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  1. @BudwS what is so invasive about the theme of win7. sure the theme looks ugly, but I kinda dont see why it is invasive. and you iirc replace the theme with some win7-like awesomeness (or whatever 3rd party theme you like)
  2. may be true, but there's one single good point. when I find out that a service is going berserk, I can easily kill it without having to kill other just because they share a process. Sometimes this happened when I lost network connectivity just because the LAN port isnt perfect and stuff and immediately cranks up my Laptops CPU up to 100% and I kinda cant find out which service is at fault because a whole lot of them are in one of those processes. but one thing that might help would be just annihilating services that arent needed. and not creating a service for literally every little crap.
  3. well under certain curcumstances (2FA for example) this can be safer than a simple password. especially in comparison to all the iot crap that lead to Mirai
  4. I wouldnt say "nothing", there are a few good things that came in win8. like win+x or the instant screenschot function.
  5. well one of the few things is that apps from the win store if you want to use some of them arent forced to full screen anymore. on win8 modernmix can solve this but not perfectly.
  6. well full ack to the first few sentences. the last part, personally I've gotten to like my modded win8 more (win+x makes it easy to access settings or an admincmd and with win+screenshot button you dont need to do the whole "paste in paint" dance anymore and probably some more stuff but forgot)
  7. wifi adapter software. usually this sounds like junkware. I just want a driver so I can use the native tools to connect. adapters that go far enough to require a complete piece of software to work are junk imo.
  8. @NoelC you are birds? I have never seen birds operating a PC though... but regaring you last sentence that you are using win8.1 heavily modded, I must add a me2. well I am using win8 Pro though and I even went far enough to get myself a second win8.1 Pro License for my Desktop (I mainly use my Laptop) and I have COAs for both (the windows that came with my Laptop was win8 home but I like pro better coz gpedit and stuff. and I prefer COA Licenses a lot over Download Licenses where you have an email or a scrap of paper with the License code where only god knows [if he even exists] whether the license was sold multiple times or is even genuine) I have my insider windows on the 2nd partition because well it's a free demo for seeing MS's bullcrap but I am almost never using it.iirc in the whole 2016 0I only booted it up a few times in december and that was when I was moving my OS to another drive where I had to remove bitlocker and later check that all worked.
  9. but if the link of you win key to the MS acc cant be removed you cant really sell your windows if needed, just for example. I usually have my Win8 pro key stickers (I only buy Windows with the nice holographic COA stickers, for pretty obvious reasons) in a Case containing my Win8.1 DVD and a copy of the keys is usually somewhere in my emails and/or my harddrive.
  10. by the way there's new crap out: http://winfuture.de/news,95866.html (in german but the pic should tell more than enough)
  11. 1703? it's just january so if anything 1701m lol
  12. oh nice. by the way can VMware run an already set-up win10 from the second partition of my SSD or does it really need that virtual harddrive?
  13. unless you are hit by the disadvantages too much (e.g. not so much ram) and how do you do that "swiping" into the other OS here, didnt find much about that.
  14. Can vmware fusion also play this instant os switch with a normal laptop and Windows/linux or win8/win10?
  15. but that doesnt change the fact that this is probably one of the most un-repairable devices ever, pretty much everything, ssd ram CPU etc is soldered to the board. Also no user choice for that matter, pretty much the thing we are saying is bad in case of w10 (I know that software and hardware isnt the same but still). my Dell Laptop which I got from a friend got an SSD and the DVD drive flew out for a non-fixed HDD in adapter with the option to swap in my Bluray drive anytime. also I dont see a reason to buy a multi thousand dollar laptop just to get a better mic, there's something called a headset (which I am wearing all the time, so that's that)
  16. well I prefer having cheaper options that dnt cost a fortune, also I prefer Hardware that doesnt set records in UN-repairability. and the fact that the new mac books ONLY have USBc ports where some of them have bugs to top it off doesnt make it better
  17. buy a windows Laptop with the price of a macbook and compare again.+ also just because the Windows OS works with everything MS isnt at fault when makers build craps into their laptops.
  18. yeah on a multi-OS environment you could do that, but most people especially the average joe cant do that.
  19. but w10 has nothing to do with crappy mics. but then again I saw something pretty awful in the news. W10 stable crashed the DHCP client in an update. so, what should we do? stop the update isnt possible, and once the DHCP is down the average joe isnt going to be able to DL a hhotfix.
  20. I would say that it matters about what cloud is used, coz srsly if it's a cloud under my control (owncloud for example) than I'd have no problem using that
  21. well here in germany you pay 24 euros per single product or 60 for everything OR you take the photography bundle (photoshop+lightroom) and pay 12 (per month for each one) btw just checked the swedish prices and the 825 one has adobe stock included (where you can get pictures) and the 525 one is for all applications. for everything with adobe stock you pay about 95€ per month. so if you dont need those stock pictures 60€ or 525 sek is enough although all mentioned prices are with a commitment for a year.
  22. well cs6 is pretty expensive to be honest depending on where you find it. but of course over the long term it's cheaper unless you need the updates all the time that actually sux.
  23. @bookie32 while I agree that I dont like subscription models, I must also say that subscription models help people who dont use something all the time but just a few months per year or whatever. but personally I think firms should be offering both purchase and subscription.

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