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  1. StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

    I can seem to figure out why SIB wont load the menu BG in windows 8.1 The image in Start Menu > Menus > Basic > Toolbar is the usual place to skin that BG, but as of 8.1, it does not seem to load it. 8.1 theme: But... Loading a Windows 8 theme in windows style builder and selecting to load the start menu theme from msstyle in sib makes it load that image. Is there missing code for SIB to load that menu BG for 8.1?
  2. Your Favorite Themes for Windows 8

    Yeah there are some apps that dont respect the windows theme settings (Usually apps that have thier own custom coded UI, example: Skype) And when it comes to dark themes, word programs are unusable due to the fact that they made the white page bg the window color. This will cause it to print out in the color its currently set to. Only grip with using dark themes XD Its not like I use those types of programs often enough. haha
  3. Your Favorite Themes for Windows 8

    Took a while to get right, but its finally done. I present Adobe CC for windows 8.1 http://simplexdesignsart.deviantart.com/art/Adobe-CC-536072172
  4. Your Favorite Themes for Windows 8

    Luna Silver for Windows 8.1 Update 1 Download Slate for Windows 8.1 Update 1 Download Find more of my Windows 8.1 Update 1 Themes here: Gallery
  5. Beta channel

    Options make a product better. Not going with another product. That is a terrible program btw...
  6. Beta channel

    Tihiy, would it be possible for you to add the option to show icons on the right side of the start menu like it was in xp? Thanks
  7. Your Favorite Themes for Windows 8

    Windows XP Luna Style for Windows 8.1 Download
  8. Themes for Windows 10

    Beautiful! I found a small bug Same problem with Vanilla. Do you have shadows disabled? or it may be a glitch with Oldnewexplorer.
  9. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Tihiy is there any news on the glass area bug in some open windows. It seems to not work at times and requires me to re-enable glass on the nav area.
  10. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    did you enable glass on nav area in one?
  11. Your Favorite Themes for Windows 8

    Some fixes for Windows Aero 8.1 Theme http://xxinightxxcreative.weebly.com/free-windows-aero.html
  12. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    bigmuscle any chance to add back glow on caption buttons through Aero Glass? The method I use to use in windows 8 broke in 8.1/10 (Glyph method)
  13. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    DoubleSanimations just explained why my theme does that and not on the other. Mine uses custom borders to add back in the glow and shine effects. The one you listed does not have that which is why that has no issues.
  14. [OLD] Aero Glass for Win8.1+

    you just delete the old theme file and add in the new ones. simple.
  15. Themes for Windows 10

    Yes there may not be round corners, you will have to keep in mind that not everyone had access to aero glass for win10 yet so you have to work with what you got. Round corners are nice however, those ones you made could use some work.