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  1. Здравей, направил си най-разумното решение, а и като гледам що за щайга имаш - ХР няма да ти е много полезен. Аз самият също предпочитам Vista пред 7, просто защото Vista е по-красив. Ако искаш да го направиш по-лек има няколко сайта, които обясняват как се изключват ненужни процеси като принтиране, ако нямаш принтер, свързани устройства и прочие. А за драйвъри има Driver Pack Solution, на мен лично ми върши чудесна работа. Поздрави! PS: Sorry guys, English is not the only language in the world...
  2. I never really relied on Windows Update... And I'm as secure as anyone which is smart enough to avoid porn sites and shiny ads. From what I see I WILL avoid Windows 10 as I did with 8 and 8.1. Windows XP serves me well on my laptop and nowadays Debian is doing this on my main PC even better. Nothing more really to say but I'm glad that the Windows fanboys are quiet this time. Regards.
  3. I tried the latest build of Windows 10...meh. It looks like a strange clone of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. It's not worst than 8.1 but it's not better than 7. The "tell me a joke" thing was fun though.
  4. Keep in mind me about your plan in 2050.
  5. Thanksfully my hardware and software is both supported on XP and Vista, and 7 but to be honest I will stay with XP for now. Anyway if something really bad happens I can immediately switch to Vista because I already have the disk. I'm such a strange person - I have a working XP system but I'm also looking forward to Vista...
  6. I'm really afraid to say it but FINALLY I'm starting to "like" Windows 8.1. Too late actually and still it is too foreign for me. Anyway this is a progress, interesting...
  7. Bakuchris, you are just showing off your PC. Your real idea is just "look what PC I have". You already posted this in Windows 2000/NT section and if you are not lying you already use 8.1. Then why you want to use both 2000 and 98SE? And to make the things even more funny - you are not even trying to run the OS's which you mentioned.
  8. I never expected that NT 4.0 can handle so easily multi cores and big amount of RAM! But even on Virtual Box my NT 4.0 "box" lags many drivers. I'm really wondering what was/is the driver support for NT 4.0.
  9. I have been thinking for a while about this. Personally I use SP3 but I wonder "what about the others?". What SP are you using and most important - why?
  10. I'm not just planning - I'm using it! I have hardware capable of running it (in terms of drivers) so why not?
  11. If you ask me - this is a progress. Source for Win 3.11 or DOS 3.x+ could be useful at some point.
  12. My investigation was short. The reason for this strange acces denied errors was Comodo Firewall which I installed a few weeks ago to protect his laptop from viruses. Strange but thanksfully correct answer. Thanks anyway for the suggestions, guys.
  13. Interesting find. I will see what I can do about it.
  14. For example mounting an image with Daemon Tools and uninstalling is impossible not just for one program but for all programs. TrustedInstaller sounds like...correct answer but I'm still not sure. And if this is the case how he (my friend) can bypass it?
  15. I don't know when this happened but for some reason if my friend is trying to mount some iso image or even to uninstall a program "acces denied" is shown. He have Admin account but still Windows 7 is refusing some mandatory tasks. What could be the problem? PS: On my XP machine I haven't got a single problem about Admin rights.

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