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  1. Hmmm... In general, Chinese web browsers are rather annoying; extra file associations and extra nagging to set as default.
  2. slipstream.bat prompts me for a directory. Which one is the correct one??? Typing C:\Windows does not work. The message only repeats!
  3. Will BabelMap fix an issue within 9x because of characters seen invalid in the system?
  4. Excuse me, are we supposed to extract the files to the Windows or System (I can't recall which contains i386) directory then run the .bat file?
  5. If you're intending to install the latest version of Chromium on Windows 9x, then you're out of luck. Chromium never supported 9x and only extremely early versions would run on Windows 2000 SP4 w/ Rollup 1 (also required a OS-spoofer)! BUT, it could be possible to install a very early version of Chrome on Windows 98/ME. According to this topic, you will need... PROBLEMCHYLD's Unofficial Windows 98 service pack (main system updates for 98) Windows ME unofficial service pack (main system updates if using ME) Blackwingcat's Chrome Tool KernelEx 4.5.2 An offline Chrome installer (perhaps a version earlier than 8.0) You will need to update Windows 98 or ME with the unofficial service pack, then reboot and install KernelEx, reboot again and attempt to use Blackwingcat's chrome tool. Be sure to set compatibility mode to W2K or later! I cannot guarantee this will work, but feel free to try!
  6. Now I'm trying to find an obscure TTS program called Kolfix. It's a freeware Hebrew TTS voice program that comes with a male and female voice! If anyone can help me with this please say anything!
  7. I will try that and these games eventually: Mall Tycoon III, The House of the Dead 3, Oregon Trail 2. Maybe not soon though, just put the XP hard drive back and don't wanna have to transfer again. It's a bit of a hassle for the 40gb drive because there's no tab to pull out.
  8. You did what you could and provided swift support. Thank you
  9. Sure, after I fix the audio driver. Please suggest a program! I was thinking maybe getting out an old copy of the Typing of the Dead So far, I think the Vcache fix works haven't had another runtime error. I'm going to try installing DirectX now to see if that will help the audio driver. Also, is anyone capable of modifying wireless drivers like PROBLEMCHYLD? He managed to modify a Broadcom wireless card to work on Windows 9x. The card would previously install but gave errors that did not allow it to work. That's the case with my current wireless driver for 9x. I'm pretty sure it can be modded to work. http://wireless-drivers.blogspot.com/2011/10/atheros-ar5bxb6-ar5424-mini-pci-e.html After looking at my audio hardware ID, I'm starting to wonder if HDA will work for it or not... https://members.driverguide.com/driver/device.php?hwid=PCI\VEN_8086%26DEV_27D8%26SUBSYS_201017AA%26REV_02 HDAcfg.ini HDALOG.TXT
  10. Windows ME system shows "999.9MB" of RAM with the setting you told me to use. My D600 has 1gb physical ram. On an unrelated note, I keep getting a Runtime 20 error that causes Windows ME to crash and reset...not sure how to fix it
  11. No audio is coming out of the speakers HDAcfg.ini HDA.txt
  12. Thanks for being patient with me man My bad The driver is now recognized as an option but no sound yet The problem is that the two files are not appearing setting the entry in system.ini and placing the HDA2.DLL in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM HDALOG.TXT HDAcfg.ini
  13. Best start simple. Copy only HDA2.DLL to your SYSTEM-directory and add to SYSTEM.INI [Drivers] WAVEHDA=HDA2.DLL Done After reboot search for HDACFG.INI and HDALOG.TXT and attach both files. Working on this part 1. Download HDADRV9J.zip 2. Place HDA2.DLL in C:\WINDOWS\System 3. Make sure HDATSR.EXE and WAVEOUT.EXE are accessible (place in "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM" for convinience) 4. Place HDAICOUT.HDA in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM Okay, I've done the first part. I need guidance for the HDACFG.INI and HDALOG.TXT files. Are those files I need to download? A Windows search failed to find a HDA.CFG file. Turned out I didn't put WAVEHDA=HDA2.DLL in the correct place Oh darn it, it looks like HDA audio for 3.1 doesn't work on ME I get this screen when I click HDATSR.EXE... https://imgur.com/a/oXtTnrv But I still gotta thank the MSFN community for allowing me to get so far on my attempt of installing Windows ME on my ol' Thinkpad R60. If it weren't for this wonderful community's lessons of driver literacy and searching, I wouldn't have progressed half as much as I have on this project
  14. I am a complete novice at this stuff x_x What entries do I need to add? I also reinstalled ME and things seem to be going much better. Using a generic driverpack of 400,000 drivers fixed a bunch of usb drivers that would not install. Done: 945GMA (video), chipset, ethernet, and multiple USB thingies Needs work: audio (not installed yet), wireless card, cardbus??? Issues: Drive C is using MS-DOS compatibility mode file system, motherboard resources are giving me an exclamation mark, the wireless card is 2000 or later. I tried these drivers. My wireless card's hardware ID is: VEN_168C&DEV_1014&SUBSYS_058A1014 My audio driver's hardware ID is: VEN_8086&DEV_27D8&SUBSYS_201017AA&REV_02 I can confirm a 945GMA video driver exists for Windows 98 This driver has to be installed manually via the device manager because the program contains an artificial OS block. https://www.driverguide.com/driver/detail.php?driverid=1239980&auth=At82snaUidNtrCvtF7wFYmllar0f3%2BrewfY6ssl80AQdylcNrTPrdPtK5D1ujC8WqUBIrUWa7CCDsRPO7bIb6ap0O%2BUZyHvK5KJ8l%2Fdi2gsdfxdHcpTwRB4td%2B6op811 https://imgur.com/a/gIXWpK1 I also figured out that motherboard resources needed Lone's custom INF driver but it's still giving me a code 15 error (conflicting devices). Sadly, it does not let me modify resources.
  15. I might as well update this: So far, soporific's driverpacks has allowed me to install the USB 2.0 system, Lone's unofficial INF worked perfectly! I can use VEMP for Windows' video...there's no such thing as a GMA 950 driver for Windows ME. The original VEMP link has broken along with the original site I am so glad I backed up a copy. https://bearwindows.zcm.com.au/vbe9x.htm Currently testing the HDA audio driver and ethernet. It also appears the included wireless card (Atheros) has 9x friendly drivers EDIT: Windows ME suddenly broke after installing Internet Explorer 6 and DirectX9 I can confirm so far that the ethernet (broadcom), chipset (945GM), and USB system work. The VEMP video driver did not work...I did not get a chance to test the HDA audio and 2 wireless drivers did not work.
  16. None taken, I brought it up anyway x_x I was hoping for an easier, more user-friendly solution of booting from a USB and modifying the NT4 registry from there TT_TT For now, I'll put NT 4 D600 testing on hold.
  17. I'm sorry to sound like a big baby, but looking at all the solutions are giving me a headache XoX Can offlinereg boot from usb?...I am so exhausted from such a simple problem being so complicated... I tried burning two different programs to my flash drive in hopes to boot from there and modify the registry...grub is oddly mistaking letters for numbers when I type
  18. Hmm, isn't there another way to indirectly modify NT 4's registry? Alternative software or perhaps a Linux pendrive to modify it? Main problems: I cannot find ERD 2003 because it's a ware and I do not know how to indirectly modify the Windows NT4 registry from a pen drive. I have access to files, but am unsure how to edit registry.
  19. Assuming this isn't warez, could you link me to a copy? Google isn't my friend here.
  20. Please elaborate! Windows NT is STUCK at the "Press + Alt + Delete" screen! I can't even get into Windows and modify the registry!
  21. I just installed NT 4 on another D600 hard drive and am now locked out because of the screen. I've tried doing ctrl + alt + delete, but it appears my laptop's keys are not working. Not even the light for number lock turns on when I press that button as well. I'm not sure what the issue is... Are there any workarounds? I would be bummed to be locked out of a perfectly good OS because of a few faulty keys. I also tried using my external keyboard with no success (although my installation is currently NT4 SP1)
  22. This topic is archaic, but I think I'm going to give this another shot soon. I just need to set the bios to IDE mode and use my original 40gb hard drive. More information found here: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Category:R60 I have no hopes for getting wireless internet working (requires 9x-friendly wireless USB wifi adapter or new card), but VBEMP has previously worked for video (I could try display doctor as well). For audio, I can try this then use Lone's INF for my chipset (R60 uses a 945GM). Now, we have video (limited), audio (may turn out glitchy), and chipset. The Ethernet I have is probably a Broadcom, so I think I can easily find a 9x-friendly driver. This video driver claims to have support for Windows 95 but knowing CNET, it's probably not accurate https://download.cnet.com/VGA_Intel-GMA950_v-6-14-10-4837-zip/3000-2108_4-174197.html Looked through MSFN forums to find this that claims to support "ICH7 chipsets 945/946/975/955/31/41." Although, I have no idea if Lone's chipset drivers are superior. https://web.archive.org/web/20070726211535/http://windows98.ic.cz/chipset/intelinf.zip I haven't figured out what model the cardbus is...it could serve as a handy alternative to buying a new mini-pci card. And the USB boot-freeze issue can be resolved by enabling ACPI. Doing this on my D600 allowed USB accessories to stay plugged in during boot. If I can get this thing working, then 9x is gonna be overkill on a T7200's single cpu
  23. @roytam1Excuse me, but what are the minimal requirements for your Firefox 45 build? Can Windows SP1 run the build? Also, has anyone tested whether the codecs run in the Windows 2000-compatible or Windows 9x build?
  24. I tried the one I found at the link of my first post, it said hardware wasn't supported???
  25. The title pretty much says it all, as usual. Is there a ram patch in existence for Windows 2000? I've found many exist for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and even 95/98/98SE/ME but have found none for Windows 2000. Considering Windows 2000's cult-following, I'm surprised I have yet to find one!
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