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  1. I'm curious where have you found the 16:9 version of 'Professional' wallpaper on your profile banner. Or have you made one by yourself?

    1. DragonSC7601


      I've made it myself. I can't say it's perfect, though. You can download it by clicking this link.

    2. SigmaTel71


      Can you make one in 16:10 aspect ratio (1920x1200), please? I'll be really happy to see one with Windows XP Professional logo and respective blue-ish color. :rolleyes:

  2. FTFY: Should I upgrade to Windows 7* If you want to use a true desktop Windows rather than an OS with design inconsistencies (anything after 7), that's the way to go. I have a very pleasant experience with Windows 7, by the way. PS: Can you use the caps please? It doesn't look good that way.
  3. For me, Youtube crashes (desktop version). Sometimes I was able to get Youtube Music work, but mostly it crashes too. I also get crashes when I try to use "dynamic" mode in Dark Reader. YT mobile version works fine. OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (unmodified)
  4. I promise, I'll keep using Windows 7 for a long time. The last true desktop Windows, and I only have a desktop. Do we have any other survivors here?

    1. xpclient


      For me, XP was the last true desktop but I understand your sentiment. 7 was a fine OS except for a bastardized File Explorer, Taskbar and Start that were fixed with Classic Shell and 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

    2. DragonSC7601


      I mean it was the last version before MS went to "single OS for all devices" mode like they did in 8. They should've made it like in three editions:

      1- 2 in 1 (Desktop&Mobile Oriented)
      2- Desktop only
      3- Mobile only

  5. Hello, as a Windows 7 user I don't know a way to bring color emojis (and don't care much) to whole system but if you accept to use Discord on Chrome/Chromium install this extension: Twemoji for Chrome To have more app-like experience create a shortcut to Chrome/Chromium and add this line to end of Target: --app=https://discord.com/channels/@me Remember, chrome.exe and the command must have a space between of them.
  6. I haven't tried it, but try this: Get Server 2003 CD or ISO Get some software to open/mount it if you got the ISO Find "IEHARDEN.IN_" in i386 folder of the CD Extract it, open it with 7-Zip or WinRAR Extract "IEHARDEN.INF" inside of it Right click and select "Install". But I advise you to mount the ISO so you can select the directory for required files when it asks you.
  7. I can show some reasons why I prefer XP better, I should've pointed out that this is an opinion when I meant "best". It will be different for others of course (like you and else ).
  8. I noticed that I would use XP only if I'd have a CPU like Pentium 4 (which I've had in past and now as a second), as XP is the best OS it runs with. I'd prefer 7 for anything dual or more cores (Core 2 etc.) But I agree that XP was the best OS MS ever made in my and other XP users here's opinion (and the ones after 7 were the worst). It's actually satisfying to do modern stuff on old hardware and software such as Pentium 4 (2005) and Windows XP (2001-2008). Regarding the situation of the economy (1USD=12,62TRY), it seems I'll stick with what I have for long years (until they will go bad). The Pentium 4 is Prescott BTW It just needs a good cooling solution (I just use toothpaste and the stock Intel heatsink + fan ) Anyway, it works nice even it's getting to 70°C when the room is already being heated by radiator. It would go max. 60°C if the radiator isn't working I guess. I may look like old, but trust me, I'm younger than the most people here At the very last, long live XP!
  9. Thank you @Wunderbar98 for sharing your experiences about using Windows 98 as main operating system since 2019, I really enjoyed reading it from the start. I also thank to all other people who have contributed to this topic. I'm personally into XP, as it was the OS I've used since I was a kid, now using Win 7 on my main machine but I still have it on my older machine with Pentium 4 524 (LGA775). I also have few virtual machines such as Windows ME, 2000, NT4 and XP to see if it's possible to make them semi decent OS (in terms of browsing, multimedia and gaming), my intention was create a version of Windows 2000 more targeted to home users (like Windows XP Professional) including Windows Media Player, Movie Maker and more games from ME/XP. Ah, it would make sense if it was done in 1999. So let's move on to ME -but now we know what can be done on a 98/ME system, thanks to you - So I moved onto NT4, an OS between Windows 95 and 98, but NT based. All I could do is: Installing Windows Desktop Update to have closer Explorer feel to 98 Installing Windows Media Player 7 Updating Paint to Windows 98 version Retrozilla already works on it, better than Opera 10 which came with the VM (downloaded from WinWorldPC ) As I searched on the Internet, the DirectX support is poor and the latest version it could run was 5 (unofficially). So I don't think it will be useful as 98 (which supports DirectX 9.0c) So my attempt to run NT4 on 2021 wasn't that good. By the way, I'm against having to login to download something, it would cause one time only accounts that would never be used again (register for download it, then forget it). I hope MSFN staff would be aware of it. Better find a file hosting service that supports RetroZilla browser (I can be a volunteer I think ) P.S. does anyone listen Modern Talking? Have a visit
  10. http://youtube.com/watch?v=EXXnnXQjpmY https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx8YD0VJxUY&feature=share I couldn't get the video appear here for some reason.
  11. I don't think this forum allows piracy, so you can make a video or post it in another platform (like Discord). Why don't we create a Discord server though?
  12. So, won't you tell how it's done? The picture alone doesn't mean anything, this forum is mainly for helping.
  13. Tor works too (if you download the appropriate version for XP) But if you want to use it with your Firefox installation, just go to proxy settings and make it same as the Tor Browser's. (Tor must be running too)
  14. This. And I also recommend using XP Integral Edition so you can have important drivers installed like chipset and network. But I recommend finding the appropriate drivers for other devices like GPU, WLAN etc. first.

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