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  1. Surely GURU. I need to stabilize some kernel modification otherwise it may cause too much bsods I have not added skylake hd graphics as it also has same issue. 15th/16th of this month i will provide few hundreds of mordern hardware driver You're doing God's work
  2. Wow, they sure are desperate... I mean, Windows 8.0 and vanilla 7 are EOL. They shouldn't even recieve more updates! M$ are really trying to get every last ounce of the market. Windows 8.0 only accounts for 1% of the market FFS! I'm actually surprised Vista users haven't been nagged yet. Or better yet, XP users.
  3. I just formatted my main PC and was installing updates for Windows 8.1, when suddenly a Get Windows 10 screen shows up on reboot, right after logon, and before the desktop showed up... Turns out M$ released today KB3173040, that introduces this "feature" to Windows 8.1 and 7 SP1. This one's fresh out of the oven, and I let it slip because it was not on this list (and only recently appeared on askwoody.com). I urge dencorso to update his thread.
  4. I would ask you what trick did you use, but that would probably get us both banned from the forums
  5. Yeah, I already have a Windows 10 license secured, but honestly, I don't see a whole lot of improvement on this Anniversary Update. Sure, the UI will be more consistent, but Cortana will be more integrated, which means harder to disable or remove (thank god my country doesn't have Cortana ), the new start menu looks like s*** IMO, and there will be all around more bloat accompanying the OS. I don't see any kernel or performance improvements, and I've had the "System and Compressed Memory" process take up all of my RAM, and making my system unusable for a minute, so the OS really needs those im
  6. My main gripe with the new Crimson suite is that it's too unstable... always crashing. For example, if explorer.exe crashes and then starts right back up, the tray icon for Crimson will no longer be there. You'll have to end the process for it, and start again. Also, when you change the default language, it has a 50/50 chance of not oppening after restart. But yeah, I wish AMD would support atleast Vista. It got dropped before XP! (last driver for Vista was 13.12 and XP was 14.4). They could atleast launch some sort of legacy drivers, like, once a year or something for those old OSs.
  7. It all depends on the uses one needs from the OS. If you only write documents or make spreadsheets and surf the web, I think XP would do a great job, even today (or even Windows 2000, but that requires a bit of extra tinkering). On the other hand, if you do more heavy tasks, like gaming (me) or video editing, 7 is the bare minimum OS... Also, speaking of app compatibility, AMD does not make drivers for Vista... So, yeah!
  8. Tell me about it! I love Windows Vista, and I would love to go back to it, but there are no drivers, and program support is very weak.... It really is a matter of heart vs brain.
  9. Both those updates are from last month, and the Flash update was quickly replaced by the newer KB3163207. The security bulletin for this month's updates doesn't mention Flash or .NET updates, that's why I said there are non for this month: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms16-jun
  10. Just updated the repository with this months updates, and added a few updates for previous months that were in the security bulletin, but missing. It's weird that this month there are no .NET Framework updates or Flash Player updates...
  11. Just noticed this. The flash Player update KB3163207 was release 3 days after KB3157993, so it superseeds the later. As for the other updates, they were already in the repository. If you notice any updates missing from the repository, please let me know!
  12. On Youtube there's a share feature that lets you share the link of the video, with the time in which it will start. It's quite handy, so people won't have to search the video for the thing you want to show them.
  13. A golden opportunity was missed in here, to replace the "Installing Windows" prompts to "Doing Something"
  14. I think that's the default message they give to all feedback posted, but I get where you're going. I wish M$ stuck with the Aero theme from Windows 8 CP. It was like Windows 7, but less flashy, more sober. I liked it. If they improved the Windows 7 start menu and bundled all of Windows 8's improvements without the Metro crap (like the improved task manager, the ability to mount ISOs, the reworked Explorer, the new windows coloring that adjusted itself depending on the background, better DWM performance...) people would call Windows 8 a worthy successor to the almighty Windows 7.
  15. I've updated the repository with your updates. Looking forward to adding a lot more
  16. Patch Tuesday arrives for another month (still a few hours left)... I suspect this month's updates will go well... BTW, I've decided to create a sort of repository of Server 2012 updates for Windows 8. If you would like, you could post this link on your main post. I think it would help a lot of people who have Windows 8 systems and need to update, but can't be bothered to fetch for them in the sea of Microsoft's support and download pages. Feel free to let me know if any updates are missing or were superseded by newer ones, I'll be sure to add or remove them. https://mega.nz/#F!t1ZFk
  17. Does that mean you made DX11 work on XP by backporting functions, without WineD3D?
  18. I mean, functions like OpenCL are a bit superfluous at the moment. For now, I think it's more important to implement support for new cards, by supporting their power profiles, for example, and have them work on XP's DirectX 9... I think sdfox7's advice is the best: take the last released Windows XP driver from AMD, compare the sys file with the later releases, and see where the new GPU info is stored, to implement on the XP file (again, I'm just speculating on how it could be done, not sure if it would be possible)
  19. But I do believe those drivers don't provide Direct3D support, only generic support for higher resolutions.
  20. That would be fantastic... I'm not that knowledgeable to be messing with machine code :S Sorry to everyone if I derailed the thread a bit... It's just that it would be nice to dual boot XP and 8.1/10 (I alternate between these 2 OSs), for compatibility purposes.
  21. Aaaahhhh! So I need to mod the original XP driver to support my card! Got it! So... Which program to I use to add those lines of code ?
  22. I'm sorry to be a noob, but I really have no idea how to disassemble a sys file . You'll have to walk me through this, if that's ok. So, is it atikmdag.sys the file you are talking about? What program do I use to add those lines of machine code to it? And how do I use it? Also, just to be thorough, after I mod the sys file, I just edit the Windows 7 INF file, by modifying this line: [ATI.Mfg.NTx86.6.1] into this: [ATI.Mfg.NTx86.5.1] and possibly add my GPU's Hardware ID, if needed?
  23. You've managed to make the drivers work on XP or Vista? Either way, this is beyond awesome!!! What do I use to add those lines to the main driver file? And which driver file? Sorry for all these questions, I've never edited files at assembly code level!
  24. I think you would have an easier time making those drivers work on Vista (given its similarities with Win7), but if you think you can do it for XP, who am I to complain?
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