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  1. Thx Screwz, installed klite, no problem
  2. I think you will have to integrate the driver in the cd itself using nlite.
  3. I think i know why dell's support is so crap. Most of the students here do a programming course in colleges, after they graduate they get jobs in call centers easily, why, bcoz programming comes in the IT field. Dont ask me how computer programming is related hardware troubleshooting. So once ppl are recruited they get a crash course in pc hardware and start taking calls from ppl in US. Once my friend who works in dell's call center came to my place. My pc was not working properly and was showing machine check exception BSOD. My friend told me that itz bcoz of my hdd had crashed i was getting those errors and i should get a new hdd, he said that he was 100% sure bcoz he tells the same thing to any customer who complains about that particular bsod error. When i told him its bcoz my C: had lots of bad sectors, he would not listen to me. when i asked him do you guys atleast back up your customers data, his reply was negative, they just replace the hdd, end of story. im thinking of all those poor american customers who had their hdd replaced and also lost all their data, photos, videos etc. He also told me about couple of customers in the age group of 55+ who call him regularly bcoz they have no one else to talk to.
  4. Install a third party firewall like zone alarm or sygate.
  5. I wanted to know whether codec packs like klite etc work with win xp 64. Im asking this bcoz im in no mood for troubleshooting my system incase something goes wrong.
  6. I just wanted to know if the unattended installation method in win64 is the same as that of win 32 .
  7. I have to use my win xp install disk on many systems, im thinking of slipstreaming sata drivers from nvidia,via, intel etc in the cd, What i want to know, if xp will detect the correct driver based on the mobo and use the correct driver.

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