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  1. Checked out the first reference - thanks v much. Interesting that all the refernces I come across concerning XP Upgrade seem to be for Mac users : wonder why that is? Am checking out the other links now. I'm pretty sketchy on what I need to do. Presumably nLite comes in during the slipstreaming of SP3 and other updates, no?
  2. Sure, Essentially I have a win98se installation disk and an XP pro upgrade disk, which together with an sp3 download and various updates have formed the XP OS I've been using to run, amongst other things, Excel 97. The demise of XP has made me realise I need to consolidate, if poss, all XP updates, my XP ugrade install and win 98se all in one integrated installation, if possible. And that's essentially the question: is it possible to build an integrated installation out of these fragments?
  3. All I really need to know is whether this is possible with nLite (or any slipstreamer). I'm guessing I will have to insert the win 98se disk at some point during the installation, so not quit efully "unattended". I'm clinging to XP largely because I have quite a collection of Excel 97 vba-ed spread sheets that do all kinds of things from auto-charting from internet sources, chart animations to show tax position changes etc. Not what you'd call Facebook generation stuff, and not the sort of thing I would envisage ports easily to Open Office or the like. Thanks for your advice. dhdd

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