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  1. Am I the only one who likes Windows 8's metro?

    1. Win10-Hater


      Not quite. I too like Windows 8's Metro, but I hate the Start screen. Add Aero Glass and Classic Shell and everything's going to look perfect!

    2. Jaguarek62


      Well I like vanilla Windows 8.1 (not so much windows 8) including start screen etc.. Recently I started to use aero glass, but that's it. I like ribbon ui in windows explorer, I like squared off edges, I like how colorful the whole os really is.

      I'm on of the few who uses the startscreen, but I like the idea of having fullscreen apps (they should have really let people choose if they want to use start menu or start screen and windowed uwp apps should have been there too).

    3. noobie91


      I also like the metro UI (kinda) but hate the full-screen start menu concept and fulllscreen apps on a desktop.

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