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  1. well unless you can actually see when the service crashes, like with a popup, never. background crashes may be there but dunno. especially since this looks most like for an average work PC coz of the very regular setting with no changes for the days and so on and they are 1) usually active longer than 6 hours and 2) they usually get shut down each day anyway.
  2. @mikedigitize as default or did you do stuff? if default, well then so much for the "startmenu is back" ads we see in stores trying to promote w10.
  3. @mikedigitize your image doesnt work, also I honestly dont believe that any forum software lets you just include a script out of the box. but even the link throws a 404.
  4. that's why I have a win8.1 on disc with coa.
  5. @cc333 well I run win8.1 fine with a couple of mods, especially classic shell and aeroglass by @bigmuscle. and I was one of the number 1 win8 haters back then. but w10 is 2much anyway.
  6. well if the indexing happens while idling it isnt a problem imo. but can we get back to topic please?
  7. I am not just curios, I just cant believe that they are doing something THIS stupid
  8. or if you have no problems with moddings, and want an OS that's still fully supported although being not w10, take win8.1 (I was in the first row of haters but some win7 themes, plus classic shell and also aeroglass by the great @bigmuscle made me love it especially because of some small but useful features like instant screenshots without any 3rdparty software (win+printscreen) or a quick way to get to admincmd or disk management etc (win+x)) oh my god, but do you have some screens?
  9. are you kidding me? this sound too bad even for them. do you have a shot? but well it is a fast ring insider, but still shouldnt this be caught in the more internal rings? also this build has kicked the WLAN on surface pro 1 and 2 into oblivion and the only fix seems to be a reinstall of an older version as it seems that reverting fails. http://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-build-14915-breaks-wifi-older-surface-pro-devices
  10. I dont really care about apps, but normal PC software can already encrypt itself for DRM and because the encryption happens offline the key needs to be stored SOMEWHERE... so that's that.
  11. no, I dont think the razor can explain all the Junk they did with w10. and locking the lockscreen feature for example is in my eyes the beginning of apps on the lockscreen for non-enterprise users. @bookie32 yeah I fully agree.
  12. also another "nice" thing: http://comments.deviantart.com/1/523979941/4190881102 Win10 sux for modders becdause of these enforced updates.
  13. yeah that's truly annoying, just call them SP1, 2 and so on. a lot easier to remember
  14. what do you mean with that? w10 locked down even more gpedit/registry options to enterprise/edu/server now. 1511 already kicked the "disable store" option, now even more are locked down. http://www.ghacks.net/2016/07/28/microsoft-removes-policies-windows-10-pro/
  15. well I come back and look into this half an eternity later and this happens on win8.1, this REALLY hurts.
  16. I get to hate w10 more and more. I can hide the Realtek audio driver update as much as I want IT STILL COMES. and on the next start my ears get blasted. when will they understand that I dont want the "downgraded" driver?
  17. in XP we could easily change skins, bootscreen, and logon screen, TuneUp Styler 4ever.
  18. well that's too bad and MS should change it.
  19. that's exactly why we have metered connections because, well they are metered. and not I havent heard about Inched connections for US (bad joke I know)
  20. well windows 10 IS Malware, or at least adware, but with the keylogger (dunno whether or not it got into RTM or even 1511) this thing clearly counts as a trojan.

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