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  1. Yeah not only can play swf but also Mpg 2-3-4 and wmv. Just about everything really. You can then stream it to a file or convert it to mp4 etc. Basically you can save it or convert it.
  2. Highlight link save link as. http://download.lenovo.com/Removal_movies/50228_t40_keyboard_install.swf   I think that is because the question was "How Do I Download This Thinkpad Video", not "How Do I Play This Thinkpad Video". Cheers and Regards Ye but he can open the SWF in VLC with the web address then save it.
  3. I'm surprised nobody mentioned that VLC can play SWF.
  4. So anyone want to bet on what the next excuse is going to be? Or will people start to realize that MS has to release patches for XP since they still suport it. They just are only supporting VLK professional versions of custumers with contracts and POS Versions of XP that do not require the same contracts.. As well as 2003 server 32bit that may, as well, 've borowed almost all of its IT technology from XP and 2000, except maybe a few minor things.
  5. They had to issue an IE6-8 patch as they still support a varied number of operating systems that shiped with those versions. If the case that was there was no XP specific update, there would be nothing really stopping anybody from applying those patches on XP unofficially. Like others had already said. we have POS version of XP supported to 2019, we have windows 2003 32bit and vista 32bit and almost certainly besides the kernel differences a majority of the code those operating systems were built with will run on XP. So, yeah, like we have been saying all along. IF there was no XP patch, I can guarantee within a week we would have an unofficial one.
  6. Just lots of people talk about things that they don't know what they are talking about. Happens all of the time. Nothing to see here.
  7. I'd really like to get QTWEB Browser working in 98se ME then it would be really viable in 2014 on older computers.
  8. That file is for win 2k,XP original sp1-2, and 2k3 original and sp1...Its not a driver. Its a driver interface. All it wil do is is find your audio device and allow you to install the driver for the device if the operating system is lower than SP3. Meaning it only helps installing HD audio drivers on SP2 or lower. But it self is not a driver. Microsoft will email you the hotfix if you go to this link. This is likely not your problem though. That hotfix used to be included or may still be included in archived versions of realtek HD audio drivers as well. Thats how I got mine. before service pack 3 came out realtek used to include that hotfix with thier driver. Becasue you needed to instal it before u could instal HD audio drivers back then. Id upload it but its 500k limit. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/888111 What model computer do you have? Make and model? If it is a whitebox what motherboard do you have? That will help alot in finding the right driver.
  9. Contig+Power Defragmenter. Try it http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897428.aspx Page Defrag http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897426.aspx ccleaner run this before defraging. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner PowerDefragmenter.zip
  10. MAybe enough to get me to switch to 8 from xp x64 for gaming since they re-neabled hardware accelerated audio. Will have to see though, I am not optimistic becasue the guy was like "that customers want" Then said "some" customers want. It just shows how disconnected MS is reality. He had it right the 1st time. No reason to try and back track and make mistakes.
  11. Sounds like a Bug. Nothing you can do about it. Maybe microsft will fix it in a service pack later on. Windows is always like this until a couple serivce packs comes out with any new OS sadly. Thats why I quit upgrading until the next os has fully matured. Ill stick with 2008 for the time being.
  12. Should be fine for atleast another 2 years. In the distant future I am not condonining piracy I am simply saying that if it becomes and issue later on the DIE hard users will find a way around it. since no new updates are coming out there wont be anything stoping people from applying the existing ones. And chances are any post EOL patches will be hacked versions transplanted from another OS that dont even look at validations. Since its no longr supported OS I doubt it will make any difernce at that point. There are have been may ways around this in the past. That i cant mention. Some are based on patching without the need to use VLKs and edit the PIDs in the setup file. ANd each new service pack that came out stoped it. Then they came out wit WGAN and all of this other stuff. There isn't even a need for that anymore since no new updates are coming. Cuz the XP anti piracy measures are put in place to keep normal average people from doing it. If you are still using XP 5-6 years from now I think you are not normal in the eyes of Disillusioned Microsoft. Thisnk of XP like the new 98se. I never thought that half of the EOL stuff that 98se got would of ever hapened. XP there is a long time to go now. NO need to worry about this now. Its good actually to talk about or atleast start thinking about ways around this or come up with some new solutions if it comes a problem 5 years from now. Microsoft will not help or support you valid or invalid in the future you are on your own.
  13. I'm just trying to teach him somthing. I bet alot of people didnt know you can do it that way atleast for the service packs. your right some of the fixes are not HOTFIX compliant and require extraction before they can be integrated or simple will not integrate I Know NLITE complains that itself cannot integrate some hotfixes. By whatever means OP you want to slipstream and integrate hotfixes go for it. You can do it yourself and gather all the files or download somone elses pack. use NLITE or RyanVM or somthing else. But I suggest you take my advice as far as the later part of what I wrote which was make a boot DVD instead of a Boot CD and put the XP and use the method posted to put the (8 files on the same disk.
  14. IDK if this is still true but. I used to have a win2k Pro Upg CD. I could just boot the cumputer with it then It would ask for a previous windows Disk. So I would put my Nt4 disk in the CD drive it would check it then I could put the 2k disc back in the cd drive and it would install. And Btw I slip streamed my 2kPro CD by using normal command. C:\SP4\UPDATE\UPDATE.EXE -S:C\WIN2K Just rename the SP to SP3.EXE and use like 7zip to extract it to C: Then Just Extract your upgrade CD to the XP folder on C drive. Now your commande will be C:\SP3\UPDATE\UPDATE.EXE -s:C:\XP BOOOOOM you have slip streamed your XP Upgrade. Now to Integrate HOTFIXES you can just use the /Integrate Swtch To integrate them to C:\XP Its easyer if you put all of the hotfixes you want to integrate into a folder called update. Make a update folder put your hotfixes. in C:\Updates Rename all your Hotfixes to Just the short name trust me it makes it easyer. Example KB12345678.exe Create a bat file called update .bat put it in same folder. Update.Bat should look like this EXAMPLE of BAT @echo off setlocal set PATHTOFIXES=.\ %PATHTOFIXES%\KB12345678.EXE /Integrate:C:\XP %PATHTOFIXES%\KB87654321.EXE /Integrate:C:\XP Add as many lines like the above for each hotfix you have. Once you are done Run the BAT file and it will integrate all of your hotfixes into the XP SP3 source you made earlyer. Then Like I said burn the CD There are various guides on how to make it bootable number of sectors 4 no enumeration etc. Then when it asks for CD just pop in 98 cd it will do the checks then install the slipstreamed XP. The reason I recomend not doing the Above is becasue slipsteamed XP with all integrated hotfix take up almost the full CD the probably will not be room to Fit 98 on the same CD. However you can try making and Install DVD. Folow these OLD instructions you can do it with NERO 5 or 6 if you have them. Just instead of doing Boot CD choose Boot DVD. then you have room for the 98 files. as submix8c suggestedhttp://winsupersite.com/article/product-review/slipstreaming-windows-xp-with-service-pack-2-sp2#nero
  15. Stil applies I think. Unfortunatly if you want to get rid of the blue you may have to use classic theme on win 7.... http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/change-office-s-appearance-HP001043996.aspx
  16. My very 1st post I gave you linked a utility you could grab the logo from io.sys and save it.
  17. It still is being offered to my XP Computer on windows Update as of today. It sucks anyways I didn't install it.
  18. SP3 because programs and drivers I use complain if it is sp2 or lower.
  19. I don't understand your requerst anymore. If you want a smaller IO.SYS it can be done. If you want 98 LOGO in the 95 OSR 2.1 IO.SYS it can be done also which one do you want. If you want a smaller IO.SYS but then add logo.sys to msdos.sys that can be done too.
  20. Try this. http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/45103-reduced-iosys/ There are people on the forum that know how to remove the logos. I don't know why it has to be such a secret. For a Dead Operating System that no one will profit off of.
  21. This may help. http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/27230-Samsung-Phoenix-bios-updater-exe-Extract-Decompress Part 1 of bios 04AG.part1.rar
  22. To ensure the optimal performance on HT-enabled systems running Windows 2000, the BIOS must list the logical processors in the sequence that is recommended by the “Intel Netburst Micro-Architecture BIOS Writer’s Guide.” White paper. http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/7/7/577a5684-8a83-43ae-9272-ff260a9c20e2/Hyper-thread_Windows.doc
  23. there is somthing called a .net cleanup tool. Try it. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/astebner/archive/2008/08/28/8904493.aspx
  24. There was somthing a long time ago called DRLX now it is abandonware but it was a Dos Boot loader that would load the ninux kernel while preserving DOS in the memory. http://drdos.com/products/drlx/ http://lwn.net/Articles/77875/

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