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  1. Server 2003 https://mega.nz/file/i5wmTD6Z#GVd-zNduw0NYdFV0n23_6UqJzFrWAsz4f8W1UQHFtGI
  2. Released for KB888111 HDAudio for Multi-Language on SP3, I tried working to fix the problem, installed driver, no sound. Please read ReadME.txt where I have confirmed it works on XPSP3 all languages. Link https://mega.nz/file/Kg4RxAAC#34rtQJ-KcCmf7nGAAFjK__fSEKg9Y2wOWxpT3NSTCPM
  3. Special report on this update I've tried working with multiple languages to resolve the issue of the installer not working. and remote desktop 7.0 has been released for 2003 for multiple languages in mydigitallife I will check the files from Windows Vista. Is there any file working with XP-Server 2003 x64? I have added the command [ProcessesToRun] I see that INF just copied the files but not installed. And the previously published has been revamped as well. There will be an easier installer. I have the advantage of the hdaudbus.sys file from kb888111 and SP3. SP3 I see an improvement over the file size is 141KB. kb88811 has a file size of 135KB.
  4. for RVM_Integrator when merging files when Windows copies files It says rootsupd.exe and rvkroots.exe files are missing. It doesn't copy correctly, press ESC.
  5. It's all there from the old creator(5eraph) because it's work. Dumped by the version creator is v2017. I'm just keeping it up-to-date and include updates that have been leaked until 2019-08. What is not provided is WinUSB 2.0 Windows XP Imaging Component. TimeZone.inf I updated from x86 KB4501226. DST changes in Windows for Morocco and the Palestinian Authority KB931125 Unauthorized Digital Certificate revocations from 2022-08 2003 Addon has been updated as well. Please check my link, you don't need the old version. This is an upgraded version from the old version. And I don't have the program file you searched for. I only have a list of leaked items.
  6. I'll let you know about Update Packs x64. It has a very stupid bug from the old creators from USA before. I'll improve it, I'm from Thailand. If you run an update that imposes a lower SP You will get this error. which I tried to fix the problem but was unsuccessful.
  7. Good news, I found KB888111 HD Audio. For all languages now if anyone wants this program I will be happy to provide a download link or addon but I need to provide ISO SP2 first.
  8. I've seen some people post that Discord crashes in roytam1, the official program has issues as well. after i check
  9. I have reported to his forum now. Just waiting to confirm my topic because I just signed up.
  10. I think the problem is more with the website itself. browsers using chromium display correctly.
  11. yes it's cambria math fonts thanks for the info and the solution on Windows XP and Windows 10 show it right. But I can't see it. It's okay.
  12. It's true. I'm just waiting. Retro computers. almost no hope I know in the end they probably didn't care about it. Sorry if you misunderstood. The ending was a painful sorrow.
  13. I'll start testing tomorrow and I'll report back. I can see if it's possible to fix the mistakes they made with facebook. I might as well have to test Instagram.
  14. Like facebook will try to facilitate Google Chrome more than UXP.
  15. I will continue to serve as your good tester. I'll wait for further fixes.
  16. I hope in the future someone will fix it to support it.
  17. i thank you for the help And I'm also aware that Windows XP still has issues with fonts in youtube and emoji style And facebook still has problems typing under the post as well. I haven't tested any other tests I have prepared. You can watch this video. https://youtu.be/DoVhmsMDmC8
  18. since i have problems with these fonts in the future I will fix it myself
  19. If you have any checks please tell me. I rarely get a chance to test your program. I'm currently testing the game for a small translation group at the moment. Thank you.
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