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  1. there is some but hard to say depending from your area where can get. Seen some supporting up to 4 monitors. Second and much better option is if your monitor got two ports is buy single port switch and hook two other monitors to both systems using monitor ports like this: PC1--->gpu dvi/hdmi/vga port-->kvm switch-->monitor 1 -->display cable1>monitor2 input 1 -->display cable1>monitor3 input 1
  2. That will work. When looking kvm look one with usb and hdmi and support to usb passtrough, support monitor refresh rate and resolution, seperate button to switch between systems. Passtrough is needed to use usb hub or gaming keyboard or mouse features like quick keys, lights etc. I got shared usb ports since that between my systems and gaming mouse and keyboard works fully.. KVM switch model is ATEN CS692. It works fine to my system with resolution 1920x1200*60hz that is it max on spec sheet
  3. I am running dual system on same monitor and keyboard using KVM switch. I got XP system (Phenom 2 X4 945, 4gb ram, 8800gts) and "Modern" win7 and linux system (ryzen 7 2700x, rx580 8gb, 32gb ram) both in my dell ultrasharp, g110 keyboard and g203 mouse. I can use logitec gaming software on both since passtrough and can go to xp or modern system with press of button my desktop. Maybe KVM dual pc setup would work to you too. I can enjoy both of them whenever want
  4. One more thing to note. If you send message using SSL SMTP port every sent message will have warning that has been sent "insecurely". It works but receiver sees that warning
  5. I have been able run windows 7 even on "unsupported" ryzen with some tweaks, NVME and usb3 driver was only needed. Also few days ago made win7 works on zen2 to friend with few major tweaks and been running stable so far. Older Vmware works fine even as win 10 guest. I got win10 offline vm on Vmware workstation 7 under XP. Only thing needed was manually download latest vmware tools. If I can still use it on xp win7 with 15.5 player/workstation wont have issues with it anytime soon run win10. that laptop got offical windows xp and windows 7 drivers on dell site. Microsoft cannot
  6. I need more answers to be able to help what device did you try MTP? Phone, mp3, camera. What is your hardware/software config? Do you have sp3 and media player 11 installed? what is model number of gamepad on back. Does it use direct draw or xinput? If you go to game controllers on control panel and is controller listed? If it is if you click it to properties, go to test tab and press button does it list like this (number 1):
  7. you cannot according rules. 4.b Should you be suspended or banned from MSFN, you are not allowed to open a new account to re-obtain the ability to post on the forums. Suspensions and bans are given for a reason and are not up for debate. Users found to be using multiple accounts on the forum, regardless of being suspended/banned or not, will have their accounts immediately banned. Do not give wrong instructions
  8. I have been planning setting up windows 95 to one of my system for experimental purposes to see how far can push it and got some questions from any possible remain win95 users. I know win98SE got better driver support on this but just want try win95 since got original OSR 2 cd and usb update, win95 can be installed without active desktop, ie or other bloat and since want experiment with win95 on faster HW. Target system I will be using specs are Asus P4P800 mainboard, Intel Pentium 4 2.80ghz HT, IDE dvd drive, ide cd-r, 250gb sata hdd, 320gb ide hdd, 160gb sata hdd, nvidia 6800gt agp
  9. Have you considered dual gpu? I have used win98 and win7 on same board once. Had radeon hd 4800 pci e I think and nvidia 6600 pci e on same machine. I disabled Unsupported gpu on win98 and was able to use 6600 on it. I wont remember all details but that is possible. Should work even with xp. That of course works only if you got 2x pci e slots
  10. IIS server error is more common than apache/wordpress server error on internet still since many still uses IIS for some reason. Mostly on companies to intraweb services
  11. That is exactly what I was looking for. No need javascript, videos wont buffer and site wont lag all the time (on real youtube did despite fast 100mb/s broadband and fast quad core cpu).
  12. First of all. What is point of this post? And second you should never ever declare yourself as hacker proof. That is like asking someone hack your system. I am not hacker proof but try reduce attack surface best I can
  13. yes lol Wonder if offical microsoft service pack for windows 98FE adressed corruption issue. I remember downloading update to from windows update before got win98SE cd and even on win98fe only reason to drive corruption was bsod caused by one driver. I used 98FE 7 years and flash drives never caused issues
  14. ^this. Also it is your life not someone else. If you want live it way you like do it while you can. Nobody else can desire what you should like or do. Something I learnt when grew up. I do not have to please anybody. And if live way you want no need regret in 40 years why did not enjoy life. No reason to stop.
  15. being younger does not mean you cannot feel nostalgic. Last thing years been way faster than 10 years before it (too fast to me lol).
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