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  1. Always be happy :) "When you can laugh at yourself no one can ever make a fool of you." -Joan Rivers

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    2. XPerceniol


      For the week ahead: Look on the "bright side" - not always easy to see the light through the darkness when caught up in our own (sometimes) hectic daily happenings. If you catch yourself with any feeling(s) of displeasure; remember to look for the 'silver lining'. Remember, without darkness we couldn't see the light - and it doesn't rain everyday. Wishing everyone at MSFN a happy and healthy week ahead :)

    3. legacyfan


      you should be a poet you can make really good quotes:D

    4. XPerceniol


      Why thank you! I'm just a simple and humble (and goofy) blobfish .. hehe ... perhaps I've seen some rough times to get to my late 40s, and I see (understand) things *now* that I wish I new *then* looking back, and sometimes everyone can use a reminder that life is precious. Thanks for saying hello have and awesome day VistaEX :)

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