client Service KB928646 - IPv6 Helper DLL KB929134 - Spooler Subsystem DLL KB929161 - PnP Disk driver KB930499 - File Encryption utility (Cipher.exe) KB931125 - Microsoft Root Certificates (November 2023) (rootsupd.exe v20231129) KB931301 - Serial Imaging device driver KB931303 - Winsock Oriented Net DLL for SQL Clients KB931305 - Modem device driver KB931320 - Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) KB931565 - SNMP Trap Service KB932370 - WMI Win32 Provider KB932716 - Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0) KB933230 - WMI Decoupled Provider KB933717 - Application Layer Gateway Service KB933789 - ADs Router Layer DLL KB934016 - COM+ 1.5 Hotfix Rollup Package 12 KB934273 - Collaboration Data Objects (CDO)(v2) KB934401 - IP Configuration Utility (IPConfig.exe) KB934428 - Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card drivers KB934848 - SCSI Port driver KB935879 - Still Image Devices Service KB936087 - Windows NT BASE API Server DLL KB936345 - Security Configuration UI Module KB936357 - Update.sys driver KB937088 - RAM Disk driver KB937193 - Print UI DLL KB937932 - WOW32 emulation DLL KB938135 - Windows System Performance Objects DLL KB938380 - Folder Redirection Winlogon Extension KB938596 - User-mode Plug-and-Play Service KB938635 - Common Dialogs DLL KB938907 - ACPI driver for NT KB939780 - Battery Class driver KB940074 - NetBIOS interface driver KB940307 - Mount Point Manager KB940526 - Windows Command Processor (CMD.exe) KB940848 - Microsoft Management Console (MMC) KB940871 - Remote Access Connection Manager KB941253 - File Transfer Program KB941560 - Microsoft Message Queuing 3.0 KB941602 - Veritas® LDM diagnostic utility KB941838 - Processor device driver KB942288 - Windows Installer 4.5 KB942537 - Unimodem Service Provider AT Minidriver KB943509 - MS DAO 3.6 Object Library KB943510 - WebBrowser Control module KB943665 - MAC Bridge driver KB943669 - Volume Shadow Copy KB944043 - Windows 2008 read-only domain controller compatibility pack KB944328 - Windows NT System Setup DLL KB944829 - Find String utility (FindStr.exe) KB946198 - Standard TCP/IP Port Monitor Helper DLL KB946504 - IO Logging DLL KB946517 - IIS - ADs IIS Provider DLL KB946924 - Windows On Windows 64 (WOW64) KB947354 - Network Monitor NDIS Network Packet Provider KB948459 - MS Data Access - OLE DB Provider KB948656 - Home Networking Configuration Manager KB948698 - Registry Console Tool (Reg.exe) KB948700 - Network Configuration Objects KB948963 - Enhanced Cryptographic Provider KB949104 - Windows Update Agent 3.0 with Microsoft Update KB949459 - Hardware Abstraction Layer KB949729 - Remote NDIS Miniport KB950037 - Network Settings utility (NetSet03.exe) KB950085 - Group Policy Object Editor KB950323 - Event Log KB950426 - SMTP MMC SnapIn DLL KB951347 - Fax Server Extended COM Client Interface KB951410 - IEEE 1394 "FireWire" driver KB951531 - Windows Time Service KB951851 - Web DAV Service DLL KB951859 - Task Scheduler Engine KB952011 - IMAPI update for Blu-Ray KB952813 - APC Smart Provider KB953176 - Authorization Store Role Provider module KB953675 - Remote Access Connection Manager KB953955 - Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) KB954913 - OLE Filter module KB955360 - Windows Script 5.7 KB955407 - Disk Partitioning application (DiskPart.exe) KB955417 - Protected Storage KB955536 - C++ runtimes KB955543 - NT Disk Manager I/O driver KB955549 - Rich Text Edit Control KB955692 - Direct3D KB955704 - exFAT File System KB956048 - Image Color Management KB956114 - IIS NT specific library KB957089 - COM+ Configuration Catalog KB957271 - Logical Disk Manager Administrative service KB957492 - OLE 2.0 User Interface Support KB957585 - ODBC and MDAC KB957910 - Microsoft Storage Port driver KB958353 - Sorting Tables for National Language Support (NLS) KB959194 - Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.5 KB959202 - Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in KB959998 - MS Office file search filter DLL KB960071 - SQL Server ODBC driver KB960608 - Task Scheduler KB960680 - Currency symbol update KB961974 - RDP display driver KB967198 - Windows Deployment Services KB967587 - System Event Notification Service (SENS) KB967663 - Thunking Spooler APIS from 32 to 64 Process KB967715 - Windows Shell (AutoRun enforcement) Registry Only KB968185 - DHCP Monitor DLL KB968447 - Event System KB968686 - WMP 10 - Windows Media 9 codecs KB968736 - Virtual Disk Service KB968995 - Terminal Server MMC Snap-In KB969701 - Remote Registry Service KB970413 - WMI SDK Provider Framework KB970457 - Windows Setup API KB970904 - WMI Event Log Provider KB970910 - Terminal Server SDK APIs KB971080 - Windows NT Logon Application KB971229 - Microsoft Trust UI Provider KB971314 - Spooler Setup INF KB971345 - Profile Quota Manager KB971387 - Disk Quota support DLL KB971650 - Driver for IBM LTO Tape drives KB972071 - NDIS 5.2 wrapper driver KB972189 - WMI MSI Provider KB972604 - Terminal Services Application Compatibility DLL KB972659 - USB Hub driver KB972840 - SNMP Service KB972878 - QoS Packet Scheduler KB973097 - SMB Transport driver KB973125 - Windows Backup Utility KB973295 - IP Network Address Translator KB973502 - Key Roaming DIMS Provider DLL KB973570 - Authorization Framework KB973573 - Services and Controller application KB973597 - WMI Provider for VDS KB973680 - Removable Storage Manager KB973871 - HBA API data interface KB974857 - Cluster Resource Utility DLL KB975126 - PostScript and PCL Printer drivers KB975928 - Volume Shadow Copy KB977073 - Microsoft Digest Access KB977225 - UniDriver Printer driver KB977367 - WMP 10 - Windows Media Network Plugin Manager KB977440 - Performance Logs and Alerts service KB977629 - Terminal Server Service and Registry Configuration APIs KB978155 - MS Data Access - OLE DB Cursor Engine KB978334 - Win32 Emulation on NT64 KB979290 - ADs LDAP Provider KB979405 - Spooler Setup DLL KB979451 - ATAPI.sys driver KB979522 - Remote Desktop Protocol Device redirector KB979550 - Disk Defragmenter NTFS Module KB979554 - WMI SNMP Provider KB979919 - Distributed Transaction Controller (DTC) KB980915 - IPSec.sys driver KB981212 - Crash Dump Disk driver KB981263 - Server Database Storage Engine KB981544 - Virtual Disk Service KB982051 - Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions KB982316 - Windows Telephony Server KB982501 - WinSNMP v2.0 Manager API KB983169 - Redirected Drive Buffering Subsystem driver KB983246 - Microsoft Data Access (Registry Only) KB2015624 - Remote Management registry fix KB2015644 - Intersite Replication registry fix (method 1) KB2015857 - Selective Suspend registry fix KB2021448 - HTTP EventMessageFile registry fix KB2028627 - Discretionary Access Control List utility (ICACLS.exe) KB2028773 - Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) KB2257980 - Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) KB2285736 - NT Domain Service API KB2456890 - MS General Packet Classifier KB2480118 - Print Spooler service KB2575928 - Visual Basic Virtual Machine (File Form Office 365) KB2584577 - Foundation Classes KB2758694 - Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 SP3 SA3009008 - IE + IIS - Disable SSL 2.0 + 3.0 and Enable TLS 1.0 KB3062741 - Time Zone - Cumulative - Morocco Ramadan: end date (latest tzchange.exe) SA3123040 - Unauthorized Digital Certificate revocations (September 27, 2023) (rvkroots.exe v20230927) TZWin10 - Time Zone - Cumulative form Windows 10 European Union Expansion Font Update 1.02 FontReg v2.1.3 by Kai Liu (code65536) Microsoft Update Catalog web control v7.4.7057.249 Extended Security Updates to 2019-08: KB3078311 - MS15-084 : Microsoft XML Core Services 6.0 SP2 KB3108371 - Event Viewer Snapin KB3109103 - Reliable Multicast Transport KB3109560 - DirectShow KB3126587 - Microsoft database support DLL for Oracle KB3133043 - IAS NT SAM Provider KB3139398 - MS16-033 : USB Mass Storage Class Driver KB3139914 - Secondary Logon Service DLL KB3140709 - MS16-025 : Offline address book KB3141083 - MS16-058 : Windows IIS (iisw3adm.dll) KB3149090 - MS16-047 : Local Security Authority (LSA) Server DLL KB3158991 - MS16-053 : JScript&VBScript 5.7 KB3161949 - MS16-077 : Windows Socket 2.0 32-Bit DLL (ws2_32.dll Only) KB3162343 - MS16-076 : Security Update for Netlogon KB3170455 - MS16-087 : Security Update for Windows Print Spooler Components KB3183431 - MS16-123 : Security Update for Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers KB3185911 - MS16-106 : Windows USER API Client DLL KB3196718 - MS16-130 KB3198510 - MS16-137 : Security Update for Windows authentication methods KB4014652 - DirectShow Runtime. KB4014794 - asycfilt.dll KB4025398 - System Information Control (msinfo.dll) KB4034775 - Security update for the Microsoft JET Database Engine KB4047211 - Content Index Utility DLL KB4052303 - IP Router Manager KB4056942 - Microsoft Color Management Module (CMM) KB4089082 - ActiveX control for streaming video KB4089175 - Compressed (zipped) Folders KB4089453 - Microsoft Help and Support Center KB4089694 - Wireless Zero Configuration Service KB4091756 - Microsoft WinSNMP v2.0 Manager API KB4093254 - Active Directory AD/AM KB4093256 - Win32 LDAP API DLL KB4101477 - COM+ Services KB4130957 - Microsoft® InfoTech Storage System Library KB4291391 - Windows DNSAPI KB4339291 - WordPad Only KB4457163 - Windows Shell Common DLL KB4457188 - Security update for (DNS) Server/TCP/IP Protocol Driver KB4458318 - Security update for Kernel CSA Library KB4462935 - Windows NT SMB Minirdr KB4463103 - NT File System Driver (NTFS.SYS ONLY) KB4470118 - Microsoft (R) Script Runtime KB4486465 - Server Message Block (SMB) driver KB4486468 - NPFS Driver KB4489493 - Mailslot driver KB4490501 - Local Spooler KB4491443 - MBT Transport driver KB4493324 - Files System Updates KB4493341 - Hid Parsing Library KB4493790 - Microsoft XML Core Services 3.0 KB4494059 - Oleprn DLL KB4498707 - Microsoft Jet Paradox Isam KB4500481 - User Environment Group Policy module KB4503063 - Windows Installer + Crypto API32 KB4503085 - User Experience Controls Library KB4503249 - Kerberos Security Package KB4503530 - Microsoft Data Access KB4503534 - Microsoft Jet Lotus 1-2-3 Isam (msltus40) KB4504677 - 32-bit to 16-bit Metafile Conversion DLL KB4507582 - DHCP Client Service/DHCP Server Service KB4509419 - Uniscribe Unicode script processor KB4512127 - Microsoft Jet Excel Isam KB4512589 - Peer-to-Peer Grouping KB4512612 - Microsoft T2Embed Font Embedding KB4512787 - Files System Updates KB4512788 - Files System Updates KB4516543 - Microsoft (R) Red ISAM KB4516544 - Microsoft Jet xBASE Isam KB4516545 - Microsoft Jet Engine Library KB4516565 - Microsoft (R) Red ISAM (msrd2x40.dll) KB4516665 - Multi-User Win32 driver/GDI+/OpenType/Type 1 font driver KB4517066 - GDI Client DLL KB4517635 - Winsock2 IFS Layer IE6 KB3087038 - MS15-094 - Internet Explorer 6 - Cumulative(IE Addon) IE8 KB4516046 - Cumulative security update Internet Explorer 8(IE8 Addon) 2003 Addon KB972554 - MS09-047 - Windows Media Services(Server 2003 Addon) KB948496 - Disable Scalable Networking Pack features(Server 2003 Addon) KB2518295 - MS11-051 - Active Directory Certificate Services(Server 2003 Addon) KB2571621 - MS11-070 - WINS Server(Server 2003 Addon) KB4093255 - Active Directory(Server 2003 Addon) KB4508401 - Kerberos Domain Controller service(Server 2003 Addon) KB4516878 - Common Log File System(Server 2003 Addon) WMP11 kb928788 kb929399 kb929773 KB932390 KB933547 KB935552 kb939209 KB939683 KB941569 KB944882 KB952069 KB954154 kb954155 kb973540 kb974905 kb975558 kb978695 kb2834904-v2 kb3033890 kb3067903
  3. @AstroSkipper Will you support Asia languages as well? When your creation is ready I will translate it for my language.
  4. @DrunkenTanker https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/124kJQ5c9Ddngbjf3mvlP_H6VsxVMy1TD windows xp symbols That I have can help you?
  5. Hello everyone, is there anyone testing Facebook? I noticed that I can't print other people. And typing cannot be under someone else's post I saw it many times. Roytam's update, but I don't have time to inform you. And it has not been resolved.
  6. I use the Reshacker to edit the file. It still shows the same value. For you, it works or not.
  7. The string with the text is in the number 1878, if you check more this would be great.
  8. Files Bug : https://mega.nz/file/H4JnUSyK#PcHszbLR_a6EhqxVZotZS9YD7rmyGpO5_vnFXLMpUvA
  9. Do you want each language? I need time to prepare the file
  10. Hello everyone Can anyone fix this bug or have the ability to mine Windows files? This is a problem that has been left for a long time. and no one noticed MUI It shows incorrect memory values in Task manager or you will look in. normal Bug From my test as follows -Affected Languages French (France) Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Italian (Italy) Spanish (International Sort) - espanol Danish Russian Portuguese (Portugal) Latvian Lithuanian Slovenian Thai -unaffected language Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Japanese Korean Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Nederlands (Nederland) - Dutch Hebrew Portuguese (Brazil) Swedish Czech Finnish Norwegian (Bokmal) Greek Hungarian Polish Turkish Bulgarian Croatian Romanian Slovak Estonian Server 2003 non r2 is also affected Server 2003 -Affected Languages Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Italian (Italy) Spanish - espanol Portuguese (Portugal) Russian -unaffected language Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Japanese Korean Dutch French (France) Portuguese (Brazil) Swedish Czech Hungarian Polish Turkish Arabic Danish Finnish Greek Hebrew Norwegian (Bokmal) R2 Version -Affected Languages Spanish - espanol Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Italian (Italy) Russian Portuguese (Portugal) -unaffected language French (France) Japanese Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Dutch Portuguese (Brazil) Czech Polish Hungarian Turkish r2 x64 -Affected Languages Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Spanish - espanol Italian (Italy) Russian -unaffected language Japanese French (France) Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Portuguese (Brazil) Windows XP x64 -Affected Languages Deutsch (Deutschland) - German Spanish - espanol Italian (Italy) Russian Form (Server2003R2) -unaffected language Japanese French (France) Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Korean Swedish Portuguese (Brazil) I've tested the MUI bug on XP. whether programs, even games, read the memory correctly or not It's causing my game to read the memory incorrectly. normal bug https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t_endgD6HVf1F1mBy1y7DNnz_BxA3lts?usp=sharing The MUI Pack that I use is the normal version without N suffix. Has anyone had experience with fixing this bug? MUI_WXM_CD1.iso MUI_WXM_CD2.iso MUI_WXM_CD3.iso MUI_WXM_CD4.iso MUI_WXM_CD5.iso This is a major problem MS doesn't notice. Server 2003 non-r2 mui https://mega.nz/folder/2EhWXBqT#_Zzbh7oH9M4AWyFHO_rDKw
  11. This picture is from Thailand. It's like being used in a DNA research company.
  12. I am waiting for this fix so that I can test many sites in my country. I want XP to live forever.
  13. @George King Can you read this document as it is a rare document? Some pages seem to tell you the limitations used to check how the system works. Firstbootcheck I've provided along with the original symbols provided by Microsoft. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/124kJQ5c9Ddngbjf3mvlP_H6VsxVMy1TD
  14. Maybe this problem will not be solved in the future?
  15. My country tv web channel with roytam1 browser Pages are displayed correctly. but refuses to play the video and I checked at Console If you want to check the web https://www.ch7.com/ Edge
  16. Modern programs today require a set of instructions that More newer like Flash Player, even you may need an older version. .net framework aio of abbodi1406 I think version 20180711 is compatible with CPU without SSE2. If you want to use a newer version, a newer CPU may be upgraded.
  17. I updated VLC from version 3.0.16 to the latest version yesterday, my Pentium 4 is working fine and the recommended addon of @AstroSkipper I like the site you recommend, it doesn't slow down the CPU to load video pages.
  18. Thank you everyone for bringing my old computer to life again. I'd be happy to try these add-ons soon. And Roytam1's Browser is a good choice for older XP/Vista versions. And most people don't think about the options that are available.
  19. Have you kept those XPI files? I searched for it on Google, it doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  20. Thanks for your additional information. Computers are designed for the office. But it looks like it was left and no one used it. My Specs HP Compaq dx7200 (Slim Tower) Ram Up To 4GB HDD 500 GB Video card ATI Radeon HD 5450 1gb It's perfect for playing my old games.
  21. @XPerceniol Thank you. This method can help me a lot without having to press every time.
  22. @XPerceniol Thank you very much for this I might try it tomorrow and report back. (This computer I use in my uncle's internet shop)
  23. Serpent 52 There are no related links. It will appear when playing video.
  24. Can you check this? It happened to my Pentium 4 HT when I was on Youtube. (Serpent 52)
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