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  1. I hope you are right... M$ is pushing hard for that platform. I doubt they will get rid completly of Win32, but they might make it harder to install non UWP apps. Think about it, with the way Windows 10 is designed, with tons of telemetry, always on services, like Windows Defender, and the OS outright uninstalling programs it deems as "unsafe", I could see M$ restricting program use to the ones they got paid the most to keep approve. Unfortunatly, Windows 8.x accounts for a small share of the market. The only thing keeping M$ from having complete control over our computers is Linux Windows 7. Can't wait for the fear campaign they will start to push people into Windows 10 when 7 is near EOL...
  2. I explain why in the post if you keep reading.
  3. But on a more serious note, it would be nice to convert Modern Apps into Win32 programs (notice the distinction I made beetwen apps and programs). It would be especially useful for UWP games, the only apps that might interest anybody (I'm talking Gears of War and the upcoming Quantum Break and Forza Apex, not mobile crap). Converting them to Win32 binaries would allow modding and other PC Gaming related tweaks. It would also allow the preservation of such games, either through tweaks to make them work on future hardware, or backing up the game files, because we all know what happens to online distributed games when companies decide to pull the plug...
  4. The only anouncement from Build 2016 I'm looking forward. Finally, I can program on one OS!!!
  5. I think they should develop tools to convert Windows Store Apps to Win32 apps
  6. There's the thing... From what I've seen of Build 2016, M$ thinks people use computers as phones, and like to always be connected with Facebook, Twitter, ... Heck, their major focus on stage was Cortana, and the bot network they are trying to build, based off Cortana, along with some other AI related APIs. The only mention of Windows 10 was porting the Linux Bash and the Anniversary Update (which, BTW, doesn't seem to have any improvements overall, in terms of UI or usability). I think at this point in time, I do believe Windows is only a small portion of M$, a part of their business that they really don't care/don't want to care. They only see Windows as a platform to leverage their other platforms. That's why we are seeing all these bul***** apps and services bundled with Nagware 10. That's why we aren't seeing any Kernel or performance improvements. What we will see in the future is... more of Cortana, more of the Windows Store, more of Edge, more apps... Productivity? What's that?
  7. I know that Vista has the same problem as 7, regarding the long wait times for Windows Update, but on a fresh install of Vista, it will search for updates for atleast an hour and a half, and then report an error, even after updating the Windows Update Agent. You have to apply an update from 2014 that resolves this issue, and reboot (I think it's the one I gave in the second link, but I'm not sure. Haven't used Vista in a while). Also, Vista's Windows Update isn't nearly as bad as 7's. For starters, it doesn't fill the RAM and CPU, when searching for updates. In my VM of 7 with 2GB of RAM, it filled all of the RAM, and made the VM unusable. On Vista I don't have that issue.
  8. Try downloading the file from this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/946928 It basically updates the Windows Update Agent to the latest version. There's also this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=1540 Hope it helps!
  9. Tried adding my GPU's device ID to the INF of these drivers and installing on XP, didn't work... Oh well, guess it was too good to be true
  10. Wait, you got it working on a Fury with a simple INF mod? I must try it on my GPU aswell, if that is the case!!!
  11. Dangit, no R9 380 drivers Regardless, this is an amazing discovery! New cards (that are on the list) can now use Windows XP (and maybe even Windows 2000 with KernelEx...) I wonder if there's something for Vista...
  12. http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/legacy?product=legacy3&os=Windows+7+-+64 A simple Google search would suffice all your needs If you need a Microsoft Update driver go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website on IE, and search for your card series. https://catalog.update.microsoft.com/ EDIT: Here's a more precise link to the drivers you're looking for in the Microsoft Update Catalog: https://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Search.aspx?q=radeon+5700
  13. Hello,

    Sorry to bother you, I'm sure you have a busy schedule, but I would like to ask you a few things, if that's OK.

    I'm a big Windows Vista fan, and it's painful for me to see such a good OS suffer a quick death, as programs and drivers that are supported in Windows 7 drop support for Vista, in tandem with XP, even though 7 and Vista share most of the code base. I would like to do something about this. That's why I'm writing this message.

    I know you are the person behind the excelent KernelEx for Windows 2000, who suffers of much of the same problems Vista suffers in terms of support, being left behind in favour of the more successeful brothers, XP and 7. I would like to ask to you guidelines in how to develop my own KernelEx for Vista. I have some coding background, and am not afraid to touch the guts of an OS.

    Are there any specific programs you use to develop KernelEx? What should I be aware, wanting to start such a project? What do I need to know for such a task?

    Thanks for the attention, and, again, sorry for the trouble :)

  14. We REALLY need a KernelEx for Vista... I mean, it's in the same predicament as Windows 2000! Heck, I bet it would be easier to develop than what we have for Windows 2000, because Vista has most of the components 7 has (with the Platform Update and all).
  15. Speaking of Vista's planned obsolescence, Vista's forum here, at MSFN, just got demoted to the Older Windows OS category... How the great have fallen :/
  16. Looks more modern... (get it? M$ renamed Metro to Modern on Windows 8's release)
  17. Has anyone made a ULZ for Windows 8, since it got EOL in January? I wanted to create an updated ISO with all updates up until that point. If you could point me to a link, or website that has that, I would appreciate it!
  18. Yes, the free upgrade does not invalidate the original license key. I know this because I've helped a few people who wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 (AAHH, don't throw rocks at me !!), and used a Windows 7 Professional retail key I had laying around for all of them (just needed to contact Microsoft activation to activate on each PC, due to different hardware configurations). Yes, they had pirated Windows .
  19. From what game is that? Looks like a real world picture...
  20. Unfortunatly, Microsoft seems to be leveraging the Windows Store as its only distribution method for their new and upcoming games, and not only is the Windows Store buggy, but the UWP is MORE LIMITING, compared to the regular Win32 games we've had in the last 30 years: - No VSync - all UWP games are windowed fullscreen - No access to game's executables - so... Microsoft controls their games? no mods or anything?! - No 3rd party overlays - again, no freedom? - No SLI or Crossfire The PC Gaming market needs competition from Steam, but this is not competition. This is bruteforcing. Holding games ransom so people will adopt a platform is not going to make them start using your service! Look at Origin and UPlay!
  21. That would be awesome! Could finally stop asking people for things and do something myself
  22. Do you plan on working on Windows Vista, to get Windows 7+ drivers and programs working on it? Because since 7 is basically Vista SP3, it shouldn't be too hard to port some of its libraries and dependencies (I speculate). That OS is seriously underrated, and I would like to use it again!
  23. I would like to test, but there are a few problems in the way: - I don't have XP drivers, even though my GPU is DX12 compatible (you've guessed it, it's AMD) - How will people be able to test DX12, when all XP drivers are made with DX9 in mind? Do you plan on making Windows 10 WDDM 2.0 drivers work on XP? Just a few thoughts...
  24. Yes, you can install media capabilities as a separate update: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48231 The license should activate anywhere, aslong as it matches the Windows version you have. As for changing the language, aslong as its Windows 10 Pro, you will be able to change the OS language. You don't need a Microsoft account to run Windows 10. You can do it with a local account. That way your kid won't be able to install apps from the Store. There's also built-in parental controls if you need them. Hope this answers your questions
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