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  1. Anyone managed to have it working with v10.0.18362.30 (May update)? I could only have it working with the v1.5.11.1606 debug DLL but it keeps bugging me with the debug messages. Regards!
  2. It also worked for me. Thanks a lot!!!! You're awesome :-)
  3. Hi @bigmuscle Sorry not replying earlier. I had the same issue with Windows 10 today when one of my VMs suddenly update it self and broke Aeroglass. This time I cold capture the error. Looking the Aeroglass debug.log it doesn't seem to have an error (for my eyes) but the error exists with DWM.exe. It was working perfectly before the Windows Update. My physical machine is asking for update but I'm holding it as long as possible as the rollback id not so flexible as with the VM. I really appreciate your help. Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm having an issue with the latest Win8.1 update. After the update is done it breaks Aeroglass. Fortunately this is a VM and it's always snapshoted before any update, so I could rollback those updates. I don't know what update broke the thing, I have on the queue KB4099635, KB4284815, KB4287903 and KB8900830. These are basically monthly rollups and the last one is the Windows Malicious Software removal Tool. This Windows is version 6.3.9600 and Aeroglass is version 1.4.6. I tried v1.5.3 and v1.5.8 but a message is displayed saying it's not intended for my Windows. If I reinstall V1.4.6 after Windows Update to try to fix it, it doesn't accept my licence anymore. Thanks for your help.
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