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  1. win7 > win10 via upgrade method [OOPS]

    shortly after posting, I found that same thread... and after pointing produkey to the windows.old/windows/system32/config/software registry hive, it gives me a product key, but it says the version is windows 10... not 7... so I'm really confused... thank you for your response though!
  2. win7 > win10 via upgrade method [OOPS]

    I had purchased a win7 x64 ultimate key from ebay (I got luuuuucky... let's just leave it at that) problem is I can't for the life of me remember where I stored the key... well the oops is that I upgraded to win10 technical preview via the upgrade method and not a wipe/fresh install... just to see what it was all about (mistake #3 if you're keeping track)... well I'd like to re-install win7 and make a seperate partition for win10 but I have no idea how to recover my win7 key at this point... is there a way? am I totally screwed, because that ebay deal was certainly once in a lifetime, I even received an email from ebay after the purchase stating that they had removed the listing and that I wasn't obligated to pay...etc... but I had already activated the windows7 install so I felt I'd take my chances, and 2yrs later everything was still fine, no issues with "authenticity" (genuine-ness... lol) I would be so greatful for any constructive criticism, or pointers on how to get my key back (if it's even possible at this point...) thanks, blast0id
  3. Silent install iTunes 8.0.1

    does anyone know the switch for installing via the .msi to keep it from setting as default player for formats??? I am making 7z silent installer package and this is my config txt ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="2" RunProgram="msiexec /i "itunes.msi" /qb INSTALLDIR=%programfiles%\iTunez REBOOT=ReallySuppress /leiurcp %systemdrive%\xpTEMP\itunez_install.log" ;!@InstallEnd@!
  4. *SOLVED* Missing security error & Comodo Defense+ & Threatfire

    I was having a similar problem with boooggy's slipstreamer, but even when disabling defense+ it would still give errors... only way I could slipstream was on a VMware machine without comodo installed or to uninstall comodo completely... very strange things, some of these security programs do... really makes you wonder what other people are up to that they would have to make them so invasive and obtrusive! ah just noticed you said disable threatfire too... I'm not sure I had that installed then... but I could be wrong...
  5. [Release] Notepad++ v5.1.0

    darn... was hoping for a "true" addon... don't care for SVCPACK addons... I wish they were labeled as such, so people like me won't waste bandwidth downloading them in "hopes" of it being "true" addon...
  6. Slipstreaming SP3 [what's proper?]

    Well, did some more research and apparently should be installed on at least SP1... according to MS.com I don't know if the same holds true for "slipstreaming" though...
  7. Slipstreaming SP3 [what's proper?]

    that's what I thought... just wanted to be sure... cause I've seen more than a couple people mention that they slipped SP2 before SP3 and that just seems redundant to me... but wanted to be sure!
  8. SP0 --> SP3 ?? OR SP0 --> SP2 --> SP3 ?? I've seen a few people slipstreaming SP2 before SP3... what would be the reason behind this?
  9. nlite.ini - how to?

    how to set a "default" ISO name? also, possible to have an option to "remember ISO name for next session" maybe a checkbox or something? would be useful for those of us who rebuild the same cd constantly... maybe I'm just the only crazy nut who does this... hehe... thanks for a such a wonderful program!
  10. Are there any of the free "home edition" virus scanners out there that do not see autoit created .exe's as "viruses" automatically... and actually scan the .exe's for actual malicious code?
  11. Saving all object names in a directory

    you can also install kel's uberpack which adds a power menu under the right click context menu which easily allows you to just right click the highlighted files and save (to clipboard) the file names with either just a space, or a carriage return with or without the full path prefixing it.
  12. What Dirs Names u Suggest

    I use: windowz programz profilez (users / documents and settings) commonfilez (i just don't like spaces in directory names...) edit: have been using these before vista came about... otherwise I would probably have went with user(s) instead of profilez... but I'm used to it now so I'm not going to change... p.s. I hate those stupid hardcoded utilities that won't use the %programfiles% variable or at least let you choose a custom installation dir, and refuse to even use installers/programs that behave this way...
  13. I'm sorry if this is wrong forum area to post this question, if so Mods please move to proper forum! I am trying to build a custom wmp11 switchless installer for svcpack (t-13) installation. This is not something I want to distribute publicly, but will offer it to anyone interested. I already fully understand how to build a 7z switchless installer, but what I don't know is how to properly build this one because it is somewhat "layered." As in that when you extract the installer that you get from MS Download you get a folder with these two files (among others) in it. wmp11.exe and wmfdist11.exe. For wmp11.exe I am extracting and replacing wmploc.dll with a vista customized one and wmplayer.exe also with a vista customized one, and finally replacing wmp.dll with one from a service pack update (sorry don't remember the KB######). when repackaging this exe how do I go about it? does it need to be a 7z switchless which calls the update.exe in the wmp11.exe\update folder via the config.txt or should setup_wm.exe be called with/without a switch, or other/none? For wmfdist11.exe I am extracting and replacing these dlls: cewmdm.dll drmv2clt.dll mspmsp.dll msscp.dll portabledevicewmdrm.dll qasf.dll wmadmoe.dll wmasf.dll wmdrmnet.dll wmdrmsdk.dll wmnetmgr.dll wmspdmoe.dll wmvcore.dll wpdmtpdr.dll wpdmtpus.dll with the updated ones from the various KB hotfixes and then need to repackage this exe also, same question on this one. Package as SFX or a switchless 7z installer? Finally how to repackage the main exe that contains these two repackaged files and the others from the original MS Download exe? I really appreciate your help, and again sorry if this was posted in wrong place! Thanks in advance!!! _benjammin
  14. HELP: 7z switchless for a repackaged KB...

  15. I am trying to repackage kb900325 for myself because I updated ehres.dll with a modded one... and while I understand how to make a normal 7z switchless, I'm not clear on how to do it with a kb... do I just call the "kb900325\update\update.exe" or does it need switches or is there something else I should be calling via the config.txt?