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  1. In Opera 12.02 (Kernelex 4.5.2 in w2k compat. mode) I have no problems watching Youtube with Flash-plugin ( Shockwave Flash 10.3 r183 C:\PROGRAM FILES\OPERA\program\plugins\NPSWF32.dll) Test "Big Buck Bunny 1080p FULL HD Trickfilm animation (1080p HD)" By the way: best choice for my XP3000/333 computer is 480p.
  2. In my case it happens only (reproducible) with every newer version of kexbaseN.dll after the original 4.5.2 version. If I restore the original version of kexbaseN.dll everything in opera 12.02 is oké again.
  3. With all the new releases I have had problems running opera 12.02 on a dutch win98se installation. Right clicking in a google search page (term "tst") gives a crash, after restarting the google tab is there, but only in a strange language, it seems cyrrilic to me. After reinstalling the original kexbaseN.ddl, everything is normal again.
  4. I have the following problem using Fileformatconverter (stand alone) in combination with powerpoint files. Right clicking a ppt file choosing the option "Save as" (i.c. Moc.exe -f "inputfile") gives "The converter failed to save the file". In Dependency Walker or Filemon its visible that the "Save as" option first opens Moc.exe, than - in case of a ppt file - this program opens Ppcnvcom.exe (in case of 97-2002 & 2007 word or excel files there are no serious problems to overcome- see also my post on http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/133124-ms-office-2007-compatibility-pack-with-office-97/#entry1090415). Experimenting using Ppcnvcom.exe (i.c. Ppcnvcom.exe -oice "inputfile (ppt)" "outputfile (pptx)") its possible to convert (silent!) ppt2pptx with Ppcnvcom.exe in Kernelex compatibility mode NT40 or higher. Pptx2ppt is not possible - but that should be normal behaviour as far as I know. I am using the latest files version 12.0.6500.5000. Older ones make no difference, except the first version of Fileformatconverters (Ppcnvcom.exe version 12.0.4518.1014 crashes). Any ideas? Using Dependency Walker seems impossible because of a crash in Ppcnvcom.exe in both cases.
  5. "Office Isolated Converter Environment" is the internal name of the Fileformatconvertor (as far as I know), but "oice" is also the commandline option for silent standalone conversion. Conversion xlsx-to-xls or xls-to-xlsx is possible in three ways, all working in my 98SE installation, KernelEx compatibility modes as above. Xlsx to xls only in two ways, Excelcnv gives a xlsx-file with extension xls! I. Use Shell option "Save as" with dialogs, choice of extension etcetera. Uses Moc.exe II. Use commandline for Moc.exe: Moc -f "Station\Path\File". Extension xlsx or xls. Further same as Shell option. III. Silent commandline with Excelcnv.exe: Excelcnv -oice "Station\Path\File" "Station\Path\File". First extension existing, second target.
  6. I think this topic is the right place to report some progress using the Office 97 & Fileformatconverters in a 98SE environment using Kernelex 4.5.2. Everything is only experimental - but for free. Opening docx in Word97 or "save as docx" from inside Word97 be aware of the following problem: Winword.exe is not compatible with Kernelex: OLE-functionality is broken. Solution: disable Kernelex for Winword.exe. This is "mandatory", don't play around with Mso97.dll (because of error messages for this dll when Kernelex is not disabled for Winword.exe). Check if the following files run in Kernelex "Windows 2000 sp4" mode: Mso.dll, Wordconv.exe; if there are problems with "save as docx" from inside Word97 set Wordcnvpxy.cnv also in "Windows 2000 sp4" compatibility mode. If there is a "Msvcr80.dll doesn't start error message" copy as Msvcr80.dll renamed Msvcr90.dll in the same directory as Wordconv.exe (normaly "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\" - v9.00.21022.8 works great for me). Opening xlsx-files in Excel97 is also possible with the following workaround: run Excelcnv.exe in Kernelex "Windows NT 4.0 sp6" compatibility mode. Xlsx-files opens now in Excel97 with xxxxxxxx.xls (some number), "save as xlsx" is not possible from inside Excel97, only "save as xls". The good news is that Excelcnv.exe as a "Office Isolated Converter Environment" works with the "Windows NT 4.0 sp6" compatibility mode activated from Moc.exe in both directions i.e. converts xlsx-to-xls and xls-to-xlsx. The even better news -but that's maybe for another topic- is that in OfficeXP/2002-Excel "opening xlsx" or "save as xlsx" works flawlessly, apart from sheets/workbooks with newer specs of course.

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