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  1. I think most do not understand how kernel development is a hard task and how it works. Its a lot of difficult code and its very doubtful there are not security fixes along the whole kernel and dependencies, stability and bugfixes along implementing the functions. I'm actually happy win32 is actually providing us with free updates alike to service packs.
  2. I do use the paid version of this antivirus. Sincerely its not really a lot of concern to me but least i have a functional firewall and protection, but i do dearly understand the reasons for concern. Governments have a too wide surveillance apparatus nowadays around the world.
  3. Vista was never unstable as Windows 95. Windows 11 is.
  4. 360 Total Security (a full, non-pricy antivirus/security suite) works with full feature parity to windows 10 if osver.ini is set to 10 and version 1809. WPS Office (a freemium equal substitute for Microsoft Office from the same 360 chinese company including pdf) works with all nt 10.0 features in the same way, albeit with some heavy bugs, including not being able to minimize without a crash (no documents are lost due to the automatic backup), but bugs stop if osver.ini is set to nt 6.1. AI assists and AI tools work even in a 64-bit pentium 4. The 360 cloud storage works with no issues and can completely replace onedrive or google drive. Both programs work natively on vista as well but i'm not sure if with feature parity to 10.
  5. I usually agree with 99% of what you say, to be honest. Mozilla is evil.
  6. Mozilla pathetic as always. I still prefer Pale Moon (i understand the conflicts with the forum members but) + a functional version of librewolf for apps which don't run on it.
  7. My question was mostly about the market ideas Sun had about Java on Windows and the impact it had at the time. I think this explained a lot about it. I actually think Windows was and still is a very respected platform and i definitely agree had a lot of things going for it in the 9x era. Thanks for giving me the historical background of it.
  8. Would anyone mind to explain me, in a historical context, why Sun/Oracle gave companies who used 9x and 9x users the respect they deserved and let they have reasonably developed JVMs and runtimes for a while? It may be a bit offtopic because this is related to java 8 on kernelex (and not java 5 which was the last version for 98 oficially), but i would be pleased to hear about.
  9. If anyone have tested any e-core only mode in i9-12900k, in Vista, it would be happily appreciated to give their feedback.
  10. Kaspersky if you don't mind the NATOsphere FUD. Their scan is pretty powerful and does not require installs, the only problem is that i haven't used my Vista machine for a while to test if it works now.
  11. I would (would, this is not certain) suppose they would not work or would have some big issues to be dealt with (there is likely a lot of plumbing and dirty work behind they in 10/11 in system level) even if there was some way to get their dependencies running on Vista/7, unless if they were fully based on edge webview, in a way they would follow their own UI instead of the system, just like chromium.
  12. Per W3Counter (Web Clients + Operating Systems, November 2022): https://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php?year=2022&month=10
  13. "obvious security risks" are debatable depending on context and non-obvious by essence.
  14. We do not like WinUI and most win7/vista users use aero/classic theme and win32 programs. I hate apps and sorry, apps are inferior in every way, not to mention all important apps are electron and therefore run with standard APIs
  15. I constantly use 7/vista in classic theme + 16 bit color. It still brings performance advantages in cheap GPUs and laptop integrated GPUs from ultra-thin machines and i've even benchmarked it/tested real life usage in both.

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