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  1. Is there anyway someone could create an unofficial sha2 code signing support update for Windows XP? If someone manages to accomplish this it could allow Microsoft Update to function again on Windows XP as well as allow some internet connected apps that no longer support SHA1 to begin functioning again. I would attempt to do it myself but unfortunately I do not know the first thing about programming.
  2. Here is the link for the final Office 2010 updates https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4583495/october-2020-updates-for-microsoft-office
  3. Is there anyway someone could create an unofficial sha2 code signing support update for Windows XP? If someone manages to accomplish this it could allow Microsoft Update to function again on Windows XP as well as allow some internet connected apps that no longer support SHA1 to begin functioning again.
  4. Does anyone have a copy of the English version of the Microsoft Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) Mitigation APIs 1.1 for Windows XP 32-bit? If so, could you please provide me with the download link? All the Microsoft- related ones no longer work and I haven't been able to locate this file elsewhere.
  5. I contacted Microsoft support regarding this issue and the overall response I received sounded positive. I still wouldn't hold my breath on MS solving the issue though.
  6. I found a modified version of K-Meleon 74 that claims to be 98-compatible. However, you will need to have kernelEX installed. Here is the link: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2018/05/k-meleon-74-windows-9x-edition.html.
  7. Thanks for trying to help, I live in the United States. Vudu is owned by Wal-Mart and is a video streaming service where you buy and rent movies. Hopefully, someone else on these forums will be able to help me or you will be able to find a way to access the site. I just researched and found out that Vudu is only available in the US and the only way for users outside the US to use the service is to use a VPN to trick the servers into thinking they are located in the US.
  8. Yes I am using the old chrome 49 version. No, I haven’t tried Chromium 54 since download insight on Symantec Endpoint Protection says there is growing evidence this file is untrustworthy and blocks the download. Also, even with the Adobe Primetime Content decryption module installed, I cannot get the videos on Vudu to play at all using Firefox 52 esr which is my browser of choice. Thus, I am forced to use Chrome and then I run into this annoying problem of the video control bar popping up.
  9. While playing Vudu movies in either windowed mode or full screen, the video control bar keeps popping up as though I am moving the mouse. This occurs while using Chrome and doesn't affect other websites such as Youtube. I am using a Dell latitude e6520 laptop running Windows XP Professional with service pack 3 installed. I need help to fix this issue as it is absolutely driving me crazy. Also, I noticed that the mouse never disappears as it should while in full screen and this problem occurs regardless of where the mouse pointer is located on the screen. However, I did find this issue went away with a dual monitor setup as long as the mouse pointer was positioned on the monitor that wasn't showing the video. Unfortunately, this ruins the portability of a laptop and really isn't a permanent solution.
  10. noles20

    iPad and WinXP

    You can use this app to transfer files from your new iPad to a XP-based pc. I use it all the time. It is called 4Media iPad to PC Transfer. Here is the link to download the app http://www.mp4converter.net/ipad-to-pc-transfer.html.
  11. I recently used the built-in uninstaller to remove Java 8 after it started giving me problems. Now I am unable to reinstall it when I click on the jxpinstall the process opens up in task manager and then it suddenly quits without giving me any error message and the installer never runs. The same thing happens when I try to open jdk-8u161-windows-i586. It does not matter whether I use the offline or online installer as both do the same thing. I believe the uninstaller failed to remove the previous installation fully and as such there are leftover traces of the previous install that are preventing me from reinstalling Java. Thus, I would like for someone to tell me all the files related to the Java program and its registry entries so I can manually remove them.
  12. I desperately want someone to make firefox 57 compatible for Windows XP as there are still a lot of xp users out there and the new Firefox quantum is blazingly fast compared to firefox 52. I would do it myself but unfortunately I am not a programmer. I hope that whoever does it ensures the xp version of firefox 57 will not be any buggier than the standard firefox 57. I know it will take some time to get this working but I am willing to wait two years or more if that's what it takes to get firefox 57 compatible. I also hope whoever does it will ensure the Adobe Primetime Content Decryption Module will continue to function under this version so h.264 video will remain accessible.
  13. Thanks for the assistance. Could you also please provide me with the download links for KB931125?
  14. Microsoft no longer has the updates available for KB2917500 and KB952011. I can't seem to find them anywhere online. Can someone please post a working link to download these files?
  15. Although it's not officially supported, I believe it will be possible to use Google Widevine content decryption module in Firefox on Windows XP. This is based on the fact that this plugin works just fine in my chrome 49 install and yes I have updated it to the latest version via chrome://components. Additionally, this belief is even further fueled by the fact that on Mozilla's bugzilla page the same version of widevinecdm.dll (version that my chrome is using is offered to download on this page for Firefox. However, even after manually placing the file in Firefox's profile folder and setting the keys media.gmp-widevinecdm.forceSupported and media.gmp-widevinecdm.visible to enabled in about:config I still can't get the plugin to load. However, I did manage to get widevine to show up in my add-ons manager but it's stuck saying Widevine content decryption module provided by Google Inc. will be installed shortly. However, it never actually does even when I click on check for updates in the manager. Long story short, I was hoping someone in this forum could come up with a solution to install the plugin manually and to test to see if the plugin will load in Firefox on XP. Thus, I have provided the screenshots below to assist someone in helping achieve this goal.

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