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  1. so probably nothing for w10 home users...
  2. well if you donate now you wont lose the watermark, but as soon as bigmuscle releases the "stable" w10 version then it will disappear.
  3. I second this request. I can't bear the new Quick Access since it doesn't allow us to rename nor change in any way the pinned items without changing the items themselves (which programs with specific paths don't like at all). Regarding the update it is working great now, no problems whatsoever. this is a different Matter which was only changed in w10 (doesnt make it less awful), in this case w7/8 behavior is "enough" The point is that in Vista, the Favs are split from the rest, keeping them on top, no matter what happens to the folder navigation.
  4. can the Vista behavior of the favorites/quick access (seperated from the rest, always on top of the list) be implemented in here, it's one of the best things that should have stayed from Vista.
  5. but why does it set them to png in the first place? I mean arent unknown files usually sent as download or text? at least in every case I know
  6. @Noel I know that, I just wanted to note it. maybe you send some png header or whatever, I have seen a lot of stuff happening...
  7. @Noel Firefox seems to get for whatever reason the leyout file as an image (that obviously cannot be displayed) for some reason
  8. 1 removing aero debug version 2 waiting for "stable" version.
  9. Blabla, thank you for correcting me but SECURE BOOT must be disabled for this to work, just tried it and it works with SECURE BOOT OFF only. At least for me... I was not meaning it badly but some beginners reading in here (there are more than enough as history has shown) and it MIGHT confuse them. but a bit weird, I am pretty sure I had it with s-boot on...
  10. 1 it is secure boot without d, (not that anyone would make something called "secured boot" and ppl would mistake it) and modern frame works for me without secure boot, but if you have BM's theme bypass then it must be off.
  11. "it's experimental" does not mean "figure it out yourself" but rather "it's nothing special that it doesnt work, it hasnt been properly tested so anything can happen anytime" just to clarify.
  12. Sorry but I didn't. There wasn't any checkbox or agreement I had to confirm, just a plain download.If I would have to do, I would do it and if that also would mean to send error logs to you I would too but since there's nothing like that, I can use and customize it (no illegal stuff) for my personal use like I want. Thats my opinion. Your opinion is correct here. Debug versions for Win8 contained message box "You are using experimental build etc. etc." that user had to confirm. Users were convincing me that they know it is debug build so they don't need to be bothered with this information. Thus I didn't add it in debug build for Win10. But yes, you are right, I will return it back and users will have to confirm it explicitely. Well imo there should be the main focus on the DL since there are plenty of ppl who know and understand it, or maybe there can be a debug key we could request from you or whatever
  13. also even if ppl dont know the word debug, it says experimental, and I think that is a word common in many languages and if you do an experiment you dont know the results, so well anyway I have no problems on my Laptop (i5 2320/intel HD 4000) even though my GPU driver seems to say that there's a problem.
  14. it does say it's an experimental debug version. isnt that obvious enough.
  15. well the debug version is CLEARLY not intended for "normal" people.
  16. well on my laptop it works seriously well in combination with ModernFrame, UxStyle, a theme and some other stuff
  17. also probably screens above the primary get negative y values, probably
  18. I am not sure is it really left of center or rather, left of primary?
  19. is there some way to remove the blur but keep the color? all tools I have tested yet remove the color as well...
  20. if you have Aero Glass installed it should work, I use it too...
  21. ehm why is 32 so much harder? are there missing functions in 32?
  22. You don't have to thank me.. thank Microsoft for the half assed UI.That is just your opinion, I beg to differ!My opinion ? No it's not. It's a fact.XAML is the best thing that ever happened to Windows. You are wrong to say it is a fact, because it is not a fact, it is just your little opinion.what is so good with XAML I mean this is an OS not a website. also enforcing style elemets like that is not pretty, I rather have the taskbar W7 style but directly transparent/transcluent/whatever, but without blur, similar to my Win8 with Aero and stuff...

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