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  1. Most of Microsoft store apps are just ie shell and ie no longer works nicely with sites since we moved from MS broken standards to google even more broken standards. You usually get better experience by using them on browser. If you want it work like app create seperate browser profile with fullscreen by default and site you want as your homepage. I never used spotify but as far as I know it got desktop software to Windows (non appx). Seen on on friend computer with Windows 7
  2. I have mostly dropped using of noscript in favor of ematrix (umatrix fork for palemoon). It gives much greater control over scripts and and anything else and also works per site basis
  3. it was something related games defaulting vga before going which I wanted or directx/opengl/directdraw forcing it own refresh rate on any game. Also can be that it drops to 16bit colors that reduced refresh rate since use 32bit on desktop. I guess forcing refresh rate using util made it work despite color depht I do have both offical steam release on Windows 7 and also original cd copies of Half-Life GOTY. I like play original on my older systems. noticed that which was nice to see old game recieving fixes still
  4. Thank you this fixed my issue! I applied 100hz to resolutions I wanted and now when run half-life or any other game it is running 100hz according my CRT OSD display I have been trying find utility for while that can do it but trying find info today can be hard so was nice that someone knew util to do it
  5. Yeah last time used crt was about 10 years ago and wanted one back. Flicker is bad first but I will get used to it. Also on refresh rates over 75 you wont see flicker as much. Biggest flicker was on cheap analog crt that did 56hz max. Crt do have few advantages over LCD or other flat panel. One is it can do much more resolutions and got softer image on older and even newer games.
  6. do you have any idea what could control it on driver? On Windowed mode games run at 100hz, but not all games run Windowed On default pnp driver it allows max 85hz (tested with tnt2, ati 9200). And according crt manufacture site monitor can do following: oddly enough I had no eye strain on screen on 100hz. And I still wish to get 100hz out of it
  7. I have annoying issue with my Windows 98 setup. Last week I got new CRT monitor to it (Mitsubishi Diamond View 1772ie) to replace flatscreen I had before. I installed monitor driver to use 100hz refresh rate at 800x600 resolution (offically supported by crt) and all been working fine expect one issue, When I launch any game that uses fullscreen (on resolution 640x480 or 800x600) refresh rate drops to 85hz. When to I close the game screen refresh rate is back to 100hz. I verified that using crt OSD. Here is specs of system that I use Gigabyte GA-60MM7 motherboard Intel Pentium 3 EB 800mhz Nvidia TNT2 M64 32mb (29.42 driver) 512mb RAM Mitsubishi Diamond View 1772ie CRT monitor So far have been trying drivers up to 41.09 without success. Also tried advanced forceware options but they had no help. NVRefreshTool would fix it but it works only works XP and upwards. Anyone knows soluction to lock it 100hz? Either Windows 98 setting tweak or third party utility. I want keep using crt and have max refresh rate on games to reduce flicker
  8. Did you forget add context? It is not offically supported or what?
  9. setup page specific override (general.useragent.override.discord.com) with following: Mozilla/5.0 (Android 7.0; Mobile; rv:54.0) Gecko/54.0 Firefox/54.0
  10. That depends on personal preference and nobody can answer it. If you want to be guinea pig for Microsoft and do QA team work without payment on production system then go ahead and use Windows 11. If you want stable OS without constant changes use anything but Windows 10 or 11 (unless LTSB).
  11. have you tried force old firefox mobile user agent? That helped on me discord desktop app uses electron and web client just uses too much js. Electron is basically Chromium wrapper to webpage to ship it as app that soydevs really loves to use instead of making native well optimised low ram consuming client.
  12. I understood the point. Meant under hood there has been minimal different to many os. Windows nt 3.51 and nt4 were similar expect nt4 had nicer ui, Windows 95-ME was mostly same, Windows 2000 and xp were similar, Vista and 7 were similar. Windows 8 and early windows 10 were close expect win8 lacked most of telemetry and windows 10 and 11 are same spyware thing
  13. wonder why could not have all options to chosable by end user. Linux allows you have different de and layout for example. technically it wont but I like have some eye candy (xp themes, 9x-2k custom colors, win7 aero on systems I work daily). Also UI that makes sense Microsoft own page admits it is only win10 with new look and few tools. Take look it faq. It says following. At end of day windows been same on kernel level since Windows NT
  14. Another old nokia user . I am getting 3330 (3310 with csd) soon and was able find multiple brand spare batteries from multiple local stores still which amazes me. Same applies siemens and samsung phones from late 1990-early 2000 found spare batteries to all. Good luck trying find half decent non oem replacement to modern anti repair smart phone. I can swap battery in seconds with only using hands from every phone I own. I hope same here too. Elisa will kill 3g here soon. It is shame but not end of world as long as 2g remains. It will atleast over 2023. I assume coverage issues with 4g and amount of users still on 2g wont cause it go away. I do not want world with only smartphones, smart cars etc. ^This. I got no smartphone but can still talk to my friends even some have moved other side of planet. There was communication methods before smartphones. And if your friends are real friends they do not put you smartphone as requiment to talk They have. They have proved to hijack smart cars, hacking smartlocks, smart fridges, disabling power lines etc. to show weaknesses of them but peoples are willing to ignore all those issues because "why would someone attack me I have nothing to hide and never done anything wrong". Bot that is trying find attack surface does not care what who you are, they will try every address on range. I have had some port scanning my firewall and wonder how long smart car or other would stand it.
  15. Also registaration is broken and board seems randomly drop or double post sent post

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