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  1. Well I am not control over updates sadly and too many times those who do have control over updates have no idea how update properly, last time they did it task bar and start menu were hosed up. I am testing update on all possible configurations for good reason, but usually it goes that technicians are ignored until stuff break and then we get to do dirty job which could have been avoided. Well this time it seems like they finally listened me on this and things will turn into better. If I would have opinion on it i would have kept mission critical systems that were on their own network and not on office network running Windows 2000/XP/whatever tried and tested OS like they used to be. Still it does not excuse totally Microsoft on this. They do not offer cheap or easy way having non rolling release for OS like it used to be long ago.
  2. I got perfect example of what is wrong with having rolling release forced for Windoze 10 while it is used in enteprise. One factory is running clients between Windows 10 1909 up to latest release. On this monday I had tons of tickets, printers did not work giving driver error, almost all of machines that were used to log work progress or control machines were no longer booting up. After diagnostic I found out new quality update M$ had rolled was blame. It took lot of overtime to fix those issues and by weekend new issues keep popping up . They should rename them Russian roulette updates since you can't be sure how badly it will be hosed up. Most end users have no idea how bad it is when support team need run to every workstation trying get them up and running. Sometimes even reinstall would be too slow option since 4 hours production lines stopped can cause millions on loss. Even with automated reinstall it is still too slow I can see no reason to defend Microsoft rolling updates to Windows, you cant release that type of garbage into production environment . Well atleast robots are still controlled trough Windows XP there.
  3. i was meaning trying reinstall key it currently got in case something have caused key to be corrupted. I have had that few times.
  4. You can try following commands from command line that helped when I had issues and Windows refused reactivation. slmgr /ato tries online activation if that fails with bad key use SLMGR /IPK <INSERT KEY HERE WITHOUT BRACKETS> to install key if that wont work try phone activation with manual command SLUI 4 then pick your area to find local MS number. it seems to be by design that Microsoft does not allow reactivate from gui when they believe Windows is not genuine. I had that with Ryzen PC and doing that fixed issue
  5. Real story. I wake up in sunday checking clock I got. It shows 8:00 and I am meeting friend on 10:00 so I decide to sleep one more hour. Then friend calls me that where I am and I realize was DST... Likely I am not only who had that since not every single clock in planet got auto DST or internet time. I hate whole thing period. I have not been on computer or doing lot on home so I missed DST changing. Someone could say I just add notification but it is easier cut whole DST
  6. Well edge is basically same as other chromium browsers with some MS exclusive spyware features and some ms own code. You might as well use ungoogled chromium or chromium. I have not installed it personally but one client had it forced via automatic updates and seems that uninstalling it took away atleast all visible components for it. Under Windows 7 and 8 based on my own research Microsoft edge installs like any chromium and does not replace any OS components. I may not like MS edge but that is huge improvement over internet exploiter (wow I cant believe I am praising company for instead of assimilating OS just trying force install it). Also Internet Explorer on Windows 11 exist too but as MSHTML.DLL stub for Microsoft edge internet explorer compability mode. That is kept since many software from Microsoft and it partners did in past were tied to IE and many web based tool requiring Active X is even today issue even for on work so they cant remove it totally.
  7. Another Windows 98 compatible software. adsbSCOPE 2.7. http://www.sprut.de/electronic/pic/projekte/adsb/adsb_en.html#downloads I found out it 9x support when found mention from it on documentation. That software is Radar software that can be used to track Civil aircrafts using RTL-SDR or other radio dongle. It uses ADS-B signals that aircraft trasnmit to find location. There is public sites that show it but it is cooler to have one offline. If you live close to busy big airport like I do following it will be fun. There is few limits on my tests: -As far as I know RTL-SDR dongles cant be used on Windows 98 so you need to have ADSBSharp or RTL1090 or other raw data client sender on XP or newer. If someone knows way I will correct this -Trying move on map causes illegal process atleast on my Windows 98 workstation. I did map config on my Windows XP pc for that reason. I am going away from Windows 98 for a while since will be exploring new horizon. I can run vanilla Windows 98 day to day but how about running vanilla Windows 95 day to day? I will be running it on my Celeron 266 system with TNT2 Vanta 16mb, 256mb ram, Fortemedia FM801, CD burner and 20 and 40gb hard drives. Windows 95 can be installed without Internet Explorer with few config tweaks. I did those modifications to my Windows 95B. Many of my favorites like Retrozilla, winamp will work there too and my favorite codec for old hardware XVID works well on it too (320x240 800kbps bitrate). It will be fun ride so 98 and most other stuff need to step aside for now.
  8. Well you cant defeat my response time which can be from instant to months. I am not lot online. I enjoy walking and even when on on computer I do stuff offline. I like to be partially unreachable. If someone reaches to me fast way they most likely got actually urgent thing. And even when would want to be here life decides to throw me around like ball . Well I always got atleast one workstation online if use other systems so it is not really big deal to me. It depends from use case
  9. Who knows. I will be keeping break to internet likely. Only will check email from time to time. Maybe you could take break too.
  10. it is sad but like we say in finland "älä jää tuleen makaamaan" (dont stay laying on fire) which means that on backlash dont cry over it too long rather try to go on. I have lost lot during my life, friends, communities etc. all been painful but I survived still. You are still young so you got long life to go. There will be another board/community. If this board wont come back I hope you all the best in life. Live long and prosper!
  11. I want 7 of those and then large win9x mainboard with enough slots to have 7 gpus/video cards to run 7 monitors on Windows 98. Windows 98 could natively support up to 7 monitors. I seen CRT triple monitor setup on Windows 98 on one place. It was used to monitor production line. Well I am fine for having one CRT I actually carried that from other side of Finland on train along other stuff. I was visiting friend there and he gave me that. It took seat on train because was unable fit it to luggage holder and conductor looked me strangely when saw that but though it was ok as nobody had purchased ticket to that seat. I guess she had never seen guy with desktop pc, keyboard, 2x CRT monitors and box full of disks traveling on train . it is bug on 368.81 driver. I use it since was first one Nvidia site suggest to 750 on XP and did not bother to change is since it provides enough graphic performance on games
  12. I noticed this today so maybe it is time to say goodbye on this topic too. (legacy compatible link https://msfn.org/board/uploads/monthly_2022_03/ripmsfn.GIF.1ce928b84224ae2e84f621f8b12b401d.GIF) This topic and subforum has been lifesaver for my poor Pentium 3 800. Before it was system I mostly used to play few old games since was unaware from it modern capabilities on 98 side. Then I found Retrozilla project that gave it little boost but I was unware how use it proper. Then I ended up finding MSFN and it was time when my 9x system really started breath new life in. I was so happy to use operating system from 1999 and computer from 2001 for modern use. It brought so many fond memories from time when was still child and internet was new groving thing. Now that bad boy got 866mhz Pentium 3, Geforce 2 MX400 64MB, 60GB Samsung HDD, 128gb SATA SSD, DVD burner, CD Burner, ESS SOLO1 Audio card and I can do email, information search, documents, multimedia and messaging. It is not poor anymore. So thank you all and special thank for @Wunderbar98 for starting this thread that was kick back to 9x and old hardware for me. I will keep keep Running vanilla Windows 98 in 2022 and beyond and right now I am helping friend to do the same with his IBM Pentium 2 system. I hope donations would revive this board but I cant be sure so I need to stay tuned. I hope it is not over yet.
  13. I agree on this. Also driving style matters. Sure it is nice to rev engine into redline but it is far from economical and redlining engine too long will wear it quicker. Some take off on traffic lights like they would be on drag racing and got near hit by those few time. On town I try keep RPM under 3100 and on highway once on speed can make it under 2000RPM if 6 gear manual, but if I need to accelerate I am not scared to rev up.
  14. I used to have LG display that had startup music. It was 20" 1650x1050 computer monitor. It was very good until I gave it away to one relative who needed it more than me. Goldstar tubes were never any best. They were decent at best. Horrible contrast and brightness. Mitsubishi and Sony did better tubes. Most TV/Computer CRT had either LG, Goldstar, Sony or Mitsubishi tube so there was no many manufactures. Apple used Mitsubishi Diamondtron tubes and Nokia used Sony Tritrons for example on their monitors back in day. I got 17" Mitsubishi tube and colors and sharpness beat almost any LCD. My Dell Ultrasharp 24" is sure great but cant beat high end CRT. It got short response time, got Composite, Component, Dvi, VGA, S-video ports, internal usb hub and memory card reader. I got it from friend for free since he did not need it. I got 3 monitors on my "modern setup" since from time to time to need use multi screen. For example if I am messing with radio stuff I might have adsbScope open on one monitor (to show any planes nearing airport) and HDSDR on other Window to tune in for radio frequency. It is kinda hobby I got and I can do it with cheapo tv tuner. Here is pic how I configured 3 screens. Two are in Nvidia 750 1gb and one is on intel iGPU. What I find interesting if Windows would BSOD for some reason third screen on iGPU wont blank and keep buffer from image there even system is halted.
  15. I have not spoken in cafe for while after moped lost control in this thread (means something went out of hand), but seems things calmed down. Today when I logged in I noticed this. Well I always said all things need to come to end but did not expect this . I wanted to donate but issue is that I do not have credit card or any banking card with enabled support for online transactions since where I live all is done with cash or wire transfer based on IBAN numbers. I also wont have anyone who credit card or paypal to borrow to do it. I asked if that would have been possible way do donate since MSFN last year but I never got any answer. Still I am willing to donate to MSFN if I just got way. Well if this is actually end this board been great and I felt to be part of community here, people with same type of ideologies. I met many great people here. There likely will never be community like this again. People from around globe, many are interested keeping older systems alive, actually helpful answers etc. If this is farewell I let this song be my goodbye to board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POuOWRmjl0w translation to that song is here: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/kaunis-luoksesi-kaipuu-my-longing-you-beautiful.html

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