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  1. Atleast netscape 4.5 included Palmsync addon for contacts and same was availabe as plugin to seamonkey/thunderbird
  2. I was more into symbian PDA devices since well Nokia and never had PalmOS or Windows CE PDA. My current toys are https://nokiamuseuminfo.wordpress.com/2007/02/12/nokia-e90/ that I hacked to support SHA-2 certs and loaded Nokia Maps offline. I know it is phone but I use that as my PDA since it is battery hungry compared 6110. Second from that lineup I got is https://nokiamuseuminfo.wordpress.com/2004/09/08/nokia-9300/. Those are more like Palmtop instead of tradiotional PDA and combined with offline Nokia maps, frogfind and SHA2 hack I can get lot out of them. Why did consept of palmtops and deciated PDA overall die away? I prefer have phone and PDA as seperate devices since in my opinion device you may need to use in emergency to call should not serve in things like web browsing or email or maps or calendar since they will drain your battery. Also flipping one of those open will turn people heads since rarely see any device with that design Well even if those handsets would be 100% unusable online they will provide lot of fun in offline use.
  3. This seems interesting soluction for places I need to use firefox. Does that allow on a fly patching so wont need go trough dialog everytime. If that works wins arkenfox js. I hope you did not use proxy on any part because new firefox bypasses proxy for "important" functions if fails to reach server.
  4. I use EMatrix on UXP based browsers that works great and gives me per domain or subdomain control over cookies, css, images, script, xhr, frame. I call it lack of privacy policy. They only exist to protect developer/company from being liable from stealing data. Best security is end user and that I why I prefer things like noscript, ematrix and others as they add actual security layer.
  5. dangers of open information and communication platform were quickly realised. It gave people a change to look things from other perspective than one they had been told.
  6. give me a big coffee and donut . Benefit of being is to have apartment/house without anyone else around after rough day or when feel annoyed. Can just lock in and wont need to see anyone face. I will be fine however it ends. At the end I can get unemployment support money and I got plenty of training from servers and others already so finding new job should not be too hard. Fear is what keeps people on consuming it. Something is always going to cause us all die or something else. What happened to good news? Media has taken deep dive here since early 2000 and now try imitate US news channels like CNN, NBC etc. instead of their original classic style. I still miss classic MTV3 news studio from 1997-2005. But well it is all must imitate american instead of having their own culture. Sad to see world taking deep dive in that. Well atleast we still go teletext and YLE news window even though last one is ugly compared YLE24 News window. And yes I feel nostalgic about TV what is used to be
  7. for me it seems you have not been cheated in your life or been lucky to find one that actually care from you. I am not egoist and I rather use my time people around me that actually care and is greatful for my doings. I cant understand why it would not be ok to be single and focus things on life that actually matter and been there longer than any relationship. Relationship should be more than just status symbol or something that happens on bed but nobody seems to care to want that.
  8. I'm feeling worried. My current work contract will end on this week and nobody in nobody has not said anything from renewing it. I will see my boss at later this week and was told to bring my laptop and phone there so I assume it is over. Just when had rooted into work and got into environment used and everyone started to know me it will end. Why it is always IT department that suffers when got finanical issues and not some useless department? Well usually lack of technicians is noticed rather quickly.
  9. I wont bother looking for another one again. All I had were first interesting then found out more or they did not like way I was. Time for you to start living again and give time for yourself and hobbies. I have started think they are not worth my time and should not waste my life them. I noticed your notifications since had mentions like crazy and was thinking why but this explains a lot.
  10. i think you meant already went. Tell me is there any real alternative that would not have any depencies on big corpos? Many times it all comes back to library or render engine or other from big corpos. I cannot see use of articles on this one yet until is offical. Lets hope lack of those wont bother you too much
  11. I meant it disables some more precise fingerprinting and prevents stealing clipboard and getting your mac address. And I know it is not only way. I have been able extract user window resolution from latest tor browser while js was off. And I wont mean fake reso it uses rather what is monitor actual resolution. And bigger issue with javascript is that it is unauthorised code executed on cpu and it can be anything
  12. for me dealbreakers are lack of expansion, I mean ISA or PCI slot would be cool, lack of 3d accerlation, lack of beeper, sd card as only storage option, but idea and fact it is made from new parts is cool. Though there is something cool about having big old noisy white tower too.
  13. i need test that. Is page HTML cuisinart or looks ok on retrozilla or netscape?
  14. i meant that brief second some program windows take to render that shows when aero is off sometimes. It is not real slowdown just that when aero is on you cannot see loading. I had to diagnose one client who said Windows were slow to render and it was that.
  15. This indeed. Also if you used Windows vista or windows 7 on basic theme system is "slower" while it is not. And Windows 8 forces DWM on that makes it "faster" Reason for that is aero theme uses transaction effect when program start. Let me put it this way. Standard/Basic theme=click/enter gui program command>program executes>program draws with no transaction leaving program with white and blank background for moment>program startup finishes. Aero/win8 DWM=theme=click/enter gui program command>program executes>program loads with fade in transaction>program startup finishes All of that is illusion since transaction animation. On other hand if animation is slow it can make loading slower. You can try that on vista by toggling basic theme and then starting properties menu from right click menu. You will likely see that "lag" and when back aero gone again. This sounds like 2012 Microsoft shill. "It's your problem if cant get used to new UI" Also I got high feeling this is bait since new member and first post. Too bad I am not fish (and not owl either despite profile picture says so) so I wont eat bites. For me it is choice of OS and respect any other OS choice as long as they respect my. I can understand even using of Windows 11 with all latest ms programs but just personally hate it and believe everyone got right to use OS they want and should not be forced to latest. I wont force win11 users to win98 or XP either.

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