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  1. Seeing this is a Coffee Lake CPU, partially, at worst. To install, you'll require... *VLite (to integrate drivers in a Windows Vista installation) **A newer ACPI.sys file (Windows XP did; Vista may not, depending on the vendor) *SATA/ACHI Drivers (These are Windows XP drivers, but they should work) *Modified Windows 7 driver for your Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (this may not work because it's meant for 7) I do not recall any forum post mentioning getting the 1050 TI to work on Windows Vista...I do not believe modified drivers exist for the 1050... Also, you'll need to provide what sound card you are using. Do you happen to be using a wireless card by chance? I'm also not aware whether the video card I provided will provide chipset drivers or not.
  2. Does anyone know a good workaround for apple iphones too? I've had many headaches attempting to help my mother with her faulty apple iphone; it keeps stopping during a photo transfer to the pc. Android's workarounds are fine (FTP, online storage, OTG USB adapter with flash drive), but the iphone is a whole new story: the freaking thing doesn't even have an option to share/transfer galleries, attempting to upload into google drive and mega fails too. The iphone is a jailhouse of a "smartphone" e.e
  3. You could always install the Office Compatibility Pack. That way, you can view docx files.
  4. Do you know if the ACPI.sys files retain compatibility with all previous systems helped? I just wanna know ahead. If not, then I wanna try organizing and archiving them properly.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a lifetime cloud storage solution: something to both store and share files with. I currently use mega.nz (which I really love), but it seems storage is gonna find itself pretty limited if I back-up modern Windows 10 software. Any suggestions from free or one-time payment storage clouds are all appreciated! Please do not include storage with monthly/yearly payments! Thank you for your time!
  6. Hmmm...it looks like there is an app that can enable the usb ability back, but smartphone support is hit or miss...and root is required...my phone model (samsung galaxy s9) is definitely not listed on the support list either. I honestly prefer just having USB Storage Mode back because the phone will work with old and new OSes without having to provide a driver. I'm sure a Windows 95 could view an artificially cramped 32gb smartphone just fine. This mode would also make direct access from Linux certain. PTPdrive does seem fine in the case of an incompatible XP-machine. Then again, I kinda have the question if viewing a storage size unsupported in an older OS could lead to corruption or not...
  7. Hello, I'm hoping to find a way to transfer storage from a modern smartphone directly. I haven't had much success with an adapter into my smartphone and want to see if I can find an alternative to indirect methods (FTP, cloud storage, Netoworking, etc.) Is there a way to make a phone's internal or external storage appear as a flash drive on a pc? I don't want to have to try dual-booting with Linux. It would be nice if I could just transfer images and potential downloads onto the pc.
  8. The rest of the NT 6 series at least does its job properly Absurd how MS can screw up a perfectly good OS every time.
  9. Windows 10...I never liked the OS. Released unstable like early Vista, constant bloat like 98 to XP, and a horrid start menu. The total installation size for Windows 10 is also absurd compared to all other versions; ISOs for windows 10 are a couple gigabytes while a perfectly updated XP is less than ~700mb and fits on a CD. I've seen modded Windows 10 isos to find that even the smallest isos are 1.8gb. That's VERY tiny for Windows 10 especially.
  10. Hooray! No need to spend 700+ USD on new hardware when a now $20 computer will do the job just fine. Gotta love Linux, otherwise my Dell Latitude D600 could not possibly stream video on kisscartoon and watch Spongebob! I'm also from Washington too and attend Community College
  11. Hello, As a college student, I've been trying to achieve a CS major but feel a couple problems on the way. I've been studying Calculus for the past year and am now doing Calculus 3. This is the recommended requirement of Calculus for CS in my area. However, I've been feeling that Calculus has literally taken up my whole life; I literally devote myself to studying the concepts like a religion. Unfortunately, spending all my time on the subject has not been guaranteeing me high grades. I feel that life is nothing more than Calculus because of the time I have to spend trying to understand the concepts, which ends up hit or miss. Anyone that has majored in CS, is the math portion essential? I've done better or worse in Calculus 1 and 2 (respectively an A- and B). I'm just weary after having to devote a year on the math alone. Only recently have I been able to begin a CS C++ introduction class- and I'm loving it so far! Community college has been rather depressing because I don't have time to attend clubs and only recently found a convenient one. My concern is that I plan to go to a conference in another state of the US and I will consequently miss a couple days of school (very concerned about Calculus grade). So far, I did not do too well with Calculus 3's converging/diverging, taylor series, and maclaurin series (honestly my least favorite part of ALL of Calculus so far). If you can explain your experiences with partial derivatives, vectors (currently doing that), and multiple integrals. Does Calculus 3 get any more difficult at this point? Thank you and please share any tips! Anything is appreciated!
  12. Attempting this again. Not sure what the issue is, but the display driver is not allowing higher resolutions or better colors despite installing the chipset and display driver just fine. I noticed the driver wouldn't install unless I had DirectX 9 included.
  13. Seriously MS? You kept office xp fully compatible with Windows 98 and ME up to 2011, why can't you do the same with 2010!?
  14. I believe sogou browser is based off Chrome 72 and can run on XP. It's not dead yet; Chinese developers have to backport and/or remove XP-incompatible code, so it's going to take a while.
  15. Pretty much what the others have said here. It's sad to say it's kinda hard thinking of a reason to use Vista over 7 other than appearance. I love Vista's interface far more than 7, but the artificial killing of Vista on hardware doesn't make this fantastic OS available. Other than maybe compatibility reasons, it's hard to justify why to stay with Vista, especially with the decline of modern software support. On older pc's, I try to dual-boot old Windows and Linux. Linux is perfect for browsing and codec support on streaming sites. With this method, I can enjoy both worlds: the endless software library of Windows and the moderness of Linux. 9x can't stream or lacks native compatibility with a ton of modern things, so Linux can take care of that. I'm dreading the day I get a new PC that's forced to run Windows 10. It's been a massive headache. Windows Vista is far superior to 10 in stability, ram usage, and CPU usage.
  16. I should've asked years ago, but how do I manually add stubs? I know KernelEx serves as a compatibility layer and stubs out missing functions to allow Windows NT programs run on 9x, but I was never informed how I could try doing this myself. While stubbing functions, am I required to place those missing files with something? I am aware certain programs linked by jumper will give us a live info of missing files and dependencies.
  17. Using the 23 version of these updates, I can confirm Windows Media Player Classic (HC) 1.3 works Sadly, anything later will not launch and reports an error, it appears to be a theme-related file too. The latest version of 7-zip works perfectly too Open Office 3.3.0 installs but won't launch. SamutraPDF 3.1.2 Portable opens, but cannot be installed because of missing graphics. Also, Samutra won't display books properly... Anyone know where I can find a portable Google Chrome or Chromium archive? I wanna try testing early versions of Google Chrome that worked on Windows 2000!
  18. If I install the modded Radeon 9000 Omega drivers, I am given an option to display screen resolutions beyond the norm. Problem is none of them will scale to the screen. But thank you all for this wonderful advice! I believe laptop will probably display a higher resolution if I hooked up a VGA cable to a monitor.
  19. Hello! Today, I am wondering how I can force my old Dell Latitude D600 to display a resolution larger than 1024x768. The standard options won't offer this of course, but does it mean it's not possible? I really love the keyboard of the older laptop models and hope to use that with a good screen resolution. I recall using an application a couple years back on a Thinkpad R60 laptop to force a higher screen resolution, but then everything won't fit on the screen. Is it possible to have a larger resolution completely fit on my laptop's screen? I am aware that doing this is not very good for performance, but I am hoping to go beyond the regular screen resolution. Thank you for your time.
  20. I require help with using the Chrome tool for Windows 2000. I am currently using the tool on a Windows 2000 SP4 installation. I installed blackwingcat's kernelex, but I'm not sure if installing it even made a difference to my system. The version didn't have any difference. Back to the Chrome tool, I am getting errors that certain dll's are not properly installing: Shell32, Kernel32, Advapi32, User32, Ws2_32, wtsapi32, dnsapi, and iphlpapi. These issues will not allow SRWare 30 launch. What is the problem here? Am I missing any steps?
  21. Thank you for informing me! Where can I find the main differences between your palemoon 27 and 28 builds? I've tried both to find 28 superior in HTML rendering and streaming; 27 can't stream video even if I place the codecs in the folder.
  22. This is a very late question: has anyone tested whether the codec files work with the Windows 2000-compatible builds?
  23. Are all system drivers installed? If not, it may cause problems.
  24. That's the point. I don't have an XP installation on me at the moment, so that's why I asked of other users could test those because they were Vista-minimal.
  25. Excuse me, I already did [test over 15 separate browsers] and found the only browsers that worked were either the Chinese ones I've tested before. I did find a Russian Chromium 49 browser that fixed codec issues Is it too much to ask if certain browsers can be tested for me when I don't have time?😂 Also, thanks for the tip.
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