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  1. XP drivers for HP DV2000

    Thanks mate, but I`ve got netbook running ok. I posted above the link to the drivers I found. Looking here and there on some other sites found a nice package of drivers at Driver Guide and a MS patch for wifi`s WPA encryption.
  2. XP drivers for HP DV2000

    Thanks sdfox7 for the info, good to know that there`s a workaround to access these drivers and Windows Update. I went to Broadcom site and got no drivers for us common mortals, just Intel gave me graphic driver I needed, but no sound drivers or bus controllers or sata.... And HP only Vista drivers.
  3. XP drivers for HP DV2000

    In fact I have two XP SP2 machines, an ancient desktop for once a week/beweekly one day use, the other is this ex-Vista netbook almost day-to-day. Both are connected to the net
  4. XP drivers for HP DV2000

    Laptop already running Ok. Just a note as reference for others with same problem: Broadcom WiFi driver on the site I submited were ok. Problem was WPA2. WIN XP SP2 must apply a patch for WPA encryption to work. Patch KB893357 can be downloaded here for english or spanish XP versions. The other problematic was audio, divided in SM Bus, Microsoft UAA for High Definition Audio and Conexant High Definition. So, for audio to work you need to install three controllers that maybe is easier as an automatic process in other netbooks but not for this one, with no native support for XP. So again for future reference, this is a driver package at least for DV2220la and DV2423la (mine) in case you want to downgrade to XP. This drivers worked like a charm one by one, no errors. Thanks for all your help
  5. XP drivers for HP DV2000

    Ok, so someone gave me a netbook HP DV2000 with a bad screen, but after connecting to an external monitor is a very decent system and it works well with 7. But I wanted to install dual boot XP/7, XP mainly for old games. The problem is that I can´t find any sound and wifi working drivers for XP. All drivers were downloaded from here, as a good ftp source for legacy HP drivers, but not all worked for me. Some drivers worked under XP, like those for minor functions like keypad and special keys. Got graphics from Intel drivers downloads, no problems on that side. But for the life of me was impossible to make work wifi and sound. Wifi only works with limited connection, even with manually assigned IP and DNS values, so I think problem is the driver. Upon startup is trying to install Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus, sure something to do with sound, but can´t find any driver like that. According to HP official site, this netbook was shiped with Vista 32 and 64 bits so one of my questions is: should be better to install only Vista on this netbook, or keep trying to install XP? Thanks in advance
  6. IT works with Rosetta, but is a 24 hours job for crunching basic data.
  7. Ok, got things going. For the records Version 7.4.42 works with KernelEx (I used v28c). I´m just limited for the amount of memory I have in this old machine, most of projects require at least 300 Mb and I have 284 available. Also crunching from World Community Grid is not easy, as is the only group that require a higher encryption, but it can be done from W2000, with enough RAM. So the answer to all this: project done! Thx for your help
  8. Thanks Brooke. Version 7.4.42 stops in the middle of install. Version 6.6.38 works, but is unable to download project data, with SSL error and deferred connection messages. I upgraded to SP4 for W2000 and have nothing else than BOINC on this computer.
  9. Hi all, looking for the last working version of BOINC client for W2000. The current Versions for download only work in XPand above... Thanks.
  10. Anyone still using Windows XP as main OS?

    Win XP in P3 1 Ghz 256 Mb RAM PC over here, dual boot with Puppy Linux Lucid. With XP services tweaked, no antivirus and connected. Runs like a champ, no virus, no blue screens, running SeaMonkey as browser. I also have two laptops, one with Win 10 and the other with Debian, but for some reason still prefer the old PC.
  11. Best Web Browser(s) for Windows XP in 2012

    My vote is for SRWare Iron. Had no problems at all with a PIII
  12. Win 98SE vs Win ME maybe Win2000

    One more question. Is possible to install Windows ME in another fat formated drive along with Windows XP? I´ve read that in case of multiboot systems the oldest SO must be the first to install, but sure must be a work around to install ME after XP.
  13. Win 98SE vs Win ME maybe Win2000

    How about the security in ME and 2000? I heard that ME is not being targeted anymore, just Windows NT based systems.
  14. Win 98SE vs Win ME maybe Win2000

    Thanks, interesting link and a good reading. Windows ME is the less known Windows. It just hadn´t enough time... Ok, Win ME has one point in the basket, right now.
  15. Hi, all. New Member here. I have a Dell Pentium III with 256 Mb RAM and a 1 Ghz processor, currently with a customized Windows XP that doesn´t work bad, but is very slow at times. I was thinking on an old Windows, just for fun. I tried some Linux distros but I always had some problems with Linux recognizing the hardware. The OS must be Win98SE or Win ME, maybe 2000. I want to have something capable of at least browsing the web fast and play old games. I´m curious about some comments read on this forum about the speed of such unbloated os and for some nostalgia too. But all will depend on finding the correct drivers for my two USB Wi-Fi adapters, both Linksys WUSB54CG; I found no drivers for 98/ME/2000, just for XP/7 in the official site. I have another adapter that came with a CD with Windows 2000 drivers, so maybe I´ll have to cope with 2000 due to the drivers. So what should be the better option? Regards