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  1. Not that I agree with Microsoft's prying eyes, but doesn't Google do the same thing? The only way we have all of the customized Android and iOS options (like regionalized search or customized apps) is specifically because of data gathering. but at least Google works. when I search something in bing the results are crap, really I once made a pseudo server for my apprenticeship practical exam and when I searched for a particular problem on the server itself for bettwer copy pasting (I found it already on my own PC) IE obviously defaulted to bing and it wasnt found and it was on MS's OWN SUPPORT PAGES, switching over to google (which had no data as I was not logged in) found it instantly on the 1st result with the same words. and with google I know exactly that they use my data for search and better ads, which I am fine with because especially the search part is some kinda profit for me. while with MS, we see that they have no problem of handling over stuff to the gov and sometimes they try to get the user help him to get the stuff to the gov (who in their right mind would let his bitlocker key upload into the cloud) while Google assured multiple times they are against all this Ceta and whatever 4-letter stuff the US thinks about for comporising our privacy. and you always CAN step away from Google and use another search engine for example but on PC windows has a de facto monopoly and most software is sadly win-only, there is not much choice for that.
  2. I use the Aeroglass tool from bigmuscle http://sagorpirbd.deviantart.com/art/Aero-7-Themes-for-Windows-10-523979941this theme and classic shell mostly.
  3. well for now I let my w10 be in stable because updating this thing which I boot even less than once a month (old insider and MS gave me the license to also use it in stable, so why not) is already a pain in stable and when I need to make sure my mod collection (aero glass, win7 theme and more) stop working after each new build, no thanks.
  4. so theme patching got easier again on RS1 (whatever that means) because in "stable" 1511 UxStyle alone wasnt enough I also had to replace 3 files somewhere in my win folder
  5. @noelc oh yes they do have inactive colors in th2 (german, but it shows what's needed to be done easily enough)and for the Aero Custom Theme I use, things got better with TH2 since the TOP bar now has a different color for inactive and active which was a bit weirder in w10 rtm.
  6. well I can install stuff (as long as I talk about it with my employer, obvious enough, it helps being only 2 people and that my employer know not much about computers), but my problem is that at least the website says clearly that the personal edition is not for business use also how's stuff with multiboot computers? some devs let multibooters share a license on the same PC while others say that it's not okay, and users need a seperate license for each copy installed anywhere...
  7. simple question, is there a way to get a business license for less than 10 PCs I'd love to use SiB on my work PC, but a 10 PC license is quite a bit overscaled.
  8. to be honest it felt awkward when the close button was larger from vista onward, when you have muscle memory from earlier systems but now the same happens with Win10 since they now go back in the direction of the old windows style, like win 3.1 but flat
  9. by the way is there any decription on how a layout file works, as in what to set to get it looking like you want? by the way the notif emails in this forum really should exclude spoilers, for a lot of reasons...
  10. well for donating you go here and donate what you want via paypal. http://glass8.eu/support.php then you get an email with a link to the login where you enter you paypal email and your postal code. then you add your machine code (which you can get either from the popup or from the logs) in the form and you get a donation.key file.you push that into your aero glass folder and upon signing off and back in it should be away.
  11. wait, release today? epic. how about making a 10240 main build and a test for the other when you have time?
  12. well not but you probably mean Aero in General, since blur would depend on your Glass settings /thankfully) since I dont like blur, I mean what is this? a bathroom?...
  13. Well for disabling aero just go into the taskmanager and kill aerohost.exe and then dwm.exe
  14. a user here seems to have created it, and it wants to make the stuff easier, but if you can do it nicely yourself then rather do that since no one knows whether this thing conains a virus or not (doesnt even need to be deliberately, can happen to anyone)
  15. we already had this in here. search for my posts, I already posted a workaround (a loop that repeats every 2 seconds or whatever, so always restoring the taskbar soon enough)
  16. I think the difference is the injection, in case of AppInit all processes get the dll and in case of aerohost.exe, it somehow manages to inject just into DWM, also iirc aerohost works fine even with secureboot, not sure about that, by the way.
  17. well I use it for that reason too also as reminder when I get home with my laptop not to forget to power it.
  18. did you read my post about the GUI and GLass on Battery? I think it is important since I have probably got the reason of the problem.
  19. the problem is not Glass it's the GUI. I checked the registry since I had on in my my WIn8.1 as well. in fact a while ago (to be exact version 1.3.0 on win8.1) you set the new default for Glass on Battery to that it wont disable (see your changelog), and instead of setting the reg setting explicitly to 1 it just deletes the value, in other wordsyou version of the GUI assumes the default to "disable it" and therefore it has problems with the "newer" versions of glass... so @adacom go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/DWM (if the DWM key doesnt exist just create it) and then create a 32-bit value "DIsableGlassOnBattery" and set it to 1. @bm the best way would be assuming nothing at all and just setting the value no matter whether or not it's the default.
  20. the taskbar is transparent in w10 from the start, you rather have to look at the title bars of the windows and stuff...
  21. by the way how can I get rid of the Network stuff, in w8 and w10...

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