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  1. Ironically I have a similar bug whenever I plug in a flash drive however, rather than displaying the size incorrectly a dialog appears saying that I cannot delete the file despite it behaving as though it did; and yes there is no program using the files... Win10 at its finest
  2. As valid as BM's reasons are to avoid cluttering this thread it also makes no sense to not create a new thread solely for discussion and speculation, at least from as far as I can gather. It could be kept until BM decides enough is enough regardless of whether or not he creates a new version for the Creator's update simply to have a place for things he deems as filler/off-topic. Just a thought to help keep things on topic.
  3. As far as I can remember, I believe startisback and classic shell also have tools to apply textures to the taskbar, however lackluster it may be for all of these tools; though everyone seems to prefer one over the other when it comes to applying the texture (personally I use classic shell to apply the texture though I've come to prefer the taskbar without it, even in my win7 VM).
  4. You seem to have installed OldNewExplorer based on some of the files present in your screenshot, if you would like to keep using the ribbon while having ONE active you have to disable the option "use command bar instead of ribbon;" however doing so will remove the additional glass effect on the navigation bar. Hope this helps
  5. Use the new version using the options on the "accent" tab http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173165-aero-glass-gui/?do=findComment&comment=1130153
  6. As others have mentioned already, this is the debug console from BM's debug version of aeroglass. To elaborate on what BM said by there's nothing to fix, this is normal functionality for that dll and it causes no problems with your computer aside from an extra window opening up. As a work around I've found that you can technically close it without closing your app(s) by opening the task manager and ending the conhost.exe process after the window appears; you can open your apps afterwards and it shouldn't pop up again (confirmed for the system settings app though not for anything else).
  7. As far as I know, what the installer does is technically the same thing schedule.bat does, create a task to hook the dwm and aerohost processes albeit rather simplistically in the case of the bat file (installer also allowing the option of protecting the task and adding modernframe.dll). As for transparency, that may have to do with the registry settings for AeroGlass as well as whatever theme atlas you had previously. That being said I am sorry for your loss and downgrade to windows 10, I myself just finished reinstalling the thing after it decided it wouldn't boot anymore.
  8. I had this same problem, what worked for me was downloading the files (http://glass8.eu/files/win81_x64_1.4.6.7z) and replacing them rather than using the installer.
  9. All you can do for the time being is wait until the symbol files for the updated Win10 to be uploaded to micro$oft's servers ---------------------------------- The files have been uploaded to the servers (though in my case not every PC was able to download them); here are the files if you still need them
  10. Try this, its all the files I had in the rar file but not compressed this time
  11. I don't know if the original creator of clsharp ever updated them to work with newer builds however if you have the layout files modified to work with RS1 then the png files should work regardless. I've attached the png and layout files for you here, they should be compatible with RS1 however I did not include clsharp_v4.4 as it is not compatible with RS1; unfortunately as I am not the original creator I don't know how 4.4 works to get it working with RS1. clsharp.rar
  12. Same as Joppy, I see 0% cpu usage for dwm.exe and it uses about 33-37 MB of RAM for myself. Oddly enough explorer.exe uses up more of my RAM at 72-80 MB (and around 3% cpu) despite not utilizing it.
  13. @JorgeA I've noticed that you can turn off the debug windows by closing the consolehost process in the task manager, not sure if it'll work though since I've really only tested this on the one pc I've "upgraded" to the anniversary build. @NoelC that's interesting actually, have you been able to locate what exactly starts up the app environment after logging in? I've tried to get this to occur since reading about it but to be honest I've been unable to replicate this issue. Perhaps in this case no news is good news?
  14. What do the services even do or provide? Are the services worth doing that amount of work to fix micro$oft's screw up? (As a side note I disabled those services and so far I haven't run into any problems)
  15. Currently you'd have to modify the layout files yourself using BigMuscle's win8rp or NoelC's RoundedCorners layout if you want other themes. As you can see clsharp is working after modifying the files for it. The layouts I'm using for clsharp should be attached if anyone wants to use them. clsharp layouts.rar
  16. I had the same problem so I followed your configuration and met with the same problem of colors and other settings not being read correctly; however, unlike you, using AeroGlassGUI did not correct the problem. My workaround that seems to be working at the moment is to configure the Task Scheduler entry to run at the Logon of your user account rather than any user.
  17. Were you able to get anything else to work? So far I've only been able to get transparency and only that; nothing else works after a reboot.
  18. From the download page In other words the old method is not working and therefore shouldn't be used. You can still start it manually if you go into the task scheduler and tell it to run though.
  19. This is certainly weird; even with all the upgrading and reinstalling of Win10 that I've done in the past year that's never happened to me. Maybe it has to do with the location of the files? I personally keep the files in a separate partition and disable defender to use a different antivirus (or none depending on what I'm using the system for) as soon as the system does its first boot.
  20. It seems to me as though it is combining aspects of various programs (eg. AeroGlass+Classic Shell+Startisback+...) to create that program. I'd consider using it when its fully released but it might cause a lot of problems being that it would be broken almost constantly by Microsoft; would be interesting to see them try to maintain it though.
  21. Unless BM has made mention of it elsewhere all we can do for now is wait patiently for BM to work his magic or revert to Windows 10 (ver.10586), 8.1, or 7 to get the glass effect/transparency back completely.
  22. I think you mean it's a (unfortunately) dying trait.

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