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Status Updates posted by NojusK

  1. MSFN is finally back on-line..! :)

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    2. mina354


      @Mr.Scienceman2000 I have no idea either why MSFN went offline all of a sudden. At first, I thought I had a problem with the network and tried hard to fix it, but then I thought: "maybe the site is having difficultes, let's wait a few days", and then, here you go. thank goodness it got fixed. I also check MSFN everyday, and feeling glad that I can post now, yaaaaay :)

      But, unfortunately, all donations in this forum has been reset after it exceeded $183.00 :(

      I hope donations start appearing again.

    3. SigmaTel71


      @mina354, I thought that Russian users were banned from connecting to MSFN once again because it was unavailable for years in this country.

    4. mina354


      It was unavailable? Gee, that's too sad to hear.

  2. I hate when people use that responsive web design with some heavy java script on their websites..

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    2. Koishi Komeiji

      Koishi Komeiji

      Mhm, go look at my thread about MEGA.NZ users and why I get annoyed whenever I see anyone using it especially here of all places :/

      Yeah js is everywhere and it's annoying :x

    3. j7n


      The design should be renamed "unresponsive". It apparently exists to enforce planned obsolescence of computers and, probably more likely, "devices". I'm particularly annoyed by forums being replace by "free, modern, secure and up-to-date" alternatives like Discourse, which until recently couldn't even be read in old browsers, or any of those strangely threaded engines with replies out of order. Old forums, like Doom9 fly on any computer.

    4. Koishi Komeiji

      Koishi Komeiji

      ""free, modern, secure and up-to-date" alternatives like Discourse"

      I remember someone suggested replacing the RPi forums to Discourse. I mentioned the fact it would probably be unusable on the Pi itself. Pretty much ended the whole discussion and any future consideration.

  3. ThinkStation=Think like a station?

  4. My mind is full of Windows XP

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    2. vinifera


      XP when edited in both cosmetic and functional way
      beats the shizzle of any post win7 OS

      if XP had ported desktop compozitor from late Longhorns
      to which i know are compatible with, just daunting task...
      XP would be best OS today in Winblows world

    3. XP-x64-Lover


      @Tamris If you don't know what you are doing; otherwise Windows XP / XP x64 is extremely stable.

    4. NojusK


      @XP-x64-Lover so true:DThe only BSOD i got was on Windows 7.Never really had one on XP (maybe one,but that was related to a hardware problem that i fixed:P)

  5. Collecting Windows XP x64 Hotfixes to install them to my other XP computer :)

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    2. XP-x64-Lover


      So, I have the thread created but, the archive containing XP x64 / 2k3x64 updates is still uploading. (It may take awhile to upload). I'll inform you as soon as it is up.

    3. XP-x64-Lover


      Its ready! :D I hope it helps; at least some lol.

    4. NojusK


      Downloading it right now:)I see its 2GIGS:w00t:This is really gonna be helpfu.:thumbup.Thank you for your help @XP-x64-Lover:yes:

  6. Trying to make time slower so that it will make my mind thinking its 2015 and PosReady updates will not end soon..

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