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  1. Thank you for your reply and your link, but I must state that they are not so easy to find with a simple search when you need the extra connector. I searched for those terms and got only the usual device.
  2. I cannot find it either locally or online and I haven't the confidence in my technical skills to rig a standard connector in the way suggested by the "Unbricking a Seagate" guide. Thanks!
  3. One thing I've really hated about XP and Vista was that, if I made a major upgrade to my hardware, I HAD to reinstall the whole OS, all my programs, all my settings, etc., etc....HUGE HASSLE! So I was just curious whether it will be easier to do this with Windows 7? I want to get Windows 7 as soon as it comes out, but I will not have the money to upgrade my hardware for another 6-8 months, and of course by then the changes in my current hardware to the new system will be dramatic. Please let me know, thank you!
  4. Hey everybody, just one more quick question, sorry -- are the guides in the first pages of this thread still the best to go by, or have new approaches emerged in the course of the thread that are easier/cheaper that I should be looking into instead? Just want to make sure I do it right! Also I have a 7200.10 with the same problem, I hope this procedure will work for it too!!! Okay, thank you! Goodbye!
  5. Hi! I've read a lot of posts in this thread and I still don't think I quite understand. Did anyone ever get around to making a video?

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