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  1. Good luck with that one, Bookie! (we all know whats happens six months later in your customers shop)...
  2. win1903 is soon out of the box, but still not consist in colouring layout; have a look at this sample, taken from Neowin site: Is it dark or light or colourful?
  3. Well.. I got same delay here and there, starting apps and come back from sleep etc. It has some way to go before I change my Mint. But it's nice looking; U cant take away from them...
  4. Have U had a look on deepin; the Chinese linux dist, build on debian, if I don't mistake....
  5. I did the same but with the difference I recommend MacOS to people in my age, for a hazel free computing... btw, Linux Mint is a very good substitute for windows...
  6. Just want to see if forum is alive...
  7. Happy Christmas Bigmuscle And All of U users seen on those pages, here at MSFN
  8. Perhaps because U have "C:\Programy\AeroGlass\..." It should be "C:\AeroGlass\..."
  9. One got to "love" those green check-marks (in your second pic). Ms; is this really top of the line, in graphic design?
  10. "The overall execution of dark theme across Windows is poor; an opinion re-enforced by the recent introduction of a dark theme in MacOS Mojave. On its first move, Mojave appears to have magically gotten the concept pristinely materialized systemwide. Windows 10, on the other hand, has had a dark theme for 3 years and exceptions are still the norm. This seems to be the case with just about every aspect of Windows 10’s design." https://www.onmsft.com/news/its-here-our-hands-on-review-of-the-windows-10-october-2018-update-video
  11. Ok - I troth that was just another window feature....
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